Sunday 28 November 2021

Dr Robert Malone - The vaccinated have less immunity than the un-vaxxed. Scary stuff !!!


Dr Robert Malone and Peter Navarro On Vaccine Resistant Variants. Supervirus

Published November 26, 2021

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Wednesday 17 November 2021

How do we move forward? If the vaccine is permanently damaging people, what do we do?


BronnyNZ on a retreat in Romania, October 2019. 
I was living with my partner in Sweden at the time.

My personal opinion about how we collectively move forward.... past Covid-19.

I lived in Sweden (SE) from Dec 2018-May 2021 with my Swedish partner. We are both back in NZ now... two of the lucky ones who prayed and gained access to an MIQ spot. In SE we kept contracting Covid-19 through my partner's work. SE had/has very poor-nil strategies for dealing with the virus. On a fortnightly rotation into the office, we would get Covid again... and again... and again. Yes, you can get it repeatedly. The first time was the worst - no mucous, no coughing -  just a small dry tickle, none of the usual stuff you'd expect. We were basically bedridden though, slept 12-16 hours a day, couldn't stand, incredible vertigo, nausea, dizziness, extreme diarrhea, incredible stomach cramps - the 6th time we contracted I couldn't walk for 3 days and just had to stay on the bed. I woke 3 times at night on different occasions panting !!! Apparently the lungs were trying to access more oxygen. We always slept with our bedroom window ajar, even in winter. I've never woken up at night panting before! Ever! We had loss of smell and taste, and a few other little symptoms i've now forgotten. We recontracted EIGHT TIMES! That's right. You can get it again and again. We knew Covid had arrived in Hamilton NZ the day before it was announced in late September. We had the same old symptoms again we'd had in Sweden. "No.... surely not." And yet again, we were reinfected.

The above is a preamble as to what I am going to say next.... I am 60 years of age, I am 153cm and weighed around 115kg from Feb-Oct 2020 (I am obese), and I have breast cancer. Why am I not dead? If Covid is such a killer and I have 2 co-morbidities and age against me, why am I not dead? Is perhaps Covid-19 not the killer the propaganda artists on the nightly news tell you it is? As the death-toll stands for NZ, Covid has taken 33 lives and the NZ government's vaccine program has taken 245 lives. That information can be found on - a collection of doctors who are extremely worried about what they are seeing.

Those numbers are also supported on NZ's own Medsafe website who week after week report on the numbers of deaths caused by this Pfizer vaccine. By my estimate, there are 500-800 NZ'ers who have been vaccine damaged (I've yet to crunch the numbers properly). They now have serious permanent harms including stroke, inflamed heart (myocarditis), paralysis such as Bell's Palsy.  The harms are PERMANENT. Why are these truths not being factored into the discussion on news media outlets, nor by the NZ government and its agents? Why?

I am in the process of adding up the Medsafe numbers and putting a running tally up on my blog. You can find the data yourself here.

So... What is the best way forward? IMHO - people need to be educated clearly what Covid is without any of the spin, without any agendas. Covid has a lower mortality rate than the common flu. The Covid vaccine has no longitudal studies and we don't know what the long-term consequences are. Bill Gates associates vaccines with population control. We DO KNOW that the vax upsets women's menstrual cycles, and there are an unusual number of stillborn babies in the USA and deaths of newborns at 2-3 days old. We know that the vax protein mimics the protein that makes up the placenta. Are women who have received the vax going to be infertile - just as Bill Gates alludes to?

Many are the solutions to Covid. To boost our immunity, we daily use Vit D3, Zinc and Vit C. People can laugh... but i'm alive aren't I? - even WITH breast cancer. Also used all over the world are things like Hydroxychloroquine malaria medication - used extensively in India. HCQ and Ivermectin have made a significant impact on the case numbers and death rate in India, as seen in the graphs below. The call went out from April 28, 2021 for doctors in India to start using Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin against Covid-19. The graphs show how impactful that recommendation was/is. Doctors who are not receiving kick-backs from the drug companies for pushing the vax highly recommend the anti-parasitic Ivermectin - see videos from United Health Alliance . There is also Chlorine Dioxide - but you need to absolutely do your homework before using that one. For most people who don't have the time to research how to use ClO2 correctly without doing yourself harm, best to take this under the guidance of your doctor. All of these are very effective. Joe Rogan (US comedian and talk-show host) himself used Ivermectin recently when he became very unwell with Covid. He reported he was completely well again in around 5 days.

The way forward then is simply to: Tell people the truth. Stop the fear mongering. Allow people to use HCQ, Ivermectin and where it can be safely administered - ClO2. Other things that defeat Covid are oxygen (so why the recommendation to mask up and create a CO2-rich environment that Covid just loves!), sunshine (UV rays), chlorine (in swimming pools and as a household cleaner since Covid dissolves within 3 minutes when bleach is applied), fresh uncooked fruit and veges (raw food diet as much as you possibly can do - fruit smoothies, etc), a little enjoyable exercise. These are our go-to's. IMHO an experimental genetic vaccine that plays around with a person's biological integrity mRNA therapy (ribonucleic acid) which determines as a blue-print how your DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) will be laid down, IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! Do you REALLY want to be a part of that experiment? Not for me.... I'm very happy with making my T-cells work hard to keep on building natural immunity. It's the only way. Natural immunity covers all aspects of a virus, not just 2-3 spike proteins of a virus, which is exactly why the vax doesn't last long... because it doesn't protect against the entire virus, only a very small part of it. Body knows best.... 

Stay away from Bill Gates's agenda.

He's not on your side!

India's stats on Worldometers

Sunday 7 November 2021

245 DEATHS caused by the Covid-19 vaccination to date - New Zealand. Data compiled by NZDSOS

156 people died after having their first shot.

89 people died after their second shot.

Source website:

"New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science"

Saturday 6 November 2021

Formal complaint to TVNZ for Inaccurate, Unfair, Discriminatory and Unbalanced reporting. Please do the same.

Where to go to make a formal complaint 

Your formal complaint - by BronnyNZ

Thursday November 4, 2021 at approximately 7:45am. Interview with Dr Samantha Murton conducted by John Campbell about vaccine exemption -

The interview was not factual and therefore inaccurate. Under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 all people have the right to medical exemption and are legally able to refuse the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

Note article 11 of the Act: "Right to refuse to undergo medical treatment." 
- Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment.

The interview was not fair, it was discriminatory. The lexicon and tone of the interview harshly denigrated, belittled and ostracised people who choose to abstain from the vaccine program being recommended currently by the NZ government. Note: A mandate is not a law.

There was absolutely no balance in the portrayal of whether people in NZ have a choice or not to vaccinate. To quote John Campbell, "There are around 100 people in NZ who will be eligible to be exempt."

This is categorically NOT the case under NZ law. 100% of ALL people in NZ can legally refuse the Pfizer (or any other drug company's) Covid-19 vaccine under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990.

In fact, the populations of the whole world are exempted from taking the Covid-19 vaccine under the Nuremberg Code, including New Zealanders!

News delivered by Indira at 8:00 am November 4, 2021. Inaccurate and unfactual report of the USA's FDA approving vaccination for 6-12 year olds. That is untrue. The FDA have approved trials only. It is not approved universally as no human trials have ever been conducted for these age groups.

Is TVNZ really that eager to throw the children of New Zealand to the hungry wolves of the pharmaceutical industry? Why is that? Who are the people in TVNZ, people in political positions, and their agents who have a vested interest in enriching themselves off the future unwellness of our children? Go to Medsafe to see that over 200 people in NZ to date have DIED as a direct result of taking the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

Many 100s more people in NZ are now permanently vaccine damaged - enlarged hearts (myocarditis), strokes, paralysis (eg: Bell's Palsy), etc. Why isn't TVNZ reporting on the vaccine damage that is being done to New Zealanders?

As the Fourth Estate, these are the actual questions your reporters need to be looking into - not pandering to the needs of entities who enjoy TVNZ's services as their propaganda arm!



Wednesday 3 November 2021

Who has the right to be exempted from taking the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination in New Zealand? Answer: EVERYONE !!!


I provide screenshots and then copies of the text underneath so a worldwide audience has the ability to translate the text into their own languages.

New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990

11Right to refuse to undergo medical treatment
  • Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment


New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990


as at 1 July 2013

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990

Public Act1990 No 109
Date of assent28 August 1990
Commencementsee section 1(2)


An Act—

  • (a)to affirm, protect, and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms in New Zealand; and

  • (b)to affirm New Zealand's commitment to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

1Short Title and commencement
  • (1)This Act may be cited as the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990.

    (2)This Act shall come into force on the 28th day after the date on which it receives the Royal assent.

Part 1
General provisions

2Rights affirmed
  • The rights and freedoms contained in this Bill of Rights are affirmed.

  • This Bill of Rights applies only to acts done—

    • (a)by the legislative, executive, or judicial branches of the Government of New Zealand; or

    • (b)by any person or body in the performance of any public function, power, or duty conferred or imposed on that person or body by or pursuant to law.

4Other enactments not affected
  • No court shall, in relation to any enactment (whether passed or made before or after the commencement of this Bill of Rights),—

    • (a)hold any provision of the enactment to be impliedly repealed or revoked, or to be in any way invalid or ineffective; or

    • (b)decline to apply any provision of the enactment—

    by reason only that the provision is inconsistent with any provision of this Bill of Rights.



Part 2
Civil and political rights

Life and security of the person

8Right not to be deprived of life
  • No one shall be deprived of life except on such grounds as are established by law and are consistent with the principles of fundamental justice.


Right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation
  • Every person has the right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation without that person's consent.

11Right to refuse to undergo medical treatment
  • Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment.


Nuremberg Code Outlaws Forced Medical Procedures, Including Vaxes

Written by


The ‘Doctors’ Trial’ during the Nuremberg Trials following WW2, which established the Nuremberg Code regulating the ethics of medical intervention.Some people might not be familiar with the verb “to dissemble”, but we all need to become familiar with it, because there is a lot of dissembling going on.

It basically means to deliberately conceal something or obfuscate it, so that one’s attention is misdirected or deflected from whatever the Dissembler wishes to obscure. Like the truth. And in this case, the truth about the Nuremberg Code and the protection it provides us from accepting any forced medical procedure or therapy at all.

Together with casting doubts and slander, dissembling is one of the chief tools in the propagandist toolbox.

A few days ago, I wrote an article explaining that forced vaccinations are a violation of the Nuremberg Code. Note the word, “forced”. In fact, any forced medical procedure or therapy is against the Nuremberg Code.

All medical procedures and therapies must have fully informed and freely given consent, to the greatest extent possible – which means that people who are conscious and able to decide things for themselves remain in control of their medical destiny.


Any medical procedure or therapy that you don’t want to participate in, you have the full, free, and unprejudiced right to refuse. Period.