Monday 2 March 2015

Timeline: Hampstead Ritual Child Sex and Ritual Baby-Killing Cult

The case of Ritual Child Sexual Abuse and Ritual Child Sacrifice was closed by Barnet Police on 22 September 2014, 11 days after the children had been taken into 'care'. 

The children were taken into 'care' on 9/11

>>  Judgement on 'the fruit' (children). Disorder.

The case was closed on 9/22

>>  Judgement on 'the fruit' (children).  2 x Disorder.

This is no co-incidence at all !!


Here’s the critical timeline:

05 Sep 2014
Reporting of Crime with ABE (Achieving Best Evidence) video interviews of Boy (8) and Girl (9) by Barnet Police.

09 Sep 2014   9/9
Strategy meeting between Child Protection Officer (Tina Bailey), Camden Family Services and Social Work and the Director of Children’s Services (Martin Pratt). Decision by xxx and yyy to put the children into care: LB Camden.

2.20pm - Alleged phone call by Jean Clement Yahirou to Barnet Police that children make threats to kill Mr Christie, the mother’s then partner. Referred to DI Cannon.

10 Sep 2014 Review Strategy meeting: criminal history provided by Barnet Police about Mr Christie but not the accused Mr Dearman. Second ABE interview was decided.

11 Sep 2014 
 Joint home visit with the police: ABE trained Social Worker, Bethan Thomas.  

LB Camden applies for Emergency Protection Order (EPO)

11 Sep 2014   9/11
Second interview after which the children are held back at the Police Station – under ‘Police Protection Order’.

The children are removed from the Family Home via non-return of the children to their home with their mother, Ella Draper.

12 Sep 2014 
Hearing of Private Law Proceedings between father and mother in Family Court of High Holborn, with HHJ Gargan – used to ‘consolidate’ with Public Law Proceedings and granting the ICO

- Transfer of Court Proceedings from LB Camden to LB Barnet, joining father Ricky Dearman as 2nd Respondent

16 Sep 2014 
Application for Care and Interim Care Order, LB Camden

17 Sep 2014 
Interview with children of alleged retraction of accusations.

- Case Management Hearing No 1 – Mother represented by solicitor, herself ill.

22 Sep 2014   9/11 x 2
Decision by Barnet Police: Case closed. “Crime not confirmed.”

- Review Strategy meeting: Barnet to present case and apply for Interim Care Order (ICO).

26 Sep 2014  DI Fernandez of Barnet Police tells the mother that case is closed.

November 2014
The mother Ella Draper contacted "McKenzie Friends" Sabine K. McNeill in November 2014. McNeill assisted to writing legal submissions and emailing all Councillors of Barnet Council. 

22 Dec 2014  Judicial Review filed asking the Commissioner of Metropolitan Police to re-open the case.

January 2015  - The answer McNeill and Draper got was complete denial, as well as legal attacks on the author of a Witness Statement that had criticised the Police reports and video interviews of the children. 

Continuation on Contempt & Court, Harassment & Police and Evidence.

Here’s the Position Statement that gave rise to ‘going online’.

#WhistleblowerKids petition - went up online after Jan 26, 2015

The Return the Whistleblower Kids! petition was published after High Court Judge Dame Anna Pauffley ignored this Position Statement in her hearing on 26 January 2015.

It became clear to the mother and her McKenzie Friend (lay legal advisor) that the judge had no intention of returning the 8-year old boy and 9-year-old girl who had made the most extra-ordinary allegations against their UK father.

February 2015

The privately recorded videos of the beginning of September were released inadvertently and were published on:

Mid February:
 It is not know how the release of the videos recorded by the Police came about.

The petition to return the #WhistleblowerKids has reached over 13,200 signatures in 4 weeks.


The blog has had over 10,000 hits since 21 February.

Late February:  Both mother Ella Draper and McKenzie Friends, Sabine McNeill fled the UK to escape prison.

From:  3/3 to 3/13 and 3/17  - Secret Court Case. London Judiciary.

Note: It's a numbers game - prime and ritual power numbers 3, 13 and 17.

The Black Magicians know exactly what they're doing.

The secret court case resumes from Tuesday to Friday over the next two weeks and is expected to finish on 17 March - St Patrick sent all the "snakes" out of the land. It could be an important day !!

Videos Processed 
These activities have been going on for DECADES !!

It's time to STOP it NOW !!!


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