Monday 16 March 2015

The Reptilian Roots of Pedophilia


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This gargoyle (left) on St. John’s cathedral in Holland would certainly suggest pedophilia has reptilian roots.

Actual Logo of Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission:

Think they’re trying to say they’re screwing us?

Here’s some of the lovely sculptures at Hampton House, UK, including this humanoid horned reptile with the royal scepter. Just a reminder who’s in charge.

As you know, these dragon-reptilian-satanic displays are all over the world.
Here’s one in Slovenia.

And another one in Portugal. It is situated in a financial district, surrounded by banks:

The following is a dragon statue located inside the Saint Peter's Basilica, in Vatican (the heart of the Catholic church). The reptile is hiding beneath the throne of pope Gregory XIII – the one responsible for replacing the harmonious lunar calendar with the solar one that we use today, as a tribute to Marduk (known as the Sun-god Ra, in Egypt).

Here are two must-read articles if you want to know truth about the Vatican:

1. The Darkest Secrets Of The Vatican
2. The Vatican City And Rome -- Esoteric Beyond Belief

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