Wednesday 4 March 2015

I shall NOT surrender, no !! Onwards and Upwards !!! - Sabine

From:  Sabine K. McNeill
Date:  March 3, 2015

!!  I shall NOT surrender, no !! 

I want the arrest to be CANCELLED

Having been locked out of Facebook, the whole International dimension hopefully will put the right UK people into their place...

How to fight Police without honour - and duty-bound police, that is the question it seems.

Together we MUST CRACK THIS!!!

After all, there has never been as ‘grand a battle’ as this one before! 

Look at all the issues!

Onwards and Upwards !!!


Everybody please:  Contact Michael Doherty  "Justice Now" and Tweet him @JUSTLAW on Twitter. 

Let Michael know what's going on regarding the "Hampstead Ritual child sex abuse and Ritual baby sacrifice cult." He may be able to help Sabine and the other McKenzie friends cut through the police corruption in regard to the #WhistleblowerKids case.  - on the photo below is now called:  (good video)

It’s Time For A New Body To Police The Police

Here are two reports concerning increasing corruption and crimes amongst vast swaths of police officers the length and breath of the land. In fact we’ve been subjected to police collusion for so long now, whereby police officers, in increasing numbers, have in a subtle way, managed to circumvent the law of the land. The law that is enforced on 99.9% of the UK population but allows the police cart blanche exemption from that law. The links below are the latest in the endless revelations regarding police corruption. These continuous disclosures of crimes and corruption it seems are revealed on a daily basis, certainly weekly.


"Clearly there are indications now showing Police are not following the letter of the law, but the diktat of their political masters. Here again we see nothing short of collusion by Sir Peter Fahy with those responsible for the Cover Up of the Rotherham Sex Crimes."


  1. There is a strange 'precedent' in Australia: The Royal Commission into New South Wales Police which found "Corruption, Reform and Paedophilia". See

  2. Thanks, Ramallah! I did tweet Michael: @JU5TLAW #WhistleblowerKids on video Police cover-ups Abuser videos

    Thank You for the suggestion / reminder!


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