Wednesday 18 March 2015


Use The Pluto Uranus Window Of Opportunity

Published on Oct 4, 2014

The Uranus Pluto square is really playing out right now - you can see the clues all around you

- So, it's time to make your move.

David's websites:

Here's my message to David Cammegh UK -

I love your work. I love you !!

In your video "Use The Pluto Uranus Window Of Opportunity" I don't think you tell us the actual dates for the Pluto-Uranus square/s this year 2015

- "The Year of the Sheeple"  Awakening !!!

Ref: 2015 is the Chinese Year of the Sheep !!  : )

We ARE doing Something about it !!!

We are TEARING down the Citadels of the Puppet Masters, Brick by Brick, DAILY !!


Please Follow our activities and join in.


You don't need Permission.  

Just DO !!  : )

We need EVERYONE who is 

reading this post to PARTICIPATE.

eg: My blogs and daily paper are created in New Zealand. 
There are NO LIMITS !!

Here are some of Our Online Activities: 

There's many more Activities happening on the Ground in London UK.

Find out WHAT they are and WHERE they are. Get INVOLVED !!

Contact Araya: 
Contact Brenda: 
Contact Belinda:

Join us.  There is space for ALL...  

Find out where you fit in.


Me ??

Corporate Fictional Entity Name:
"Bronwyn Llewellyn"  aka BronnyNZ  aka Ramallah 

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Awakening posts:  

We are currently under Illusion. 

It's time for you to move into DIS-ILLUSION.  

DISILLUSION the BEST state you can be in !!

You have then moved OUT of the ILLUSION !!!

Please see Archives for January 2015 on my blog, Co-creating Our New Earth.

While everyone was off Christmas shopping, I was glued to my pc.

There was a TRUCKLOAD of stuff that came through.

Global Paradigm Shifts!  Very important ones.  

See end Nov 2014 - Jan 2015.

EVERYTHING has shifted, while you weren't watching.

January 2015 -  A total of 181 Articles: numerology =  1 =  New Beginnings  :)

It is happening NOW !! 

Be a PART of this Great Awakening.

We NEED YOU to help this happen in 2015 !!

There are no "saviours".  We Save Ourselves.

It's up to us !!  

Operation:  << Educating Britain >>

Operation:  << TELL LONDON >>

Join us !

Thanks, Bron


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