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KŌFFË WITH THE KING. 2. Joseph Gregory Hallett. The Hidden King.

July 11, 2020

Following is my reply to Dave Mahoney on this video. I'm adding it here on my blog since a number of people say their comments have been removed. When Dave wakes up this morning (currently 7:00am in Spain), he will likely remove my comment also. It's his choice to do that... I have no problem with what he wants to do on his social media outlet. It's also my choice to republish my comment here. These observations follow in tandem with the interview Dave did with Greg. Add your thoughts on the bottom of this article. What do you think?

BronnyNZ: Kronos is also the baby eater. See Google images: Kronos Greek mythology. The Revelation was probably written in the house of Roman patricians Flavius along with the rest of the New Testament > Who has control of the British Royal family? - the man who froze the assets of all the pedophiles on the planet, including QEII's assets, on December 21, 2017 > #SERCO for example > Does Greg really think he's going to have these assets duly passed onto him by POTUS45 and the US Justice Department just as a matter of course? I wouldn't think so. Much more deep investigation to come - being done by Trump appointees Barr and Durham probably over the next 5-10 years. Does Greg have access to "his bank account" yet that the supposed American General with the German-American accent promised would be "opened soon"? If he's not yet got access to his funds, why not? Was that phone call an elaborate hoax trotted out especially for the cameras? Why is Hallett still asking for donations? "In the beginning was the word..." means: "Thought goes before matter." It's a quantum field reference. Christians of course will tell you it's Jesus Christ - Yeah... The man who never walked the earth in the first century AD > Stuff Greg is saying: You've "never heard it before" Dave because (it would seem), Greg is very good at making shit up... right?

We all want this to be true because we know QEII and clan are a pack of child-raping pedophiles... - but does the pay-off for our satisfaction mean we give Joseph Gregory Hallett a free pass? Where are your investigative questions? Why are you taking Greg so completely at face value? Why are you not following up with secondary sources who can corroborate what Greg is saying? One of the difficulties for you is that while you were off filming Greg, the rest of us early starters who have any level of intelligence at all, dug in deep and listened to every Greg Hallett video he has put out in the past 10 years! So we've actually heard 90% of all of this information before. Journalism 101 - Research your subject. I think in your eagerness to cover this story, you "forgot" to look into what was already out there. Nice job btw. Just not enough background research first. When is your Go FundMe going to be set up? I want to make a donation. It's absolutely not fair that you are solely taking on the burden of all production costs... food, booze, flights for your whole film crew... upon your shoulders. I don't care that Greg Hallett might be a great big fat liar, but you are acting in full integrity for the people of the world. Not your fault mate. We can all make a contribution to offset your costs. Not your fault.

Kronos. Not figurative... but illustrative.

Foetuses are served up in Chinese restaurants to this day! Yeah... completely gross !!
Child-baby sacrifice cults in the UK serve up baby meat in children's primary school lunches! #Hampstead
Support staff email Secretary of State (Clinton) about sacrificing "chicken" (male toddler) to Molech!
Time to wise up and crack on with your research... #GreatAwakening

Please go to "Swiss Pharaohs" in the menu on this blog for much, much more.

The choice to see will be yours. - Q

Qanon is 100% coming from the Trump Administration.

February 18, 2019

Friday, 10 July 2020

Revealing Hidden History w BronnyNZ (History Revisionist) Pt 1.

Hey there... Yeah, that's me - BronnyNZ.  Hi !!!

Thank you so much Rice and Stan for taking such an interest in this topic. Together, we will make sense of it. Humanity is getting ready to know the truth of the Roman dupe. The truth is ready to come out.

July 10, 2020

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