Thursday 26 March 2020

Sweden's Coronavirus response (or lack thereof) - Swedish madness explained.


Anders Tegnell - Sweden's head epidemiologist. The fool behind Sweden's disaster.

March 23, 2020
Marcus Follin - The Golden One.

LUND SWEDEN - Experience and Opinion by BronnyNZ. March 26, 2020 

Swedish politicians and their advisers have no idea how to defend their people !! I keep getting sick with this bloody virus (3rd time now since February 14) because my man is required to turn up to work, and he keeps reinfecting me! :(  He now has permission to 100% work from home. He's in IT, so he can work remotely. So hopefully now, I will build much better immunity. This takes 28 days.

His symptoms are now not as bad as mine... We've had some coughing and have been extremely fatigued. I've also had shortness of breath with panting, heart palpitations, and I have ongoing stomach issues with diarrhoea intermittently for the last 5 weeks! Yeah, i'm using electrolytes. I think my partner's built up more immunity than me right now. He's still having to sleep heaps - fatigue is one of the symptoms, and he's chesty with an ongoing cough caused by a "tickle" at the back of his throat. I'm a New Zealander aged 60 on my next birthday. I'm very aware i'm in the target group for having worsening symptoms and even pneumonia.

Here's my problem: Since he is a Swede, he doesn't know how to defend me or protect me from this bloody Swedish social conformist, compliant hive-mind insanity that says he just has to "Shut up, Sit down" and stay quiet, rather than what Bob Marley says: "Get up, Stand up". I'm over it!

As soon as I feel well enough again, i'm going to create a brief sheet based on a letter I sent to my partner's HR department last week. I'll send the brief sheet off to various news editors, journalists and politicians here in SE. Those people don't seem to know what the f*** this virus is nor how they need to approach it! I am so over this Swedish social compliance, I can tell you !!!!

Here's my letter to my partner's workplace sent last Thursday. Please use, adapt for yourself, anywhere in the world, and send #PublicDomain  Article - "SWEDEN: Our politicians have no idea! Please translate excerpts and send."

In the last 2 weeks i've been kicked off two huge Swedish facebook groups when I point out where Sweden is heading in relation to this virus. Note: I've been studying this virus since early February > People who I thought would be sane, level-headed and logical (Swedish Facebook group admins) simply are not! They only want to hear one side of the story !!!!! - The Swedish self-righteous side of the story that says: Sweden knows what it is doing!

And yet Sweden is most likely the most ignorant country in the world in regard to this virus !!!!! Look at what was published yesterday in DNYUZ: "The Public Health Agency has refused to make public risk assessments or prediction models for the spread of the virus." WTF !!!!! ????? This behaviour and inaction is criminally negligent! Thousands of older Swedes are now about to die !!!!!! And what is this god-damn useless Health Agency doing ???  F**** nothing !!!!

As you can tell, I am incandescent with rage over the irresponsible behaviour of Swedish authorities towards their own people! I have never felt so politically unsafe in all of my life !!!!   NEVER !!!

My country of origin on the other hand... New Zealand... What are they doing? Oh... They have everyone in quarantine now for the next month, with only essential services open - petrol stations, supermarkets, medical, fire, police.

And why did NZ do that? - Because on Monday, NZ had 100 reported cases! On Monday (23rd), how many cases were there in Sweden? - 1943 cases with 21 deaths (graphics supplied below). Now today on Thursday (26th), what are the figures for Sweden? 583 more cases > 2526 cases and 41 more needless deaths >> 62 deaths so far in total !! - And these figures are not updated yet since yesterday evening! God only knows what they are now !! This is unbelievable! - A country of only 10 million people! You can see exactly how this is going to go. Absolute disaster !!!!  :'(  :'(  I have tears welling up now.... It's going to be very bad in Sweden, and there was NO NEED for any of this to happen.

THAT is the cost of the Swedish social compliance system - PEOPLE DIE !!!  Young girls in middle school get gang raped by grown men who have no respect for women, and everyone is silent! Violent anti-Swedish gangs keep building up in city no-go zones. Two bombs every week in Sweden are detonated. Nobody says anything. Complete and utter denial of everything that is real, painful and important. No action. Not a sliver of acknowledgement that these things even exist!

In Sweden, EVERYONE STANDS DOWN and they all keep their mouths and their minds shut !!!  - even the people who are supposed to be making decisions for the rest of us. 

ALL STAND DOWN rather than face the possibility of being called a racist, a xenophobe, a Nazi! 

That's how it is in Sweden. Everyone is scared of everyone else judging them. This makes Sweden a nation of absolute non-accountability !! Everybody is scared! You can see it on the faces of these politicians, and currently, very much on the face of the state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell. Abject terror! For somebody with a most impressive CV, he has no idea what he is doing and he willfully won't give direction !!! It is truly unbelievable! Unbelievable !!!

Tegnell's approach to helping Sweden's impending COVID-19 crisis:

March 12, 2020 Anders Tegnell - highest ranking epidemiologist of Sweden's public health institute - goes on a trip to Somalia amidst Corona outbreak

March 9, 2020 Sweden's state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, changes his earlier statement that "Sweden's Coronavirus peak is reached" and instead says that he "thinks" it should happen on Monday or Tuesday. Only reason being that fewer Swedes travel to Italy, not a word about the risk of a comunity spread.

March 23, 2020.  7:53 UTC.   Screenshots from RoyLab Stats
Sweden - 1934 cases. 21 deaths. 

Note: "cases" are only infections bad enough to report to a doctor. There will be 100,000s of people in Sweden and billions all around the world who only have mild symptoms, or none at all, such as myself and my partner. We are not counted as "cases" since we never reported.

March 25, 2020.  12:43 UTC
Sweden - 2345 cases, 41 deaths.

March 26, 2020.  13:35 UTC
Sweden - 2840 cases. 66 deaths.

March 25, 2020.    Screenshots from Worldometers.
Final tally for the day.

March 26, 2020. Screenshot taken at 14:00 UTC
This is not the final tally for the day.

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