Sunday 30 August 2015

TPP - TPPA PROTEST. Protest all over the Pacific Region. Brilliant idea !!

New Zealand Peoples Mandate Party

NZPMP TPPA News. Spread it, everywhere! Up and down every street.

I bumped into a rather clever chap, Adam, who came up with a very effective form of passive protest against TPPA. He has been kind enough to allow us to share his idea and run with it, so we have dubbed it Adam's Big Buzz Wheelie Bin Protest.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to print off our 'Hey Mr Key, can't you see, we don't want your bloody TPP' images, and affix said image to your wheelie bin. But more, and here's where things get a bit daring, and we have to say we will disavow any knowledge of your actions, if you know where a politician lives and what day their wheelie bin gets rolled out, well, we leave matters to your own initiative.

Here are the direct links to the images. The first is optimised for A4 printing, which is large enough to be seen clearly and make the point.

This image is a larger, higher resolution image, for those who want to print something a little larger.

Just remember to place the images low enough on your bin, to avoid damage from the truck lifting arms, which grab the bins at the top. You may also decide to leave your empty bin out between recycling/rubbish days, I certainly will be.

Become a member of our missions possible team by joining Adam's Big Buzz Wheelie Bin Protest against TPPA. Perhaps even carry out a secret mission or two, and strike a peaceful blow against the corporates, for the people.

Robbie Kaiviti.

Update: Some are asking if we can get stickers made. We are looking at this option but large stickers can be expensive. A couple of cheaper options is to, as I have done, get an A4 lamented. Though I have three, so I can affix the image to three sides of the bin. Another option is to enclose the image in a zip lock bag. Make sure to have the zip opening at the bottom. These options have the benefit of waterproofing the images and makes them easy to stick on the bin with a bit of suitable tape. I like the bag idea, as it allows us to use this protest method for other issues, simply replacing the image with something else.

It has also been mentioned that you are not allowed to stick things on 'your' wheelie bin, which you paid for in your rates. This is true, however, screw them. We have a right to peaceful protest and I doubt very much, that our courts want to be filled to the brim with ridiculous cases brought by councils or collection companies. If you are challenged, tell them you own your bin, because you bloody paid for it, you have a right to peaceful protest and if they don't like it, you want your day in court. Also ask for evidence of your offence and proof that it is an offence. Or in the case of a collection company, ask for proof of their ownership. Where you contract a private collection company, as some do, you might have a problem. Ask if it's OK to stick your sign on their bin. If they say no, cancel your contract. Let us know

A miraculous healing awaits this planet...


"A miraculous healing awaits this planet
once we accept our new responsibility
to collectively tend the Garden rather than fight over the turf"

- Bruce H Lipton. Ph.D

Saturday 29 August 2015

"The Hampstead 2" - The GAME CHANGER. TELL THE WORLD !!!

Here is the Original Testimony of "The Hampstead 2."  This is a copy of the original video released on February 4, 2015. This particular copy has only had 8,587 Views to date.  This means a LOT of people in the world have NOT yet seen this video!  It is up to US... up to YOU and ME...  to get this video out into all the world !!

There are 1.3 BILLION (1,300,000,000) people who visit Facebook every month. Only a few million (say 2,000,000) people have heard the testimony of "The Hampstead 2."  Please compare the number of zeros above. You will SEE how many people we have NOT yet reached. The effort we have put in over the last 7 months needs to be repeated x 650 by YOU and ME as individuals, to MAKE SURE that EVERY MAN and WOMAN on Facebook SEES this video. This video is THAT important. This video is The Game Changer.

This video is the END of secretive Kabbal activities of EVERY KIND the whole world over - the END of Forced Adoptions, the END of Ritual Sacrifice, the END of Ritual Abuse, the END of Sex Trafficking, the END of illegal U.S. Military occupations in the Middle East and throughout the world, the END of politicians BUGGERING little boys, the END of Mossad, the END of Global nuclear threat, the END of Shadow Governments, the END of the FED, the END of Monsanto, the END of the Rockefeller Foundation's global hospital agenda, the END of the paper trade in Gold and Silver on the Commodities Market - they are trading PAPER !!! , the END of the corrupt NYSE, the END of Washington D.C., the END of the City of LONDON, the END of the VATICAN, the END of the JESUITS, the END of the BLACK POPE, the END of the Old European monarchies, the END of the Global Strangle-Hold of ALL PEOPLE held as SLAVES - STOCK - GOYIM under the Khazarian agenda !!!


And then The People of Earth WILL re-Create the World we ALL want...  where ALL People WILL live in Peace and Safety.  We ARE re-Creating the World anew. The Day is HERE !!

Are YOU going to Share this Video to ALL outlets you have available to you, or are you just going to SIT ON THIS INFORMATION once again, as you did in February-March, and keep this information all to yourself ??  - "God bless us four and no more" mentality!

YOU need to Make this CONSCIOUS CHOICE:
Are you going to TELL your networks...

The choice is 100% YOURS whether you are going to END the Slavery and make yourself FREE !!
You DO this by TELLING PEOPLE !!

Share this video link on all your Facebook Groups (shares to your Timeline ONLY are hardly seen by anybody), Facebook Pages as Posts AND Comments, Twitter accounts, Google+ accounts, as Posts in your blog and Comments in other people's  blogs, as Comments on YouTube videos, as e-mails to people in your address lists, on Ning networks, on other Forums you belong to...  Everywhere you can.... Everywhere you can think of...


Are you prepared to put in 650 x more effort YOURSELF, to get this video out into EVERY CORNER of Facebook... and in EVERY language ?? Note:  We need YOUR Translation skills here >>

Join with us !!  The REVOLUTION is NOW !!

Bron xx
August 2015

Meet the Slave Masters... The Sabbatean movement 17th Century Turkey

The Sabbatean Sabotage of Humanity

by Zen Gardner

Sabbatean refers to a certain Kabbalist lineage dating back to Shabbatai Tzvi who ran with the twisted occult teachings of a denizen of the deep satanic occultist named Isaac Luria. Shabbatai later gained massive power and notoriety and eventually proclaimed himself the messiah du jour. His subsequent influence is very alive today in the many forms into which it has since morphed.

The psychopathic nature of this aggressive swarm not only has no conscience nor empathy, but is supported and justified by a plethora of perverted Luciferian precepts that defy comprehension to the average human. This is what fuels their despotic fires and draws in carefully selected subhuman psychotic accomplices from all quarters. All is permitted and justified, and those who believe in empathy and any sense of good or conscience are dismissed as dumb sheep that deserve to be manipulated, abused and handily slaughtered.

Shabbetai Tzvi, The Satanic Jewish Messiah of 1666

Published on Jan 11, 2015

February 8 and 9, 2006, Daryl Bradford Smith with Muhammad Rafeeq on Sabbatai Sevi (Shabbetai Tzvi or Sabetha Sebi, etc), the Jewish Messiah of 1666. Sabbatai, descendant of King David, had over one million Jewish followers. According to Sabbateanism-researcher Clifford Shack, the Rothschilds are descendants of Sabbatai. Another descendant of Sabbatai was Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, first President of Turkey.

See the playlist Sabbatai Sevi, Jacob Frank and the Sabbatean-Frankists (Rothschild &Co.), the satanic cult that rules the world

Much on Shabbetai Tzvi and his followers in Clifford Shack's 1001 p. free e-book "The Sabbatean-Frankist Messianic Conspiracy Partially Exposed"

More on the Sabbatean-Frankists in Christopher Jon Bjerknes' over 2800 p. free e-book "The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein; The Propaganda of Supremacy".

Are you a Forced Adoption ACTIVIST? Get in touch with Kellie Cottam

Satanic sex cult Forced Adoption Exposed Hampstead Whistleblower Kids 23 July 2015 youtube

Published on Aug 13, 2015

Kellie Cottam Forced Adoption Exposed Hampstead Whistleblower Kids 23 July 2015

Satanic sex cult in the UK

Monday 24 August 2015

Adrenochrome in blood leads to Schizophrenia, Heart disease, Parkinson's

This is a VERY GOOD interview from Ella and Abraham that you may have missed along the way.
The date of publication is July 10, 2015 and the current Views worldwide are 5,307. This stat. is very low considering how HUGE the Global Audience and Support is for Ella, Abe and the children...

So please Share now to all your Friends and Social Networks... Send to friends in personal emails, share to Google+ , in Skype chat rooms, on Facebook Groups, on YouTube videos, and multi-share to Twitter accounts, and if you're a member on any Ning social networks, please Post !!

This information is HIGHLY Important.

Let's see how much we can boost this video, which honestly, has some MAJOR information in it for humanity's future.  Thank you.

Schizophrenia: An Evolutionary Defence Against Severe Stress. 
A. Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D.

Image Source  
Kesha - 2014

Adrenochrome blood drinking leads to: Schizophrenia. Hallucination. Heart disease. Alzheimers Disease.

The adrenochrome investigations into schizophrenia which I have pursued since 1952 and the recent important investigations into the relationship between heart function and (adrenalin —> adreno-chrome) points to a connection between brain and cardiac disorder. Adrenalin is a very powerful toxic natural chemical which has important positive actions and many potentially toxic effects. One of the toxic effects is upon the heart.

The literature on the toxicity of adrenalin on the heart is well documented by Dhalla, Yates, Naimark, Dhalla, Beamish and Ostadal. In their summary they write, "It is well known that massive amounts of catecholamines are released from the sympathetic nerve endings and adrenal medulla under stressful situations... However, prolonged exposure of the heart to high levels of catecholamines results in coronary spasm, arrhythmias, contractile dysfunction, cell damage and myocardial necrosis.""

Any animal that cannot eliminate adrenalin will quickly die from overdose of the adrenalin. 

There are two factors which will lead to an over accumulation of adrenalin: (1) excessive release of adrenalin and too rapid absorption into myocardium; (2) slow removal of the adrenalin from the heart muscle and other tissues. But both factors may be operating simultaneously. Adrenochrome can be transferred across the blood-brain barrier.

The adrenochrome hypothesis of schizophrenia has been reviewed many times. We suggested that an increased conversion of adrenalin to adrenochrome was one of the causes of schizophrenia, basing this conclusion on our findings that adrenochrome and adrenolutin are hallucinogens. 

Another psychiatric disease which may be related to increased production of amino-chromes is Parkinson's Disease.

The oxidized products of adrenalin metabolism are circulating in the blood. It is likely the major source is from the heart which is the largest organ in the body which can make adrenochrome and its derivatives -  Increased adrenochrome formation in the synapse would play havoc with the transmission of signals by binding with receptor cites on the neuron. It is a synaptic inhibitor, as are LSD and other hallucinogens.


I have presented some of the biochemical and clinical evidence to support the adrenochrome schizophrenia hypothesis, i.e. that schizophrenia has evolved too successfully in dealing with chronic and severe stress mediated by the release of adrenalin. The increased production of adrenochrome and similar chrome indoles, the final common chemical pathway, leads to the characteristic perceptual and thought disorder changes.

- A. Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D.

Hampstead Cover Up , The Big Picture - World Beyond Belief

Published on Jul 10, 2015

Adrenochrome, a substance taken from a live beating heart of a horrified person is highly addictive, very psychoactive and stimulating to those who chose to drink it. In satanic death cults operating in the UK this revolting chemical is in high demand. It is why the babies that are ritualistically sacrificed are terrified just before they are killed.

Sunday 23 August 2015

Justice Sir James Munby rejects ban on naming social workers

Sir James Munby is the judge who officiated in the 
case regarding custody of Ella Gareeva's children. 

Sir James Munby, president of the Family Division of the High Court, said the public had a right to know “what is being done in their name” and called for the courts to adapt to the internet era

Sir James Munby, president of the Family Division of the High Court, said the public had a right to know “what is being done in their name” and called for the courts to adapt to the internet era Photo: BRIAN SMITH FOR THE TELEGRAPH

The most senior family judge in England and Wales has rejected a legal bid to ban the naming and shaming of social workers in a controversial case which saw a baby taken from his parents against their will.

Sir James Munby, president of the Family Division of the High Court, said the law could not be used to silence the father of the infant - known only as “J” - who was forcibly taken into care by social services on the day he was born, in April this year.

The judge said a legal challenge should not be used to “spare the blushes” of officials, even if they were subjected to criticism which was “abusive and unjustified”.

In a ruling which is expected to have far-reaching implications for open justice, the judge demanded more transparency in the courts because publicity in newspapers and on the internet plays a vital role in avoiding miscarriages of justice.

It comes after widespread concern about secrecy in the family courts - which usually hold hearings in private - and a separate court, known as the Court of Protection, which deals with life-or-death decisions about patient treatment.

Sir James said: “There is a pressing need for more transparency, indeed for much more transparency, in the family justice system.

“We must have the humility to recognise - and to acknowledge - that public debate, and the jealous vigilance of an informed media, have an important role to play in exposing past miscarriages of justice and in preventing possible future miscarriages of justice.

“The remedy, even if it is probably doomed to only partial success, is ... more transparency. Putting it bluntly, letting the glare of publicity into the family courts.”

He added: “The fear of such criticism, however justified that fear may be, and however unjustified the criticism, is, however, not of itself a justification for prior restraint by injunction ... even if the criticism is expressed in vigorous, trenchant or outspoken terms.”

The role of an injunction was not to “spare the blushes of those being attacked, however abusive and unjustified those attacks may be”, Sir James said.

Staffordshire County Council sought an injunction after J’s father posted material about social workers on the internet.

He also posted video clips on Facebook, the online social network, and YouTube, the video website, of social workers taking the child into care under an emergency protection order. He also identified his child by name.

The parents’ three other children, aged 10, four and 18 months, have also been taken into care.

The father had previously described social services as “wicked” and “predatory”, and implied the “SS” were making financial gains from the adoption of his children.

Staffordshire applied for a wide-ranging reporting restrictions order which would prevent the publication of the child’s name, address and image. It would also have barred anyone from identifying the county council or employees involved in J’s case.

The judge refused the application and instead made a less restrictive order banning the naming of the child and his parents.

Crucially, it means J’s father will be free to continue publishing criticism of social workers, including images of his son, providing he does so anonymously.

The judge said his decision was intended to protect the child from identification while allowing a public debate about the care system.

Sir James said the internet posed “enormous challenges”, but added: “The law must develop and adapt, as it always has done down the years in response to other revolutionary technologies.

“We must not simply throw up our hands in despair and moan that the internet is uncontrollable. Nor can we simply abandon basic legal principles.”

In July, Sir James published guidelines setting out how thousands more court judgments in care and adoption cases should be made public.

Councils have been criticised for using similar legal methods inappropriately in the past.

For example, in 2008 a senior judge said East Sussex County Council was guilty of a “wholly unacceptable abuse of power” for rushing through the adoption of an 18 month-old child and blocking a challenge by the child’s natural father.

Related Articles (Telegraph):

Web users struggle to cover their digital tracks 06 Sep 2013

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Family courts risk 'collapse' as surge in custody cases follows legal aid cuts 11 Jun 2013

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Judge: open family court hearings 02 Mar 2013

Fines for delays and cull of expert witnesses to speed up family courts 31 Jul 2012

Satanic Ritual Abuse and Secret Societies - EXCELLENT Video !!

This video is old (1995) and grainy in sound and visually... BUT !! It is an excellent video that opens out the history of the ancient Mystery Religions, Freemasonry and Satanic Ritual Abuse SRA. It is modestly brilliant !! Please persevere with this video for 1 hour and 28 minutes, and YOU will be ahead of the pack in terms of a package of knowledge on Satanic Ritual Abuse. It will give you a real kick-start. I personally am not of the "received" Christian persuasion. No matter... This Man has a LOT to offer! You are becoming informed to help HUMANITY.

It is estimated that 25% of people in the UK are VICTIMS of Sexual Abuse in some form... That's 1 in 4 people. What the numbers are for people who were SATANICALLY ritually abused, I don't know... But YOU WILL MEET THEM in YOUR LIFETIME now that this Pandora's Box has opened. So you'd better know what this is all about, so you can effectively help your brother or sister, in your OWN Hometown.

Thank you.

Satanic Ritual Abuse and Secret Societies (1995)

United Grand Lodge of England

Tuesday 18 August 2015


Please also see this post:

Here's some more useful information regarding your VOTE and how to KEEP NZ's flag for constitutional or other reasons... eg: Your family's allegiance to the CURRENT NZ flag, out of respect for and in memory of your ancestors who have served in the NZ military under that flag... The ANZAC commemorations would be laughable under ANY OTHER FLAG... And any other reasons you may personally have.


Deadline date to get your votes in is: Friday 27 November 2015.

Postal Votes are expected to be sent out around September/October 2015.
You should receive your voting paper in the mail by Friday 20 November.

INFORMAL VOTES (Keep NZ's Current Flag) versus
FORMAL VOTES (Change NZ's Current Flag)

1. Make sure you are enrolled before 30 September 2015 to avoid your vote being rejected. You may call 0800 36 76 56 to check that you are on the Electoral Roll. If calling from overseas, the number is +64 9 909 4182.

REFERENDUM ONE: Postal Voting Forms and 4 Opposing Flags
2. Postal Voting Forms are expected to be sent out around September and October 2015.
3. New Zealanders will be asked to rate all 4 Flags 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.

HOW TO SUBMIT AN INFORMAL VOTE - This is the important bit

4. Submitting Informal Votes for Referendum 
Those who support keeping New Zealand's current Flag, we are asked to make an 'Informal Vote' by: 
a) CROSS OUT all 4 oppositional Flags and

REMEMBER: The goal of forwarding an 'Informal Vote' is to outnumber 'Formal Votes'. We must be specific with our wording to qualify as an Informal Vote:


The Informal Votes and Formal Votes are the only votes that will be accepted under law.
- by Louise H. on:

Please SHARE this information with 

EVERYBODY you know. Thank you.

Visualisation for Ella Gareeva and her family... Join us in our VISION


This is our "Vision of Victory" for the Gareeva family. 

Our clear visualisation is to SEE and envision right now, this whole family group walking along the beach at sunset. This is the WHOLE family including Ella's children, her parents and Abraham.

They WILL be together... in the Safe Embrace and Loving Arms of their family members. ALL of them. No-one will be left behind. The LIGHT shines on them all to be safely returned to the Russian Motherland together!  This is what we put out there into the Universe NOW !!

- And so the process has begun... because this is the way it works through the "Science of Imagery" as taught to us by Anastasia the Vedrus.  Anastasia's metaphysic teachings of 1995 are backed up  in quantum physics - the holographic universe, the electric universe, fractals, wave forms and particles... In Russia, Anastasia the Siberian mystic is very well known. Her vision is for the world to become a Garden Paradise once more and for people to live in natural harmonious union with the Land and with each other.

Anastasia's vision has even influenced Vladimir Putin himself and decisions being taken in the Duma.

For example:

"The Russian Homestead Act" which was passed in January 2015, with Vladimir Putin's agreement.
I have no doubt whatsoever that Mr Putin has read the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" books. I feel in my heart he is a good man, contrary to the propaganda the western media spews out about him.

Brilliant things are happening on the Earth.

The Spirit is MOVING in the People !! 

::  Collective Consciousness  ::

::  100 Monkeys  ::

::  Critical Mass  ::

::  The Tipping Point  ::

We will never hear through "conventional means" about the Great Strides humanity is making to Free itself from the Kabbal-masters, because the news media is in the hands of those who do not want us to know that THEY ARE ALREADY DEFEATED !!  

- through Human Minds learning how to use the "Science of Imagery".


They are CUT OFF in their tracks !!

It's already been done in the etheric (the unmanifest, energetic realm). Humanity now just needs to Real Eyes all that is needed now, is to Manifest It - by LETTING GO of the Control System they have so utterly clung to up to this point, and to ALLOW this New Way of BEing, TO BE !! 

We are Debt Slaves no more !!

Our New Earth continues to be Manifested as more and more people wake up from their sleep.

Video Update August 17, 2015: Ella and Abe on "World Beyond Belief"

Hampstead Cover-up Update & The State of Pederasty in the UK - WBB156 extended version

Published on Aug 17, 2015

Ella and Abraham from the Hampstead cover up return to the World Beyond Belief to bring us up to date on the state of the custody of Ella’s children. As expected, we hear about a circus of redacted documents, controlled judiciary and refused appeals. This pod cast contains interesting information about the corruption of the mainstream culture by the Satanist cults and how meat, blood products and even grains contribute to the degeneration of society. A viable alternative is presented by describing how to disengage with the culture and become free from the influence of this control system. This pod cast although focusing on quite a tragic subject presents hope for the future of mankind.

Links to follow
For cheap thrills visit

UK Police have been Trained in ISRAEL !! Patrick Cullinane on Theresa May

This from Patrick Cullinane (10 hours ago):  "THE DUTY OF CARE"

The Police swear an Oath to protect Life, Property and uphold the Law of the Land. - Therefore they are ALL in breach of their Oaths by assisting Bailiffs and High Court Sheriffs to STEAL Family Homes, Possessions, Property, Money, Motor Vehicles and Allotments without Due Process of the Constitutional Common Law of the Land: = Misprision of Treason:

Theresa May MP is Jewish and a Friend of Israel and sending 'OUR' Police to Israel to be trained by the Israeli Army to attack us when they come back for reporting crime by Government Organisations against us. London’s Police are travelling to Israel to be trained by the Israeli Army.

“Your Police are being trained by the Israeli Army to defeat and control their enemy, and when your police come back, YOU become their enemy” 
- Eran Efrati, Israeli Army Whistleblower warns the American public in March 2014

Now you know why ‘OUR’ Police in the UK treat blatant FRAUD by Government Organisations against We The People as a CIVIL matter. The police have told Patrick Cullinane on VIDEO that the robbery of his residential premises, property and possessions, without a TRIAL, is a civil matter.

‘Our’ Police who have been trained by the Israeli Army are involved here again and covering-up the insidious Paedophile death cult.  YouTube: Published on 10 July 2015

Hampstead Cover Up. "The Big Picture" by World Beyond Belief:  Paedophile Links to Government Officials, Paedophile Information Exchange and Adrenochrome on The World Beyond Belief (Episode 151). 

"Ella and Abraham of the Hampstead Cover Up return to The World Beyond Belief to expose links between high-ranking officials in the UK “government” and the paedophile network that is being outed throughout that country. It seems that there are very few people with any kind of authority in Britain that are not either connected to or controlled by this insidious paedophile death cult. At one point, the discussion turns the Paedophile Information Exchange that operated overtly in Britain for many years advocating such ideas as lowering the age of consent to four years old."   - Patrick Cullinane

Hampstead Cover Up , The Big Picture - World Beyond Belief

Published on Jul 10, 2015

Pedophile Links to Government Officials, Pedophile Information Exchange and Adrenochrome on The World Beyond Belief (Episode 151). Ella and Abraham of the Hampstead Cover Up return to The World Beyond Belief to expose links between high-ranking officials in the UK “government” and the pedophile network that is being outed throughout that country. It seems that there are very few people with any kind of authority in Britain that are not either connected to or controlled by this insidious pedophile death cult. At one point, the discussion turns the Pedophile Information Exchange that operated overtly in Britain for many years advocating such ideas as lowering the age of consent to 4. But, far from being a crackpot collection of criminals, this group, because of the high level pedophiles in that government, had credibility up until it was supposedly disbanded. Adrenochrome, a substance taken from a live beating heart of a horrified person is highly addictive, very psychoactive and stimulating to those who chose to drink it. In satanic death cults operating in the UK this revolting chemical is in high demand. It is why the babies that are ritualistically sacrificed are terrified just before they are killed.

For cheap thrills visit

For more info:
The Hampstead Cover-up - The Jean Clement Recording Pt 1 (all 3 parts)

New website still under construction
It should be up next week with an email contact.

Monday 17 August 2015

Sabine Kurjo McNeill takes a SWIG of the McKenzie "Friends" Medicine !!

... And now Sabine McNeill is learning how foul 
the McKenzie "Friends" medicine tastes !!

There's a lesson for her somewhere in there...

... But I don't think she's there yet. as we see from her article that her blinkers are still firmly in place.

Here's Sabine...  August 15, 2015  (15-8-15)

Belinda had spotted that Barnet Council were planning to prosecute me. 
Hence she suggested I go on a "little holiday". 
Now she’s gone and I walk the ‘path of humiliation’ in the 
‘institutionalised intimidation and compliance‘ culture of authorities set up 
BY The Establishment For The Establishment, 
at the expense of “we the people”.


Maybe Sabine will get it...  One day... ??  Maybe ???

With a little more insight, she just might get there !!


McKenzie "Friends" ploy: Giving Ella direction for MAXIMUM HARM !!

I wish you all the best for dealing with the London Talmudic Magicians who splashed blood all around the Royal Courts of Justice at the Passover this year, just before Easter...

(photographic evidence available, but not published at this time)

The Baby Eaters of the Molech cult have WELL and truly MARKED their territory 'on Earth as it is in Heaven'.

And now, they've lured you into their Lair.
Karma's a bitch...

This was your "Friend" Belinda McKenzie's recommendation to Ella Gareeva in July - to return and allow herself to get nabbed by the 'authorities'.  I'm afraid you won't much like the taste of THAT medicine Sabine.  Such is the way for somebody who fails to exercise "insight".  That's too bad.  At least you got your "dramatic entry" when you returned to the UK on August 3rd just as Belinda had advised you to. Ironically, the now vanished Belinda McKenzie has left YOU in the doo-doo.  Ah well... You knew where your return would lead you, surely ??  - Right back into the arms of the Courts system.  Good luck with that  :-/ Seriously.

Sunday 16 August 2015

New Zealand FLAG: DO NOT CHANGE !! You will give up your RIGHTS !!

Please see this article also on this blog:



Please Share this post wherever you can... to as many of your Facebook Groups, Pages and Friends as you can; to Twitter and other social media you engage with; in emails to your friends...  and TALK ABOUT IT with your Family, Friends and neighbours... the people at work... the people you play Touch or Netball with !!


Our WHOLE NATION needs to know about this !!

The following is by LO and DG
Aotearoa-New Zealand

Hey, don't mean to to freak y'all out (actually, yes I do!) but there's a lot more to this NZ flag change malarkey than most people realise...

I was open to changing the current NZ flag, but I also didn't understand (like most people) the LEGAL significance of doing so...

Why not change the flag?

Here's why not - its called 'Due Authority'

DUE AUTHORITY in a nation like NZ is represented on the NZ flag by the Union Jack and signifies that we are a constitutional monarchy.

A change of flag means not only that we have taken a major step to removing the DUE AUTHORITY of the crown. It also means we take away the very power which enforces both the 1981 Bill of Rights Act (the closest thing NZ has to an entrenched Constitution) and the founding plank upon which the Treaty of Waitangi has meaning.

It does not matter if you're pro or anti monarchy but if you take away the DUE AUTHORITY of law (which includes our flag) you then open the gates of hell, or to be precise the means in which John Key can legally sign the TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement). Currently if the matter was taken to court it would undoubtedly end up at the Supreme Court.

The Privy Council is our former chief court and unlike the new US-styled NZ supreme Court, has its legal interpretation interpreted by Judges that are picked by the Law Lords of the Common Wealth.
In the new system those Judges are picked by parliament – uh oh.

At the moment it is likely that a legal challenge could be mounted against the TPPA, even if John does sign it, even with the Supreme Court Change, in that it breaches the 1981 Bill of Rights and the Crowns obligation to Iwi as set out in the Treaty of Waitangi.

However, if the DUE AUTHORITY of the State can be removed then the TPPA can not only be signed but it then means that once signed the DUE AUTHORITY of the TPPA would supersede the power of any NZ laws already in place. Such as the 1981 Bill of Rights etc.

New flag? No thanks.

Please feel free to copy & paste or share... A lot of people don't seek education but will take it when offered!


Note:  This flag change business is a good example of why we should always question what we're fed and to keep our eyes and ears and minds open. If the concerns about 'Due Authority' turn out to be hoopla, then great! But, at the very least, if these concerns get people talking and thinking and questioning the hidden agenda behind the flag change, then brilliant!  - LW

Nice work L and D. 
Thank you so much !!

Saturday 15 August 2015

Statement Re: "The International Tribunal for Natural Justice" Aug 15, 2015


Thank you variously for the kind messages, the blah-blah, the histrionics and the flat out BS issuing off some febrile blog-posts this week variously entitled: 'The ITNJ Dead On Arrival' etc..

Having just finished a raft of delightful calls with international case applicants, our Chief Justice and paralegal secretariat, international ITNJ chapters and core administrative team....I had to shake my own head in disbelief at the sheer banality of such threads on such a fine day.

To be sure: the ITNJ is neither dead nor thrashing about in the birth canal. It has been birthed with all fingers and toes intact, shed its umbilical, squawked a little here and there and is finding its feet on dry land. It will be undertaking exactly what it set out to do in accordance with its founding vision.

In the past couple of weeks almost twenty international chapters have been appointed. Initial hearings will be announced within a couple of weeks. The open-trials format will be beta tested within Q4 this year. Initial cases will be focused toward landmark hearings and trials in order to set the international tone and engage the eyes and ears of both grassroots and leadership.

Whilst challenging the legitimacy of corporations posturing as governments - we will yet be leading an effort to engage the international diplomatic community toward engendering a multilateral treaty, in order to establish practicable enforcement for ITNJ rulings in the days ahead.

If anyone has any better ideas, along with a comprehensive plan-of-action affixed and the means to deliver on that stratagem, I/we would welcome hearing them.

Conversely anyone interested in participating in this particular initiative toward the restoration of natural justice please feel free to get involved and be a part of a dynamic effort ( If not, try to self-reflect and resolve any failings, misgivings and fears you may harbor toward life, institutions, hierarchies, legacy programs the dignified sanctity of your own heart and not through railing against the good efforts of others via social-media.

A couple of the members of the initial ITNJ administrative team have left after a vote of no confidence in one of them, that is all. Another of them, a few days after writing a glowing and thankful letter to me, does a volte-face and vents a little blog-spleen with mistruths intended to injure. It is the kind of absent moral conduct which we invited to exit our ranks and are now gratefully witnessing. It is a function of egoism to thrash about in the vain search for relevancy when a plan misfires, therefore I do not believe any of this is important. Nor can any other voices which may come forward in the days ahead in preemptive judgement of the ITNJ matter....not a whit. What will matter is when and how the court conducts itself and carries rulings in the weeks ahead. That will be online - for the world to see. For you and I to attest to.

In interim, and in accordance with the core tenet of 'natural justice', neither I nor any of my volunteer colleagues will be naming names or pointing fingers and thereby manifestly causing injury to living men or women of this world.

This white-noise is also part of any normative evolutionary process with inflammatory initiatives like the ITNJ. It does not however, call for reductive hysteria or unbridled urges to torch the campus and derail all expectations, unless of course those expectations happen to be as shallow as initial pejorative and shameful criticisms leveled at the ITNJ.

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice intends as it ever intended - to manifest a tangible and practicable bridge between the old world and the new earth with respect to law and jurisprudence. It seeks to fashion the stepping stones for law professionals and those reasonable elements within the existing 'playing-field' to transition into a new planetary apparatus for delivering on natural justice. That does not include rounding up all judges, stomping on their wigs, destroying all extant infrastructures and assigning kangaroo courts via gun toting possies to round-up the 'establishment' and their agents with impunity. Nor does it mean handpicking jurors and training them up for court - thus debilitating the very foundation of any semblance of 'for the people and by the people'. The average human-being has a very keen instinct for right and wrong - it is called a conscience - and it is the bedrock of common-sense. THIS is what must be allowed to issue as the voice of reason and sovereign expression. Couple that with the open-trial format (e-governance) which the court is introducing this year across trials - and the true voice of 'the people' will palpably emerge through the an absolute science. This thankfully, will not be open to interpretation or the wheezings of cynical alternative-media 'journalists' or the tragicomic antics of one or two disenfranchised former colleagues.

The ITNJ means to engage any and all decent and concerned members of the international law fraternity in a considered process toward realignment and integration with the emerging high-ground of natural justice. A new judicial oath which supersedes all others is required from those members of the legal profession entering the ambit of the ITNJ courts. The obvious place to do that is within an ITNJ Bar Association (as opposed to any enigmatic {all caps} BAR Association). The ITNJ Bar Association gains recognition by the primary Bar Associations on earth, by virtue of the way in which we have set it up (congratulations should be in order here, not howls of derision). It is the perfect stepping stone for law professionals to enter our (open-trial) court and begin to re-purpose their professional lives and instincts.

Judges, barristers, lawyers, advocates, court officers, bailiffs and clerks are members of our human family....our fellow brother and sisters. Forget that - and we forget our own humanity.

The ITNJ will not sanction itself as another third-party agency foisting interceding agendas onto people of the world by forcing 'citizens grand juries' to deliberate on every legal infraction. Nor will it randomly appoint laymen as justices where such appointments would cause us to lose traction with the international diplomatic community and the world-at-large. Mob-rule must not supplant common-sense. Not every case needs to be brought before a citizen grand jury. The plaintiff can and must decide if they want a grand jury or if they prefer to simply 'delegate authority' to an appointed judge to hear and rule on any breach of contract. The 'citizen grand-jury' model is a welcomed option for plaintiffs to determine within the ITNJ at application stage - it is not however, a mandatory function of the court.
Sovereignty....duh! Wasn't that the whole point?

The ITNJ and its agents and officers will conduct themselves in a state of grace, with comportment in devotion to truth and plain decency. The court will default to an orientation of kindness and absolution wherever and whenever it is able. Anyone not in agreement with this metric may play upon another playing field or go and create their own. It's bloody hard work....and I wish them luck in advance.

There are those who 'act' and 'do' in this temporal veil...and there are those who do nothing but opine and judge the actions and doings of others. One position has standing in both this world and the next - the other position does not.

Thank you to all those contributing in thought and deed toward this unified effort to right the wrongs in an awakening world. Success or failure will depend upon the quality of our hearts and minds in attending to this noble task.

In grace - Sacha Stone

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Are you ready to WAKE UP to the Black Babylonian Magicians yet?

Source  - "hidden in plain sight"

These are all links below...

These links will take you a while to work through and get your head around... But please do. You will be at your most effective once you've worked out the game and who the main players are...

Thank you, BronnyNZ

(1)   HISTORY OF "THE PRIESTHOOD" IN THE BOOKS - by Anastasia, the Vedruss

(2)    Becoming conscious. No longer under mind control: David Icke




Please note: *egregor - a non-material collective psychic entity or field uniting members of a human group or organisation, generated and maintained by thought energy of the members of the group. 
* Footnote, p 228, "Ringing Cedars of Russia: Space of Love" Book 3, 2005
Free Pdf "The Space of Love"

(6)    An introduction to Anastasia of the Ringing Cedars series

(7)   We CREATE the Future with our Thoughts

(8)   Anastasia: An Introduction

(9)   "THE MAGIC OF WORDS" - by Bronny NZ


(10)   A new way of educating our children. The Tekos School in Russia.

(11)   Михаил Петрович Щетинин. Школа Щетинина



- a meditation given to me in February of 2011

Woe unto you, prophets!

This link (13) is to do with the subterfuge around the Hampstead London UK Satanic child sexual abuse case I was following all through 2015.  This is all part of the Babylonian trick...

(13) The disguise was working well, UNTIL... Royal Courts of Justice Aug 6, 2015






Links 18-21 show how the Black Babylonian Magicians create "spellings" = "illusory worlds" devised against humanity through the music media and through the news media. Anything that is suffixed by the word "media" = Medea (an ancient civilisation right next to the Babylonian Empire), needs to be on your 'watch list'. Medea and Babylon worked together to create the magic spells that humanity is currently under.





Link 22 is about the quantum field, cryptology, our off-world and interdimentional friends who are here to help us, and about Anastasia the Vedrus (a very well-known figure in Russia since 1996) who shows us the Black Babylonian Priesthood - how to see their magic tricks, and how to undo these tricks by using "The Science of Imagery".


Link 23 is a summary of these histories. "Hidden in plain sight".
Link 24 is how the egregor (see definition above) of the Babylonian Black Magicians is perpetuated by so-called "unwitting people" playing out their roles to do with the specific case of the "Hampstead Cover Up" - regarding the Satanic ritual baby sacrifice and Satanic child sodomising cult, 2014 - which was based at Christ Church Primary School, Hampstead, London, England.


After going through all that background or at some point along the way of getting to grips with it all, please see what some of the tricks were around the "Hampstead Cover Up" by going to Link 25. Thanks !

Anastasia talks extensively about "The Science of Imagery" and "Co-creation" in "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" books by Russian author, Vladimir Megre. It's best if all people who want to come on this journey of awakening with us and of tearing down the citadels of Babylon, read these books. Thanks

Link 26 shows how humanity is unveiling the tricks of the Black Babylonian Priesthood right now!


The Time for remaining in the dream is over:


Friday 14 August 2015

McKenzie "Friends" ploy: Giving Ella direction for MAXIMUM HARM !!

BronnyNZ:  This communication was received on Wed July 29, 2015 from Ella and Abe who said:  "The following email is a from a fellow named Drifloud in response to an email from Belinda to Ella, encouraging Ella to return to the UK."

ewing and friends
Belinda McKenzie, Terence Ewing, and Sabine McNeill

To:  Belinda McKenzie
From: Drifloud

Date:  July 28th 2015

I received your latest email  to Ella and have been asked by Ella to comment on it. After reading, I first thought it must be some kind of practical joke from you - actually. I’m still not sure it isn’t.  In short, your letter to Ella can be summed up in one word: DESPERATION. But I have commented on what you have written, in order to highlight the “ideas” you wish to convey, paragraph, by paragraph:


McKenzie:  “It has been suggested that to stop Mrs P [Justice Pauffley] handing your children to Ricky which seems to be the plan something dramatic needs to happen.”

Drifloud:  Nothing like trying to rekindle the fear with: “Mrs P handing your children to Ricky” as an opener, is there?  - what a positive inspiration you are!  Now, if you dare to look around you Belinda, you’ll notice The Cult’s plans are being laid waste by THE TRUTH - which is plenty dramatic. And “Mrs P” needs to realise she has a very, very limited window of opportunity now, to stand down from her ridiculous pose as someone who has any credibility, or authority. And the same can be said for YOU.


McKenzie:  “The only thing that will stop this horrible outcome is for you to come back to UK. Sabine has said she will also come back on the same day if you would, to ‘double’ the dramatic impact.”

Drifloud:  So, ALL potential possibilities are reduced to YOUR one and “only thing that will stop this horrible outcome”, which is for Ella to come back to the UK, for a tearful reunion with Kurjo the “inadvertent” video-leaker. Just that alone is enough of a “horrible outcome”. Do we need to go any further?  - Oh dear, yes, I see we do:


McKenzie:  “I can guarantee by now that you will have maximum publicity & support and the protection of a group of MPs passionate about this cause AND THEY ARE ALSO PASSIONATE ABOUT HEMP/CANNABIS and having a campaign within Parliament to get it legalised; a top mainstream journalist is going to cover the event/story. etc.”

Drifloud: “... guarantee... maximum publicity & support and the protection of a group of MPs passionate about this cause”?

D:  Let me guess the max-publicity headlines, Daily Mail: “Evil Mum & Boyfriend Nabbed by Police at Airport Trying to Sneak Back Into UK.”

D:  Meanwhile: “Group of  MPs Call for Tougher Sentencing of Parents Who Coach Kids in Tales of Abuse”, reports top “Ham and High” (Cult) journalist.

D:  “Parliament Votes to Restrict Hemp-Seed Production to Government Approved Producers."


Belinda McKenzie: "You really are going to have to try to get your head round the FACT that your beloved Parli-a-ment (talking to the mind), Propaganda and Legal System are finished - such atavistic  iniquity cannot be allowed to continue... The day for this ‘operation’ should be Monday 3rd August, the day before the Appeal on 4th then on 6th the 4-day Final Hearing begins. Even if you are on remand in police custody they would have to bring you to the court for these hearings.”

Drifloud:  Operation “Bird in Hand”? Hey Ella, stop “dragging your feet” and go for the “remand in police custody” deal! That way you lose your freedom, get abused yourself - possibly even suicided - and you’ll also get the chance to relinquish your power that you are using to great effect fighting for your children’s release.  BUT, by subjecting yourself to all this, you will... er...  GAIN THE MORAL HIGH GROUND! And looks like trusty Belinda’s got all the dates ticked off, so where’s the problem? - come on, what are you waiting for?!!


McKenzie:  “This is of course absolutely not what the cult want at this stage, it is going to make life very difficult for them indeed! It could be the turning-point and blow the whole thing open.”

Drifloud:  It appears , Belinda dear, that the Cult “absolutely don’t want” how you’ve bungled things so far in this cover-up. Your arse - along with Kurjo’s - is obviously very much on the line here. The Cult have made it quite clear, via their/your local rag, “Ham & High” - and it really is a bum-wiper, isn’t it?

D:  - that they’re prepared to cut you and Kurjo adrift (or worse) if you don’t quickly gain control of a situation that is ALREADY blown wide open. Wouldn’t like to be on your ship, Captain McKenzie. My advice to you, is to get yourself safely locked up by GENUINE policewomen/men (you can find a list of these filed under “Potential Trouble-Makers” in your boss’s office at MI5 HQ) and confess all - it’s good for the soul apparently.


McKenzie:  “While you have cast a cloud over my credibility and integrity I should tell you there are not a few on the internet questioning your apparent lack of concern for your children and that you are sitting out there in the sun with your lover rather than coming back to fight for them. This action will shut all those critical people up.”

Drifloud:  Okay, a cliché, but the truth all the same: You do not need ANY help from Ella to “cast a cloud over your credibility and integrity” - you are doing a great job of that ALL BY YOURSELF.

D:  And it’s already common knowledge that there are plenty of Tavistock/ MI5/ Mossad-trained disinfo spooks (you know, YOUR CROWD) on the internet, trolling away like mad, questioning Ella’s concern for her children, and vainly trying to stop any gusts of TRUTH flattening their filthy house of cards...  By the way, what’s Tavi-Jacqui-sickened Power- Disney up to at the moment?

D:  "Sun and lover" - are these two things that never touch you?
Is this jealousy, perhaps?

D:  And as for silencing critics: that is one of YOUR - The Cult’s - main preoccupations. Those who stand in TRUTH and LOVE have no need to defend their actions.


McKenzie:  “Please let me know if you are willing to consider this plan and we can start getting everyone geared up and ready for action. We have become a much stronger and more numerous movement by now.”

Drifloud:  “everyone” = CAFCASS/ Tavistock/ SS/ MI5/ Mossad/ Cult.

D:  Are you in any way aware that you are walking around outed as a Cult Protector?  - a Forked-Tongue, Double-Speak agent?  Do you not know that it’s been reported you run a charity for “abused children”, “The Knight Foundation”, that IS NOT an actual charity for abused children? - and that the donations it receives are sent to your other “charity” - running partner, the “abused children” that is Kurjo the Komputer Kontroller? McNeill the Multi-Blogger, who relies on charitable donations to... to do what exactly?

D:  Is Mind-Kontrol a 24/7 occupation with you, or are you allowed holidays? Is it possible you have been left mind-kontrolled at ultra-high level 9+ - or did you accidentally MK yourself when looking in the mirror - and “your handler” has forgotten the trigger-word to bring you down to a more plausible level of bullshitting? Are you capable of actually conceptualising THE TRUTH? Sorry, silly question….

Please get well soon,
from a conscious living being,

July 28th 2015