Sunday 29 March 2015

"Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) just loves digging holes for herself...

Sands needs men to help overthrow the United States government.

Following is yet ANOTHER email written by "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name)
She's a glutton for punishment !!!

9:00 PM (21 hours ago)

to:  27 email addresses deleted including two addresses for RT 

So now BronnyNZ is attacking Sabine.  This shows everyone BronnyNZ is nothing but a liar & destroyer.  

I trust Sabine more than I trust Ella Draper. The way Ella read off the facts of her kids being raped and killing babies as if she were reading a boring shopping list was weird. I do, however, believe the kids; and, everything else should be swept away for their sake.  Don't dare make this case about me because of a disinformed beggar bigmouth like BronnyNZ.

Christine Ann Sands

And of course...  My response:

Really ??

Who the heck are you "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name)?

I see your tactics. You are very transparent to me.

You expect me to rush in and defend myself and tell you i'm not "attacking" Sabine.

Sabine knows i'm not attacking HER.  

I'm definitely disappointed in her that she allowed you to come into possession of my email address.  
However, I also acknowledge there are NO Coincidences !!  NONE !!  

Sabine and I have had several email contacts since March 22, 2015 - since: Christ Church CE Hampstead gathering.  All communications have been amicable.

What I Am attacking is Sabine's current affiliation to YOU -

"Sheriff Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name and position).

In this email, YOU HIGHLIGHT TO US YOURSELF the very reason for my concern.

In fact...  I would say this email is the beginning of your undoing to any gathered here who put any trust in you at all !!

You have just shown us your TRUE self.

(I wouldn't want to be you right now) !!!

Sheriff Sands (SS) - Why are you making a video of Ella Draper's Statement ? 

You say you will be reading out the sections you pick to read out (ie: not as a complete unadulterated piece).

Your reading of this incomplete "Statement" (no longer such since it won't be complete) will be accompanied by your running commentary of the situation interjecting throughout - which obviously are not the thoughts of the Prime Creator (= copyright holder) of that document. 

What under heaven gives you the Rite !!! ??  

Yes. I did Spell that correctly !!

Who gave you that per-Mission to go ahead and do this ??

You said in your Comment on your Facebook Timeline that "they" want you to do this.  

I'm interested to hear who "they" are ???

Many thanks for bringing MUCH MORE to The Light than I bet you ever thought you would so early in your campaign of bringing this company of people down.

Sincerely yours,

Bronwyn of the May family, commonly known as Bronny NZ

- of Epping Forest, Walthamstow, Essex Co. England (1831) and of Englefield House, Reading, England (1830); and of the royal house of Punjab - Military caste (c.1860), warriors of the Indus and of England, of Caledonia, Cumbria, Eire and of Nord Norge. Landholder of estates in Frisia and Groningen, Nederlands. Heiress of Domains seen and not seen. Affiliate of the Arcturian Collective. In service to Anastasia's purpose as written in "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" and perpetually in service to The One. Instructor in Bio-Resonance propulsion and of the Resonance Unity Field in this dimension and the one not so far away. Contributor to the Bio-resonance programme in the Department of Aeronautics, Princeton University USA. Verified. In transparency.

I would be very afraid if I were you "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name)

I know Who I AM...  unlike yourself who attempts to bridge two worlds under deception.


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