Sunday 29 December 2019

Hunter Biden now has multiple legally filed criminal investigations involving Ukrainian energy company Burisma

December 23, 2019

Trump under attack for asking if Joe Biden laundered dirty money out of Ukraine !!

Image: Q posts on 8Kun #3767
December 28, 2019

Text:  Let me get this straight...  (Joe) Biden blackmailed Ukraine with a billion in US tax dollars (loan securities) to drop an investigation into his son, and Democrats want to impeach President Trump simply for asking if it was true?

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Swedish journalist in Muslim no-go zone - assaulted (beaten) and equipment stolen. Swedes' reaction? > Satiric attack, silence and DENIAL !!!!

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December 20, 2019



Tuesday 17 December 2019

POWERHOUSE! Càndace Owèns leaves Democrats speechless in epic clash! Incredible woman!

December 17, 2019

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16 Dec: Joe DiGenova on denying, lying FBI dirty cop James Comey, FISA, spying, CIA, Brennan, Rogers, Rice, Yates, Lynch, Holder, Clapper, Obama, Muller, Weissmann, Carter Page, fake #RussiaCollusion hoax, Clinton server, Christopher Steele, IG, Durham, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn knows about the Satanic ritual child abuse. Flynn knows where the bodies are buried

December 16, 2019

The Vortex — The Soros Swamps

November 21, 2019

Greta Thunberg adds fixing “racism”, the patriarchy to climate emergency to-do list | Keean Bexte - Rebel News

December 2, 2019

Debunking Biden’s Claim of Civil Rights Movement Involvement - Epoch Times

December 15, 2019

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Monday 16 December 2019

12.16.19 - Gitmo ready for Schiff, Snowden and others. The Great AWAKENING !!

December 16, 2019

Raw unabashed Q!

THANK YOU MEN !!! Merry Christmas from me and Australian MP Pauline Hanson.

December 4, 2019

Every day, I thank my man for going out into the wolves to earn the primary income for me and our household. Out of my gratitude, he gets good food, cuddles, and a restful non-argumentative atmosphere when he gets home. He's out there in the world for 10.5 hours and he deserves peace and quiet when he returns. I hope you thank your men and fathers also in similar ways. I think all too often our men are the forgotten under-class thanks to strident western man-hating feminism, ever since the 1970s. Thank you Pauline Hansen! You express my thoughts exactly!

A very Merry Christmas to all men around the world who are responsible, loving and honourable people. Thank you all for making the world a better place! Lots of love from blogger and feminist! (equal rights for all) - BronnyNZ

Saturday 14 December 2019

"Lies are being pedalled" to our children on climate change. Greta used as puppet.

September 25, 2019

Australian Liberal MP Craig Kelly believes children are being “completely brainwashed” and are saying “the exact opposite of the truth” in relation to climate change.

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Part 1: IG Report, FISA Court analysis - Dave Janda at his best. He read it !!

December 10, 2019

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We are the news now! - QAnon

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MAGA Movie Coming To A Theater Near You

December 10, 2019

Thursday 5 December 2019

Debt slaves of the world demand absolutely their own slavery! How? Why?

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 No.88 📁
Who audits where the money actually goes?
What % is typically categorized as costs?📁
How to 'steal' taxpayer money?
The 'Con':
>Determine 'topic(s)' that have emotional pull (connect) on 'vocal' types
>Create media blitz [scare] campaign ('talking points')('alarmist')
>Use 'pro-narrative minded' authorities on subject to provide foundation to support
>Deploy 'circular reporting' and 'group-think' tactics (echo chamber) to artificially raise 'public outcry'
>Use 'public outcry' to justify billion dollar taxpayer spend
Who audits where the money goes?
% to original mandate?
Salary of a US Senator?
Salary of a US Congressman/woman?
Salary of a US President?
Salary of a US Vice President?
Net worth pre_office?
Net worth post_office?
How do elected officials become mega/multi-millionaires?
Logical thinking.

December 2, 2019

Why do you think it's important to demand that governments do something about climate change?

How is your government going to help climate change?

Who do they pay that money to?

How much?

What is the Paris Agreement?

Who is the administrator of the funds received from all governments in the world on behalf of the UN?

Who audits where those Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) funds are going?

Why are those billions of dollars-Euros never audited?

What percentage of those billions ever go into UN-run climate change initiatives?

Where does the other 90% go?

What initiatives do you know of that are helping people around the world cope with changes in their environments?

Why don't you know about any initiatives?

Do they even exist?

How much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere in total?

Of that 0.04% of total carbon dioxide, how much is produced by humans? ie: the other 97% is produced by nature.

What is the total amount of CO2 produced by humans as parts per million volume - PPMV (see Earth's Atmosphere on Wikipedia)

How much temperature fluctuation on Earth is being caused through the 12 parts per million of carbon dioxide that is being created by all human activity on the earth?

Do you think 12 parts per million (12 parts out of 1,000,000 parts or 12:999,988 parts - expressed as a ratio) is having a very big impact on the increase of temperatures on planet earth?

What solar body heats up the earth?

Is that solar body always at a constant distance from the earth?

Could a variance in distance contribute to fluctuating temperatures?

Have humans kept records about mini ice ages and mini hot periods ever since 650 AD?

How were the Vikings able to grow barley in Greenland in 1000 AD?

Can you grow barley in Greenland now?

Why not?

What was the CO2 output of humans in 1000 AD?

Who or what organisations are opposed to the audit of UN-received ETS payments made by your government?

Where does your government get their money from?

How much tax do you pay out of your monthly salary?

Does your family struggle from month to month to pay for accommodation, food, energy, clothing, transport, medical and dental care, education and leisure activities?

Do you attend protests or engage in other activities demanding that your government do something about climate change?

Why are you demanding your own debt slavery just so the top dozen or so blue-blood families in the world can be further enriched off the labour your give to your employer?

Why would you do that?

Are you a little bit crazy?

... Or have you simply been hoodwinked, and only just now see what a scam all of this is?

Please see other articles on this blog by entering keywords into this blog's search including - climate change, climate change hoax, Greta Thunberg, solar cycles, Swedish sea levels scientist, reserve bank, bank for international settlements, BIS, Swiss Pharaohs, bloodline, priests of Karnak, the priesthood, Saturn ...

How Do THEY Continue To SCAM US?

December 4, 2019

The Public Awakening - Be Ready! QPost

December 3, 2019

Q Confirmed !!Hs1Jq13jV6 [Mathematically Impossible Odds]

December 4, 2019

Wednesday 4 December 2019

Schiff hands the baton back to Nadler. Nancy thinks she's President of the USA.

December 4, 2019

#Impeachment #Horowitz #BillBar #FISA #Epstein #CNN being sued by #DevinNunes and much more! EXCELLENT show: Sean Hannity 12/3/19 FULL | Breaking Fox News December 3, 2019

December 3, 2019

Do you want to know what the origins are of the Russia collusion case against President Trump in 2017? Do you really want to know?  I know...  All you need to do is search "Ukraine Israel" on this blog. And then you'll start joining a lot more dots together!

Why do you think Q said: We're saving Israel 'til last? This movie is a real thriller with a cliff-hanger ending, and a lot of people are not going to like what they see.

Barr Quietly Indicts 8 For Illegal Foreign Donations To Hillary Campaign!

December 4, 2019