Saturday 8 November 2014

Nov 7th: Sasha Stone interviews Rod Class - Private Attorney General. Rod Class was taken into custody in the U.S. 72 hours later !!

From Sasha Stone:

Friends - on a premonition a few days ago I asked to speak to Rod Class on skype.

Less than 72 hours later he was picked up by US police and disappeared.

He is now being set up by the United States judicial system - as a war criminal. Why? Because he is successfully exposing the corporate US government fraud, and the entire US judiciary as a criminal mafiosi racketeering enterprise. And because he is a Private Attorney General - who has the constitutional powers to arrest rogue judges and reclaim law and order - when the government fails to.

He is probably the only man in the US today who has the knowledge to prosecute the conspirators running Washington. DO NOT LET THIS MAN GO DOWN. If he does - the prospect is desperately serious for all American citizens. He is also set to train up 1000 Private Attorney Generals in 2015 under the aegis of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

Get Involved!


The Rod Class Case

Published on Nov 7, 2014
An interview between Sacha Stone and Rod Class, recorded two days before Rod was abducted by police. For more information please follow the links below:

NZ - STOP the TPPA !!! Do it through your Local Council.

Image source:  Facebook  Auckland. November 8, 2014

"A call out to ALL of Aoteraroa-New Zealand"
   by Antony I AM
  Wellington.  November 9, 2014

Don't be scared to get involved. Do not fear. Or as we say in the Hutt... 

Give your support to the Action that supports your council and local government in NZ.

All NZ councils need our support right NOW!!

I had never heard that the Four Wellbeings before:


These have BEEN REMOVED from councils' mandates. 

Think about that fact for a minute... 

The councils themselves were not very happy about central government telling them their new purpose...  financial only !!

Yes I am speaking first hand experience. 

If we all knew, and supported, there would have been no freakin' way it would have happened!!! 

The councils are still operating under the old ways... its in the local papers every week. 

Therefore RIGHT NOW they need US (me and YOU) more than ever! 

So RIGHT NOW we are building a defence to the Trans Pacific Partnership through our councils... 

Think about that for a second!!! 


National Voters, Labour voters, Green party voters, Mana Internet voters and YES !! 


This very same action was a big part of STOPPING NUCLEAR SHIPS coming to NZ!! 

So ... right now download the local Government lobby kit from (zip file)

Start sending those letters. 
Start organising your public meetings. 


Why do you pay RATES? 

Why does your council subsidise Local Government NZ? 

Why did anyone want to become a councillor in the first place?
Yes, ask them that question. 

Get them out of the "PERSON" MODE (persona means "mask" in Latin - a theatrical "role") and into the HUMAN MODE of thinking.

There are plenty of us that will support you as you get it happening in your local area. 

Just say the word. 


Image source:  Facebook   Auckland.  November 8, 2014

Image source:  Facebook   Auckland. November 8, 2014

Image source:  Facebook  Auckland.  November 8, 2014

Image source:  Facebook    Auckland. November 8, 2014

Saturday 1 November 2014

"ISIS" is a Con Job !! United States Army personnel... PROOF POSITIVE !!

US Law holds "Sovereign Citizens" as criminals and the #1 Domestic Terrorist Threat in 2014

Mirror:  This was posted by an American Patriot recently.  It's too good to not re-Post...

I'm going to make an important prediction. There MIGHT BE be a massive false flag attack on the United States worse than anything that we've ever seen and it will be blamed squarely on people who call themselves or identify with the word "Sovereign."

I mean, why else would the FBI be sending out memos and APB's to every police municipality in the country saying that "sovereign citizens" (a misnomer) are the number one domestic terrorist threat in 2014?

Every "Sovereign" person I know is peace-loving, lawful and wishes to avoid conflict and controversy. They want to be left alone, unmolested, to live and let live.

Generally speaking, "Sovereign" people seek earnestly to know what are their moral obligations and are extremely passionate about doing what is ethical, lawful, right and good......more than any other people I've met my life.

So why then are they being demonized by the FBI and the US Government?

My gut feeling is that this is a last ditch attempt by the New World Order/Global Elite/Banking Cartel Families to vanquish the only substantial threat that exists against their fraud and charade- the "Sovereigns".

This patently absurd FBI warning of the "#1 Domestic Terrorist Threat in 2014" appears more like a ridiculously stupid plot against those who are strong, intelligent, informed, educated, honorable and fearless and who will competently challenge and expose the New World Order/Global Elite/Banking Cartel Families in a Federal Court Room and on the public record and also in the Court of Public Opinion.

I suggest we make preemptive moves right now, educating ourselves on law*(see below), getting the word out there, talking to friends and family, sending out press releases to local papers, public speaking, passing out literature, blitz-sharing on social media, gathering with other free people in our communities and having sit down face-to-face meetings with our County Sheriffs.

Why meet with the County Sheriff? Simply to have a meeting of minds and respectfully engage in peaceful discussion to avoid conflict and mainly to demonstrate that we, The Free People of the United States of America, are peaceful, intelligent, articulate, law-knowing, rights-exercising individuals who wish to avoid conflict and controversy as upstanding members of our respective communities.

We invite all who are reading this to make a request to be added to the FB Page:
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