Tuesday 1 July 2014

John Key endorses the bombing of "ISIS".

Translate:  NZ supports U.S. unilateral attacks against ISIS and "collateral damage" Iraqi citizens, even without U.N. backing?



(1)  ISIS is the name the mainstream media erroneously and purposefully gives to "Al-Dawlah Al-Islāmīyah" and "The Islamist State".

(2)  ISIS is a military company who hires out mercenary soldiers.  

(3)  Its main training facility is Virginia USA.  Its headquarters are in Washington DC.



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  1. Hi Snoopman... Yes, the research IS hurried. I'm on this work for around 14 hours a day and not even stopping to cook a meal. I've researched and written 27 articles in 12 days. Yes... They are ALL my own work. One of my articles (today) took over 6 hours to research and then put together. I'm learning as I go. This is new subject material for me. I knew nothing on a deeper level about these things 14 days ago... So there ARE going to be a few errors. I'm tired... and i'm also determined. Your assistance by reposting any work is greatly appreciated.

    I'm not going to mainstream sources nor opinion pieces that other so-called "knowledgeable" sites are writing as the basis for what i'm doing. Most perspectives out there are based on the disinformation coming out of the mainstream media. Even the so-called "alternative media" can't see the wood for the trees. Therefore, those pieces of writing are fundamentally flawed from the outset in my opinion... no matter how "accomplished" or "educated" the writing style may be. In general, my posts are being very well received. Ordinary folk out there understand the message within them. That is more of a priority for me than to reach literary perfection. For 27 articles,

    Thanks for the links. If these pieces start using the name "ISIS" to label the Iraqi nationals fighting for Sovereignty, I will undoubtedly disregard them. The author has clearly not understood the error of using the word "ISIS" and that they are perpetuating the smoke screen, which the US/ CIA is currently enjoying. The widespead acceptance of the term "ISIS" among the journalistic fraternity to describe the common people of Iraq fighting for their freedom from the US and all associated fascist regimes, plays very nicely into the hands of those who like using such terms as "ordered chaos." .

    From what I can see: There is no "ISIS" in Iraq except for the mercenaries who are there on contract. The patriot fighters for Motherland Iraq and Defenders of the Faith are called "Al-Dawlah Al-Islāmīyah" or "The Islamic State." There is no "ISIS group in Iraq". Do you see how deep the deception goes?

    You're an intelligent person and yet the folds of your brain have not yet wrapped themselves around this fundamental truth: If you're an Arabic speaker, how likely is it that the acronym for anything you are referring to will have an English-equivalent rendering of that acronym. That was my first clue that "ISIS" in Iraq is bogus.

    The Arabic IS "Al-Dawlah Al-Islāmīyah". The acronym for that is "ADAI". Unwitting Iraqi nationals hearing the name "ISIS" or "ISIL" bandied around by the press will be thinking this is the name the West has chosen for them... which is absolutely true. But the ordinary Iraqi national is VERY unlikely to know that there is a military training establishment in 6 locations in the US that trains US citizens as mercenaries to fight for which ever team has a purse to pay. If the ordinary Iraq'an realised there was an "ISIS Inc." i'm sure they would strongly object to the use of that name and would insist that the press use only "Al-Dawlah Al-Islāmīyah".

    As soon as the mainstream (and alternative) media stops pinning the name "ISIS" on the fighting men and women in Iraq who seek absolute Sovereignty for their nation, and want no dealings with the IMF, the FED, the UN and their ploys for a multinational globalist agenda, we will be half way to dis-spelling the dis-information. Thanks, Bron.

    1. Yes... It's 2:30am once more. My eyes are 1/2 closed. And I can't see where i'm putting my punctuation. I'm not deleting my soliloquy above to correct and repaste at this late hour. Screw it. It is what it is. Thanks.


  2. "There's two groups called ISIS and one of them doesn't even exist."


  3. The word psycopath only appears on the Facebook links. It was around 2:30 am when I noticed the error, but couldn't be bothered to go back through all the links i'd shared on. I just changed it on the blog itself. I'm glad it caught your attention at least ; )

  4. Hmmmm.... ?? Can you express yourself a little more please Don. Thanks.


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