Monday 29 April 2024

Brave Norwegian reporter busts Israeli lies - UK David Mencer interview 26 April 2024


See interview excerpts with commentary here >

See full interview here on Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)


Social media comments published 2 hours ago taken from the "excerpts" link above - 

  • Who's this liar with the BRITISH accent talking about the most moral army in the world.
  • Asking an Israeli for evidence is like calling them antisemetic
  • My blood pressure goes up to the roof when I hear Israeli spokesmen.
  • Is anybody else heartedly sick of these lying ppl.
  • If you repeat a lie enough times, eventually it becomes Israel.
  • The lies of these Psychopaths are disgusting!
  • They need kicking out of the UN FOR EVER
  • Former chairman of the Labour Friends of Israel. Shows you the state of British politics.
  • Former English politician; Labour Friends of Israel. Then bounces back as a spokesperson for a foreign government. How does that work?! Interesting
  • This guy talks the same as any other Israeli official. They repeat exactly the same lies over and over again
  • Liar n should be prosecuted for war crime
  • British accent and uk is fully complicit
  • Colonial Spokesman from the UK telling everyone the indigenous people count for nothing.
  • Thank you for relentlessly and courageously exposing Israel's lies.
  • It's sickening listening to their lies, unashamedly and with a straight face.
  • Hearing these Israeli propagandists is giving my eye rolling muscles repetitive strain injury.
  • "Where is the proof for these beheadings?"
  • "Just ask the IDF".
  • This is the arrogance of the untouchables
  • Why have they killed so many children, journalists, aid workers, Drs, hospital workers and paramedics if they are the most humane army in the history of the world?
  • Accountability is antisemitic
  • OMG, according to this guy, asking for ANY proof at all is an "unreasonable burden of proof" ?
  • These people have lost the world's credibility with all their blatant lies.
  • Thank you brave journalist.
  • Great job exposing this spokeman. He really lost it and had a real mard.
  • These people are first class Liars it is a disgrace
  • ICJ should include all our politicians in any war crimes trials.
  • That man holds NO values i hold.
  • Another guy who needs to face war crime justice sooner rather than later.
  • Why do so many Israelis have multiple citizenships if they belonged to the land in the first place?
  • Empty boast? He repeated lies while declaring moral superiority.
  • Interviewer better be careful he will be accused of being Anti-semitic & sacked for being too good at his job.
  • These patholical liars have no limit when it comes to lying !
  • Well done that man. He is a dirty liar. Free Palestine. We can see and hear for ourselves what they have done. None of us are free while the Palestinian people are not.
  • The IDF is winning against the Palestinian CIVILIAN POPULATION, but losing against Hamas, who they are supposedly fighting. Epic failure!
  • Israeli spokespersons are like stuck recorders


John 8:44   Jesus said:

44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Sunday 28 April 2024

The genocide is ending. We see the truth now of who and what they are - Psychopaths. Unhinged.

The genocide has stopped. Aid trucks are being let in. Random shootings ceased. Negotiations are going on in the background that we can't see. Ever since Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen's strikes against US, UK and Israeli attempts to keep up Iron Dome, the Israeli government has been brought to heel. They are now the bitch of the collective forces that surround them. Go here for insider commentary - Video: US Officials Confirm Israel WON’T ENTER RAFAH | IOF Reservists Refuse To Serve: “WE’RE INCAPABLE”. 

Israel is gutted economically - Israeli shipping up the Red Sea blockaded by Yemen. Kibbutzes in the north evacuated because of shelling from Lebanon. Those people have been housed by the government at expensive resorts and hotels. Dual passport holding Jews are getting out of there. They are not Arabic (Semitic). They have no connection to the land, so they leave! The Zionist experiment has ended. The collective Arab-Iranian forces spent millions on old drones already past their expiry date - canon fodder. They didn't matter. By contrast, US, UK, Israel spent multi-BILLIONS on the very expensive Iron Dome protection which is now failing. Lots of missiles are now getting through. Funding for this stupidity has dried up. US told Israel, "you're on your own". Benjamin Mileikowsky (Polish) aka "Netanyahu" (not a Semite = Arab) threw his toys out of the cot. He will be going to jail soon. Many of his inner circle are resigning and definitely stepping away from this war criminal. Mileikowsky is about to be arrested. The Zionist experiment has ended. 

The Jews had the chance to make good... they blew it. There will be no "two state solution" now. The world has seen what psychopaths and liars these murderers are. Palestine is about to be returned... a ONE STATE solution. And you can just suck that up you baby rapists... Ref: Babylonian Talmud, "It is permissible for an adult man to have intercourse with a girl who is 3 years and 1 day old.... as her virginity will grow back." (from two extracts) - said by some a-hole rabbis however many centuries ago. There's plenty of testimony around showing this practice is still happening today. You only have to look at John Key's kids to see how depraved they are. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. The Zionist experiment has ended. Jewish supremacist ideology has now likely ended as well... The world sees!