Monday, 7 December 2015

EU: The Babylonian Harlot riding 'the beast'. The 'Justice' system.

Europa Woman Riding the Beast Coin
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Anyone who tries to play in "law" will never find satisfaction.

The "Just Us" system is designed to protect the Babylonian Talmud-reading, Zionist, Jesuit Masons. At the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ) in London this year (2015), i've heard testimony from 3 people so far about all the blood that was splashed around the buildings and the grounds which had been done as a part of the Jewish rituals of Passover - around a week before the Christian Easter. The RCJ and by association energetically, anywhere else in the world that adheres to the UK legal system (BAR) obviously including NZ, has also been "bound" in the name of YHWH to do the bidding of 'God's true people', the Jews.

Please see my blog for the timeline I created based on the video you will see on this article. You'll easily see why the Jews were hated in Europe... there's a very good reason for it. NB. ShonKey is part of this AshkeNazi bloodline...

All the rest of the non-Jews are 'goyim' = 'cattle'. According to the Talmud, we (non-Jews/goyim) are here purely in service to the Jews. We are cattle to them. That's why they can imprison us, send us to war, lie to us (the Talmud recommends this explicitly), keep us in debt servitude through the 'job'/ banking system, keep casting mind-spells on us through their 'programming' = TV, music, news media. Please Google: "Comcast subsidiaries owners". It's also historically why the Jews have killed baby goyim (us), who are most prized. The Jews use the young goyim child's/ baby's blood in 'sweet treats' they eat at their 'Purim' and 'Hannukah' festivals.

The Jewish 'law-makers/ war-makers' in Washington DC closely observe the tenets of the Babylonian Talmud by mainly targetting non-Jewish FAMILIES, ie: those with growing young children & babies in US-NATO airstrikes in the Middle East. It's always the children being targetted... because it's the baby-sacrifice that is most prized in this ancient Babylonian cult of Molech along with his wife Semiramis, also known as "The Queen of Heaven". Where have I heard that phrase before Pope Frances ???

Semiramis' symbols are EGGS and RABBITS. Funny that! It's a fertility cult that beLIEves a blood sacrifice of little babies will give them Power... Therefore: Kill the Baby Jesus at Easter = Ishtar = Innana = Semiramis = 'Mother Mary' = The Statue of Liberty. They are all Sun Goddesses with a halo, a crown, an aura/corona or Sun's rays emanating from their heads. The most modern version of Semiramis is seen in the 12-star 'crown' of the European Union symbology. Hmmmm.... dots ALL joining together. Why am I not surprised ??

There she is (above) ...The Babylonian Harlot riding 'the beast' - obviously the goyim/ cattle/ bull - with the 12-star corona/ aura all around her. "Hidden in plain sight" !!

This is 'the law' ... so there's no point even trying to play there.
You're not going to get very far :-/

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  1. Two updates for you, Bronski:

    1. These are screenshots that an HR regular sent to your employers, telling them about your disgraceful online trolling. S/he's of the opinion that you shouldn't be allowed to work with vulnerable, mentally ill people (and I agree):

    2. The other one is that Abe's blog has bitten the dust. Just like yours will one day, hehe :)

    1. Hello Bronnywatch, If either Jaqui Former aka Charlotte Ward aka Charlotte Alton or Ricky Dearman aka Scarlett Scoop on Hoaxtead were any good at research at all, they would have seen I left my last Mental Health job in October 2013. But since none of you know the name of my previous employer and obviously, had no idea I had longsince left the job, all you're doing is puffing out your cheeks, crossing your fingers, and hoping a stray arrow might land somewhere near me. You're sweet out of luck Ricky Dearman. You're just pissing into the wind again. Good luck with that !!

    2. As for Abe... I've already told you a number of times that I 'work for no man'. Abe is Sovereign. I don't stand in the way of his freewill choice. I have not been in contact with Ella and Abe recently. They may be re-designing their blog for all I know, and becoming more familiarised with how to use their Filtering buttons. No idea... Don't know, and don't care. I've not been on social media now for a week. I just come here to post any updates I come across. And no... no need for me to go and read the stupidity on Hoaxtead. 'Hoaxtead' is as 'Hoaxtead' does. It's nothing but a HOAX... Just another pack of duffers attempting to peddle their LIES. I've got better things to do than come and read your foolishness. Thanks.

    3. Why would I fold this blog? It's been up since May 2012 with around 100,000 Views on average each year. My world is MUCH bigger than just focusing on the blood-drinkers. They're dropping like flies anyway. The adrenochrome is making them crazy. It gets worse every month. You can see them deteriorating... and I don't only mean the clan of Ricky Dearman. Just look at the world, and you'll see it's full of adronochrome-drinking crazies.

      ... Just like Rome who was destined to fall because of the depravities it allowed - and because of the lead poisoning from all its aqueducts slowly turning the brains of the Leaders to mush. Likewise, the blood-drinkers will also fall. The day of their demise is very near indeed. "By their fruits you will know them." And the fruit is looking pretty rotten Ricky Dearman. No probs... Your little barbs fired at me continually fall short. What a pitiable little clown. It seems that you love getting piss all over your shirt front and down your pants. Points for 'effort'. Overall Grade: D-


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