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People WORLDWIDE !! Write to Barnet Councillors. Write to Barnet CEO. Feb 26, 2015. Sabine K. McNeill's letter to Andrew Tavers CEO Barnet.

Chief Executive.  Mr Andrew Travers

Tel:  020 8359 7850
Physical: Building 2 North London Business Park London N11 1NP

Salary:  Chief Exec CO-CEX  [UK pounds] 147,000 (fte) 1.00 Chief Executive 

As head of the paid service, the Chief Executive (CEO) works to deliver:
  • Partnerships: leading and developing strong partnerships across the local govern-ment family and London's regional governance to achieve improved outcomes and better public services for Londoners. The Chief Executive works closely with London borough Leaders and Chief Executives, other public service leaders (e.g. police and health), the GLA, national government and private and third sector partners. 
[including CAFCASS ??]

Andrew Travers - Chief Executive. London Borough of Barnet.

London Borough of Barnet

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Building 4
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Oakleigh Road South
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Tel: 020 8359 2000

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Mr Andrew 020 8359 7850
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From: Sabine K. McNeill
Dated: 26 February 2015
To: Andrew Travers
Chief Executive
London Borough of Barnet, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1NP

Dear Mr Travers

Re: Telephone conversations regarding online exposure; the concealment of serious crimes against children in LB Camden; involvement of several of your agencies and employees.

I am accused of having published a document that I categorically deny. I was always following a lawful course of action to get two children returned to their Russian mother and grandparents, after Barnet Police took them on 11 September 2014.

Against me, a supposed ‘warrant for arrest’ was followed by ‘wanted for discussion’ and ‘bail conditions’. This perversion of justice is an abuse of power and position and misconduct in public office. For it is clear that this 8-year-old boy and his 9-year-old sister are two of some 20 children who have been suffering regularly from 60 or 70 adults, not counting the murders of babies allegedly having taken place.

In December 2014, I brought the ‘whistleblower kids’ to the attention of all Councillors with a link to the same videos with which I also alerted the Home Secretary. After the mother’s issues were ignored by Dame Anna Pauffley in the High Court, an internet explosion should have ensured that you got an email every time somebody signed the petition “Return the Whistleblower Kids and Abuse Survivors to their Russian Family”. The popular response proves the veracity of the children’s allegations, even though they sound so unbelievable to normal human beings.

This video describes the position of the grandparents with English subtitles and includes the visit of 10 supposed police officers to the mother’s home, when she managed to escape on Thursday 12 February. I would be grateful if you could investigate who authorised that operation which was carried out without a warrant for arrest.

The video also makes clear that the children want to go home and are NOT kept in care in their ‘best interest’.

I left the country after the Position Statement of LB Barnet stated that a prosecution against me would be mounted.

Furthermore, an injunction against the mother and me has been put together by your Legal Services, instead of investigating and prosecuting the real criminals.

In short, the serious crimes against children are and have been covered up by:

1. Social Services of Camden presumably in collaboration with Barnet:
a) A Strategy Meeting decided to take the children into ‘care’ on 9 September 2014. 
b) Hardly any of the medical, school and other reports that the mother should have had have been disclosed to her.
c) The government claims that Social Services should keep families together. But what is happening on the ground is the irreversible traumatisation of children and the serious disruption and destruction of families.

2. Barnet Police were alerted on 5 September, took the children on 11 September and closed the case with “crime not confirmed” on 22 September.
a)  Interviews with clearly coached ‘retractions’ of the allegations were made on 17 September. I attach the extracts of a witness statement critiquing both the Police reports and the quality of their interviews. 
b)  Metropolitan Police are covering Barnet (and other Police stations and constables named by the children) with their Acknowledgment of Service of the Judicial Review that we filed on 22 December 2014.

3. Legal Services of Barnet Council cover the criminal father and his associates:
a. There is no proof for any risk of harm for the children in the mother’s care and the Russian grandparents are a perfect solution for healing the UK trauma.
b. The Injunction Order is a grotesque attempt to control uncontrollable people on the internet and to accuse the mother and myself instead, besides framing her partner instead of the biological father as the leader of a cult.
c. The inequality of contact between father (weekly) and mother (fortnightly) is as incomprehensible as the claim that scarring in the anal areas of the children is due to constipation.
d. Having ignored the mother’s Residence Order and previous Non-Molestation Orders against the father turns out to be a way of treating the children as cruelly as possible, as the grandparents describe on their video.

4. Barnet County Court with Judge Vera Mayer transferred the case to Dame Anna Pauffley at the High Court without addressing the mother’s issues:
a. the reasons for the Council keeping the children;
b. releasing the children for Christmas;
c. the inequality of contact with the father who also gave a laptop to the children for skype conversations in addition to his contacts;
d. the non-molestation order against the father whom the children are clearly afraid of;
e. the first foster parents reported nightmares that the father would come and kill the children.

You will be aware of Rotherham Council and you may know of connections with the Royal Commission in New South Wales which resulted in the report Corruption, Reform and Paedophilia. It was carried out in 1997 and continues in a way that is clearly required also in the UK, given this Hampstead scandal.

With a view to win-win solutions for the victims, please consider:

1. handing the children over to the Russian Consul who has been attending hearings and plans to visit them as soon as he returns from holidays;

2. cancelling any ‘wanted’ calls for the mother and myself so that we can both return safely to the UK;

3. initiating a “Police Against Child Abuse” force, starting with Colindale Police station;

4. stopping Barnet Legal Services from persecuting the wrong perpetrators, using the secrecy of family courts to cover up the lack of professional criminal investigations.

Looking forward to your response,

Yours sincerely,
Sabine K McNeill

Mr Travers' response to Sabine K. McNeill
Sent: 27 February 2015 12:36
To: 'Sabine K McNeill'
Subject: RE: Misconduct in public office 
Thank you for your correspondence.

All of the concerns that you raise are currently being considered by the High Court of the Family Division or are matters under investigation by the Metropolitan Police, that investigation being entirely independent of the London Borough of Barnet. 
It would therefore be inappropriate for me to comment further. 
Andrew Travers 
Chief Executive
London Borough of Barnet, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1NP

I refer you once again to the "DUTY OF CARE" Mr Travers is OBLIGED to undertake in his role of 
"Chief Executive of the London Borough of Barnet". 

To deliver:
  • Partnerships. [The Chief Executive will] lead and develop strong partnerships across the local government family and London's regional governance to achieve improved outcomes and better public services for Londoners. The Chief Executive works closely with London borough Leaders and Chief Executives, other public service leaders (e.g. police and health), [including CAFCASS and the Royal Courts of Justice], the GLA, national government and private and third sector partners.

NOT GOOD ENOUGH Mr. Travers !!!


Please WRITE TO THIS MAN with your objections to his inaction.

And also: Please write emails to any and all Councillors listed above. We will NOT let them turn a "blind eye" to these most serious of allegations.

Thank you ALL for contributing and helping with this action !!  : )

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