Wednesday 4 March 2015

Wednesday 4 March 2015 UPDATE from Sabine K. McNeill... Still in EXILE !!

OPEN EMAIL from Sabine K. McNeill
 - sent 11 hours ago

In the wake of our meeting on 05 December, I re-visited Brussels on the occasion of the forced adoption of Bulgarian mother Ellie Popova and the Bulgarian grandmother in January.

Video and transcript here:

I also attended the workshop on cross-country abductions where page 50 of the report shows that UK and Wales are way above all other countries!

I can assure you that this is due to the Systemic Patterns of Child Snatching and Forced Adoptions that we have observed as the basis for our Petition to Abolish Forced Adoptions in the UK:

1. Social Services operate the way they do because it’s policy.
a. John Hemming MP told me and Austin Mitchell MP said he has it in writing.

2. Judges operate according to their discretion.
a. I enclose the heart breaking case of an abusive UK father and a German mother whose two boys were given to the father TWO YEARS AGO – by a particular judge. Judges can’t be challenged properly as we’ve experienced as McKenzie Friends over and over again. 
b. Vicky Haigh the first mother who was named, together with Doncaster Council, by John Hemming MP in Parliament was imprisoned after her daughter was given to her abusive father. Whilst in prison for 9 months, Vicky observed whose children are taken.

3. The Family Courts operate in secrecy.
a. This is one of the points in which the UK is unique.

4. Another point is that Parents get gagged with threat of imprisonment.
a. That’s why both the Russian mother of the whistleblower kids and I fled the UK jurisdiction. 
b. Once gone, I dared to publish our joint Injunction Order.

5. The Police are a serious part of the pattern:
a. They are used to physically take children by helping Social Services. 
b. Police Protection Orders are the legitimisation.

6. Re our Warrant for Arrest or Warrant for Discussion, my solicitor writes:

The officer has remained silent on what happens after interview. So I am not sure if they tend to bail or remand you into custody. therefore I cannot give assurance they will not remand you. He did say that they would not be handcuffing you but you would be arrested soon as on arrival at the airport/train station/ port. They are likely to seize your computer if they have the opportunity to as they would argue it is necessary given the circumstances of the allegation (i.e. mostly electronic communication).

Publicity v a scapegoat - I wonder what's more important for them...

7. The report author Ilaria Pretelli distinguishes between extreme and typical scenarios:
a. The Whistleblower Kids case is extreme in terms of allegations, evidence and cover-ups
b. It started with Cover-Ups by local Police which was re-enforced by the Metropolitan Police as well as online, by YouTube and Facebook.
c. The children need to be returned ASAP after six months with two sets of strangers, and no schooling for 3 months, with WEEKLY contact with the accused father (plus they have a laptop for skyping) and FORTNIGHTLY with the non-abusive mother.
d. The warrant that is out for the mother and myself needs to be CANCELLED. 

8. The PETI Committee mentioned fast track options.
a. A Fast Track is also required for the German mother because her boys have been with their abusive father for TWO YEARS. Her case is typical:
b. Veteran McKenzie Friend Ian Josephs has been advising mothers NOT to report the crimes of abusive fathers: they lose their children.
c. That’s exactly what happened to Alisa and Gabriel, the whistleblower kids and their mother Ella Draper who brought them back from abroad, for she had thought and hoped that the other 20 children who were being abused would be helped by hers.
d. Please note that the school’s website has been down and that most of the staff seems to have been replaced. Shocking evidence about the abusers is available on 3 short videos:

All in all, the McKenzie Friend who wrote most of the attached short and long version of our cry for help concludes: According to EU Directives, you have behaved lawfully, Sabine and UK Authorities have not.

[Sabine says:] - Hence my questions

1. In the immediacy and extremity of the German and Russian mother, what can you do, given:
  • the need to cancel arrest warrants?
  • the necessity to return children to their mothers and grandparents – whether from abusive fathers or from care?

2. To facilitate ‘fast track’ options, could a One Stop Shop for Child Rights be established?
  • That would allow for ‘filtering’ according to the most suitable remedy and institution.

3. Is a new EU Court for Child Rights required?

With deep sighs and high hopes,

Please VIEW the video below... don't just listen to it.

There are some very good Powerpoint slides in it that might shock you.

It's too much Sabine McNeill Peti Committee [19 March 2014]

Published on Mar 22, 2014

UK forced adoptions Peti Committee
It's too much - Sabine McNeill
Brussels 19-03-2014

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  1. The tragedy is that veteran McKenzie Friend Ian Josephs advised mothers NOT to report the crimes of abusive fathers, for they lose their children!


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