Sunday 29 March 2015

In the Court of Public Opinion - For Sabine since you're kicked off Facebook

I know... It's getting old already.  But I do have to report these Comments back to Sabine and other people who are either kicked off Facebook currently or who don't use Facebook.

This isn't just hearsay. These are direct quotes of how people are feeling, and intel. they have from their previous dealings with "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name).

A.  crisis actor was the very thing that sprung out to me when I saw her behavior at the church last Sunday

B.  Did you notice her response at 22:00 when Julian Assange was mentioned? BOOM

C.  I am wondering, due to her "Acting" resume.....if she is affiliated with Dearman, working for the same handlers?   ACTOR indeed......getting the scoop and records on all participants

D.  Well, one thing of mention is that IF THEY are sending in such an agent provocateurs, they are quivering in their boots
A.  O yes and so they should this steam train aint going to stop
B.  Yes, its a MUCH bigger issue that is busting loose ALL OVER the UK right now.....a murky, filthy cesspit of depravity, and exposure of it is COMING 

C. WE ARE behind the scenes, and catching their blatant displays of subterfuge

B.  There's POWER in this. Why do "they" have rooms full of researchers? WELL we've outnumbered them now....I've been waiting for THIS day, and it's finally here.
E. A girl called [name] made an event and it got took over by a group of trolls last night. They have managed to completely ruin every thread and wind all the supporters of the children up in a frenzy so they are not even concentrating on helping spread the word anymore, they are just bickering with trolls!! 

C.  I think it says a lot that they have hired teams and teams of trolls online, and also this American shrill too, I agree, they must be quaking in their bloody boots x
F.  Please take note: The movement to support the Hampstead children is now being infiltrated by FBI Agent Provocateur, captured on camera making her spiel. OUTING this heinous influence NOW.

D. What you Brits need to do is to tell CAS to go home, send her packing. America has a much worse problem of child abuse. Tell her to go save American children, you guys will take care of your own English children thank you very fucking much!!! THIS IS NOT HER FIGHT....

G.  Christine Ann Sands has been exposed as an FBI agent she is Russian, she tried to claim she represented Anonymous in DC and No one represents anonymous.

A.  we're on to her

B.   Anyone else is welcome to create a United front against Christine Ann Sands.....go to the link above and tell her to FUCK OFF (in your own words, of course)

F.  HERE at 17:30 in is Christine Ann Sands spouting off in her "supremacy" around the Hampstead Kids. NO ONE knows her. She is an imposter, attempting to infiltrate the movement: an Agent Provocateur.

Co-creating Our New Earth : "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) attempts to bring BronnyNZ down !!

C.  [name] was promoting her (also taken in) but got her email address wrong and she FLAMED him back - she was suddenly defensive. He soon changed his mind and is now convinced that she's CO.

Ref.  "Sands" said:  If you can't even get my email address right and then stab me in the back to the whole group, I no longer trust you.

(He didn't do that btw. It was just a discussion)

H.  This is what I was speaking about !!  She tried to friend me about two years ago with the MMM in Orlando Fl. she caused infighting on my Event page.

J.  How does it feel being on the dark side and selling your soul?? Don't bother turning up at Hampstead coz they are on to you and you will be driven away 

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