Thursday 29 August 2019

Adult Afghani refugees in Swedish schools violently assault, kill their teachers!

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A teacher's report: "Afghans are threatening, hitting walls, shaking with anger for not getting the grades they want"

by Katerina Magasin - July 9, 2019

I have been contacted by several teachers recently who testify about the difficult situation due to the so-called "high school amnesty" when adult men without asylum, usually so-called "unaccompanied Afghans", are placed in schools among high school youth. After a retired teacher was murdered by a unified Afghan in Kil, worries have increased. The teacher who tells me here has contacted me via social media. Just like the three-child father "Rickard" in Expressen's long report on the middle-class concerns that was recently published, this teacher does not dare to appear with name and image but wants to be anonymous (I know, however, who the person is). Here is the testimony of what a everyday life looks like for a teacher in high school amnesty Sweden in 2019 - among other things, it is not uncommon to give "good grades" to Afghan men for fear of reprisals, so that Afghans may stay in Sweden.

"It is not because of Nazis that I have an assault alarm as a teacher in school, but because I teach "unarmed Afghan men". No one seems to think it's sick / weird, no one questions that my work now involves serious risks to my health / life. I worry constantly and it has not gotten better since the murder in Kil when a teacher was murdered by an Afghan.

When "my" Afghans don't get the grades they want, they go crazy. I'm afraid of this aggressiveness. The worst thing is that they are backed by their politically correct contacts. They are very contentious and threatening. They write to me and threaten me.

This is one of the reasons why many teachers give "good grades" to these unions, so that they can stay in the country. The Afghans are the shepherds of most people, they are not involved in the teaching, they have poor attendance and so on (there are obviously exceptions). Don't our grade 9 students get a free pass to high school? Why do Afghans get "good grades" and priority, they should achieve year 9's goals and knowledge requirements ... I'm so angry all the time over this!

The Afghans are being threatened, hitting the walls, shaking with anger that they will not get the grades they want. The unaccompanied students read grade 9 in high school, because they are too old to study at an elementary school. You do not want an Afghan man in a grade 3 together with 10-11 year olds. Therefore, elementary school can be attended at a high school. They read at all levels of the upper secondary school from grade 1 to grade 9. Here there is very wide variation. Some have never attended school, while others have a good foundation to stand on.

A lot of money goes to these unicorns. Our school goes plus the high school students and minus the unaccompanied. Which means that the school goes plus minus zero and we have a stopover. Thus, it affects our own and their resources.

Swedish young people with diagnoses and LSS needs do not receive help and housing that they are entitled to, despite high taxes, despite the fact that we pay for the social contract to work. But new housing is available for the uninitiated in the municipality, however many. They are placed in all apartments. I am so upset by the discrimination against the citizens of the country that is so openly in society.

Of course, I also have a click of students who are ambitious, who have a high attendance, who are struggling and struggling for their grades. Who wants to learn about Sweden and Swedish society, who want to adapt and integrate. Of course, I protect them, they could be a great asset for Sweden. Unfortunately, it is often these "good" students who are expelled. Sick system error!

I have so much to tell you, shout out to people. So much I can't understand that people take a "for" position. Which one wants to hide. For example, an acquaintance's daughter has been [a victim] in a group rape. Perpetrators are foreigners. Nothing won in court.

We teachers are a people who boil with anger, you know. "The silent people" I call ourselves, all of us who dare not say because we do not want to be designated as racists. We only talk when no one hears and sees… Most teachers are still very politically correct themselves. They swallow their emotions. Tiger. "The silent people" are boiling, but dare not say anything. "

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Sweden is being bombed !!! ... Swedes say nothing !! #StockholmSyndrome

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According to Swedish police, the number of incidents involving explosives and bombs between January to July of 2019 has risen 45% compared to the same period in 2018.

Newly released police statistics have revealed that Sweden experienced a total of 83 explosive incidents between January to July of 2018, a number which rose to 120 this year Dagens Nyheter reports.

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Tuesday 27 August 2019

GRETA !!! Misinformed. Look up Wikipedia: CO2 in atmosphere = only 12 out of 1 million parts are created by human activity! ie: CO2 not causing global warming... Sun solar cycles are to blame!

Thanks Greta for your concern, however... Get your facts straight! Do you know how to search "Earth's atmosphere"?


Do you understand how to read this chart above? "ppmv" means: To divide the whole atmosphere into a million parts. That's a lot of parts! How many of those parts are carbon dioxide? - It's a grand total of 413.32 - and that's for all CO2 derived from all sources. Humans produce 3% of these 413 ppmv. See Swedish scientist video below. What's the total CO2 created by human activity then?  It's 12 ppmv. Only 12 !!!  - meaning, 12 parts out of 1,000,000 parts is CO2 produced by humans! 

Now let that sink in !!!

Do you actually think that 12 ppmv is causing the earth to warm? No. CO2 is not the reason. CO2 taxes charged to all people in the world is the goal! - through the UN-endorsed Paris Agreement. 

The whole argument, re: human activity is causing CO2 to rise, is an absolute crock! It's propaganda whose purpose is to scam tax-payer money away from essential services that governments need, so hey can provide for their people. Point blank. That is the sole reason for the UN-globalist driven climate change scam. Money!

Carbon dioxideCO

So tell me Greta, how is 0.041% of carbon in the atmosphere seriously affecting the earth?  I mean, if you actually wanted to go after something, wouldn't it be nitrogen?

Of that 0.041% of carbon in the atmosphere, only 3% of that is produced by humans. That's right! 97% of 0.041% is actually produced by nature!  Funny that, considering that plants need carbon dioxide to live. They expel oxygen. So if you remove all CO2 from the atmosphere, the trees die!  It's just a part of nature's intricate cycle, so stop trying to mess with it..

Game over Greta. Stop with the charades! Do your homework - properly!

You poor girl. So manipulated by the NWO elite who are funding your campaign #GeorgeSoros  Clearly your parents are also puppets of the NWO 2030 agenda as well!  Please see images and videos below for verifications of Greta's manipulation.

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NWO all-seeing (one) eye symbolism.
Greta obeys her masters!

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Solar sun cycles (image)
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Video 1: Is Climate Hoax Funding CIA Ops? (from 14:30 minutes)

Video 2: Red Pill News - Poor Greta, McCabe memo, Biden is DONE 

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Monday 26 August 2019


Black Conservative Patriot
Streamed live on Aug 23, 2019

The following three videos are continuations of this first one that got cut by the deep state.


Black Conservative Patriot
Streamed live on Aug 23, 2019


Black Conservative Patriot
Streamed live on Aug 23, 2019


I've listened to the video below three times now. Believe me... it's worth the listen. This is huge !!!  Please also make sure you have listened to the backgrounders of this story in the three videos provided above by BCP.

Black Conservative Patriot
Published on Aug 25, 2019

Byrne - "We're about to see the biggest scandal in American history."

Saturday 3 August 2019

Jeffrey Epstein deep dive. Mossad, fraud and his creepy temple. Sex slaves.

August 1, 2019

 Notables included in Jeffrey Epstein's address book.

Epstein's assistants - Procurers of young girls.

Nadia. Epstein's sex slave sold to him by her Yugoslavian parents when she was 15 years old. Although a victim herself, as an adult she performed sex acts upon young girls while Epstein watched.