Sunday, 1 March 2015

A little RESPITE in the Storm. The Hampstead information is hard going...

The information about the Hampstead child sexual abuse and ritual baby sacrifice cult is so heavy...  
So exhausting...  So sad...  So troubling...

Many of us can't take rest, WON'T take rest until the children are restored again to their waiting mother Ella Draper and her Russian parents, to return home once again to their Russian Homelands.


We won't rest until we get it...  for ALL 20 children of Christ Church Primary School CE, Hampstead, and out all over Britain where these EVILS exist.  

We hold the fiery SWORD of MIGHT and RIGHT.  

We will NEVER be destroyed.  

The HUMAN SPIRIT is far too strong !!!

In the meantime, may there be brief respite....

This is one of my favourite songs.

We make it a wish for these two young ones also...  our little Kin folk whose heart-home is with the Vedrus* of the Russian steppes.

Anastasia...  Keep these little ones in your care. Their burdens are great.
Thank you.

* Anastasia has also communicated with me personally. She's a great wisdom-keeper.

"Ask and you shall receive."

We send this song to you babies now...  for all you have lost and will never find again.

May you find peace in the arms of your loving grandparents and heal well...  over time...

Aragorn's Sleepsong

In his dreams, Aragorn is taken back to the days of "lou lie lou lay" and the distant memory of his mother's love. In this dreamlike state, he is surrounded by the love of all those "angels" and companions who guard and guide him during the quest to save Middle-earth from disaster. 

And indeed... we are at the precipice looking into the face of "great disaster".

We are bound to go lower into the depths of this.

It is a part of the GREAT CLEANSING where ALL is brought to LIGHT.


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