Monday 9 March 2015


Hampstead London. Re: "Ritual child sex abuse and Ritual baby sacrifice cult." 

"It is quite disturbing how many teachers have left the school and/or changed their names on Facebook. If so many teachers were truly wrongly accused surely, they could have collectively volunteered to prove their innocence to either police or public or both. It is after all, a simple matter to show you have no tattoo or birthmark and it is a very serious thing if your career is under threat."  - by DM, London

In the same circumstances - what would YOU do?

Prove your innocence or: 

Change your Facebook name then 

Get another job in another school?

Click on this image for:  "video2  CCPS2 - the Teachers and school staff"

This video-maker says:

"I would like to point out to the people reading these comments, I'm not throwing out the names of people accused of being abusers out of spite or wanting to instill fear. I am creating liability for these people that have been accused by the mouths of the alleged child victims, when there was no trial or proper investigation towards these people. Their distinguishing marks were not even evaluated.

"If they are truly innocent, they should come forward freely and ask for the investigation to be carried out in full in the best interest of the children." 

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    besides the fact that the head teacher Katy Forsdyke was spotted on Facebook, looking for a tatoo removal clinic!


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