Thursday 19 March 2015

Conclusion: "BANKING MONOPOLY IS OVER" by The Wealth Watchman

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For far too long, the banksters in DC abused their privilege of being the world’s lender and superpower. They’ve treated the international community as just an extension of itself, just a 2nd-rate satrap of its imperium. Many nations, including China, who came to the IMF years ago, asking to be part of it(and were told no), are now turning the table, by creating their own mechanisms and institutions. Now the world is begging them to join their banks instead.

In the past 10 years, the BRICS, led by Presidents Putin and Chinese Premieres, have moved to edge out the Western banks in the many areas in which they had leverage. From putting the kibosh on the petro-dollar arrangement, to sucking out as much gold tonnage as possible from the Banking Dragon in the City, to securing their own lines of credit and finance, to establishing their own credit rating agencies, to even building their own alternate, worldwide internet cables…..Russia and China’s “full speed ahead” approach continues to cause serious fits for neo-cons and banksters in the West.

Plutocrats who were counting on Putin being “their man” in Russia, when he was first elected, have been bitten seriously in the tail end. The efforts and preparations being made to replace the loathed system of the Anglo-American banks, are in the advanced stages. The old days of DC & London having all the leverage and all the power(by having all the gold) are gone. London has only now started to realize it, but DC, stuck in the ‘glory days’ of being the world’s unipolar, busybody, still believes it is the only game in town.

It is not!

Remember back in 2014, when the G-7 kicked Russia out of the G-8, and thought themselves mighty clever? Now, just one year later, 4 out of of those 7 countries are tripping over themselves to join this Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank! Brilliant! You sure showed them, G-7!

From the backfire of trying to use the SWIFT system as a political and economic weapon against Russia, to the failure to stop the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and now Australia from joining the China-led AIIB, the “old guard” in DC isn’t having a good year!

There’s a new era coming, a new and better day coming on the other side of all this US Dollar-sponsored terror, and now that even hardcore, G-7 countries are desperate to get on board with the East, and “hedge their bets”, expect this trickle to become a cascade, and then a veritable waterfall, pouring into a river of nations: all running from the nightmare of worldwide, US-Dollar-sponsored terror!

Lastly, I wanna ask our community this:

If this soaring US dollar is a current sign of unbeatable strength, and evidence that the US is truly the strongest and best nation to lead the world in the years ahead….

Why has half the Western world literally abandoned them in the last 72 hours?

I think we all know why…

For decades, DC and London’s favorite, effective tactic was “divide and conquer”, and they used it most ruthlessly.

Ya know what the funny thing is though, about “divide and conquer”, DC?

It works both ways!

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