Thursday 26 March 2015

FBI AGENT "Christine Ann Sands" tries to take over Hampstead initiatives


This is the author of Hampstead Christ Church .com.  FBI AGENT.


"Christine Ann Sands" is on facebook as:

>>  Further commentary after the video description...

Anonymous Presents - Christine Ann Sands

Published on Dec 29, 2013

Be Mindful Of Imposters.

I urge you all to use some perspective here and pay attention to what I am about to tell you.

Christine Ann Sands. (AKA wikipoet. AKA twat-waffle. AKA polymath poet. AKA Christine Ann Nevada). Has nominated herself as the official spokesperson for Anonymous. let me be clear please. THERE IS NO OFFICIAL SPOKESPERSON (or leader) OF ANONYMOUS!
The message that we have pushed and will always push, is one of peace, unity and equality. There is no hierarchy amongst brothers and sisters. this has also been our greatest strength, as we cannot be overthrown by a corrupted leader.

Since her arrival on the scene, she has caused more grief, division, confusion and in house fighting amongst our brothers and sisters, on the scales of what, we have never, ever seen before... WORLDWIDE! she has gone against the fundamentals of what anonymous is. as a result, many anons, activists and hackers (including myself) from around the world have taken it upon themselves to look into her motives, who she is, her face, her real name and more info. there has been an abundance of DOX's made, all of which were incorrect, incomplete and/or fake.
Not one person has been able to meet her in person, (a few of her associates claim they have, but this is not evidence).

Ask yourselves, as a worldwide collective, thats had the ability to bring down, hack and expose NASA, ASIO, the FBI, SONY, mastercard, paypal, ebay, the NSA, and so on, how is it, that not a single anon has been able to PROPERLY identify "christine ann sands (aka WIKIPOET)? not a single one? coincidence?

Many resources and allies have been asked to dig deeper into this, due to their access to certain information, such as federal databases. what has been found is alarming. Christine Ann Sands, is not who she is claiming to be, the name she has chosen, "Christine Ann Sands" is not "her" real name, it is a cover and has been sealed in the FBI database, which mostly happens for 3 reasons:

1. an informant
2. an agent
3. witness protection

However, the name itself comes from Julian Assange's mothers name, "Christine Assange' (ann sands -assange), using this to mae herself more appealing to wikileaks supporters (hence the alias wikipoet, and her web page "supporters of wikileaks").
let it also be known, that one of her aliases, "Christine Ann Nevada", is also a long time used alias for an FBI informant, which has testified hundreds of cases in courts.

How does one woman run over a hundred websites, blogs, forums, facebook accounts, twitter accounts, usually registered to "go daddy", anchoring URL's which dump adware and malware onto visitors?

This "person" has come out of nowhere, and it is time for her to return back to nowhere, where she belongs! for those of you who dont know, she is not a spokesperson, a leader, a contributor or a member of anonymous, and those of you who are smart, have already turned your back on her.
she is not for the movement, she is more detrimental to it then anything else we have seen before.

And whats with the van? she has completely lied about this monstrosity of a thing, from the price to the purpose, she has even gone as far to have advertized one of her websites on the side of it.

The reason this person cannot be found, is because she does not exist. there are theories of course, but no conclusive proof. one of the theories is, she is a task-force which have the utilization of some very profound and intelligent, human emotion mimicking software, led by either corporate of federal, or perhaps both. it is uncertain at this stage, but one thing is for sure, she wants to control and destroy anonymous for what it is and what it means.

She now admins one of the Australian anonymous groups, and continues to surge her power across all networks and social media platforms. she is here on the invite of, profile name, Johnny Russo. who claims to have gone into a relationship, "to get information", since this time, he has concluded that, "the Anonymous board has decided, Christine Ann Sands, is legitimate and is not a shill, fed or threat, and that all those who think otherwise, will be targeted" and "those who are sus on her, are just jealous". since he has changed his mind, he has removed his "exposing wikipoet videos from his youtube channel", remained in a relationship (on fb anyway), offered alignment and support and has given her administration privileges to one of the Anonymous Australia groups. 


There is a good chance that she will see this message, and i say to you Christine Ann Sands, you do not represent us, we do not support you and you will be revealed asap! CHRISTINE? expect us!

We Are Anonymous,
We Are Legion,
We Should Forgive,
With An Exception To (Christine Ann Sands),
We Do Not Forget,
To Christine Ann Sands,
You Will Be Expecting Us!

She is an IMPOSTER !!!

Do NOT touch her petition with a barge-pole. 
Do not advertise it. 
Have nothing to do with it.

Please go here for the background. I was woken up at 3am this morning and found THIS SHIT going on, on Facebook. I would have likely missed all this except I was woken !!  - And then tell me there's no Living Spirit !!

Please go to my timeline to see Christine Ann Sands laughing like a demented hyena -
She's a Roman two-faced Janus !!

I Thank Dear Living Spirit for all my FRIENDS who fly to my assistance when I need them. Thank you for coming with me to FIGHT against these EVIL ONES - these DELUDED ONES who we will invariably find along the way, and have NEED to KICK ASIDE !!!

Intruders. Usurpers. Dominators. 

We need to put them all DOWN

This is only the beginning. 

The FED Are NOT getting the last word. 

They are OUT of the picture NOW ... 



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