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Becoming conscious. No longer under mind control: David Icke

David Icke: Life Philosophy

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For me it was just so heartening to hear another human being speak this way about these Energies, in such a clear way...  in harmony with what I know also... I undoubtedly have my own language and "terms" around this subject that include phrases such as: "I cut the tie that binds" - from when I had to cut the Energetic Umbilicus between my mother and myself in 2001, and "spiritual tracking" that I learned about from 1985-87.

So "they" can use anyone Stephen  : )   "They" are all around you.  Anyone who is unconscious is "they".  Unwitting people play into a thought which has actually been placed there in their consciousness...  Unwitting people think it is their own thought.  No.  It is a thought that is 'embedded' into the mind of an Un-Conscious person (ie: a person not in Consciousness, or in other words, a person not dwelling in the awareness of their life being intrinsically bound to "Eternal Conscious Being").   This person will therefore be 'susceptible' to such thought-influence. 

Anastasia points all this out to us in Book 5 "Who Are We?"  We are therefore grouped into two groups by this priest of 'antagonist' and 'protagonists' through this method...  and as David Icke says, we are duped into thinking there is 'free thought' on the planet.  There is no free thought for any who are Un-Conscious (ie: without awareness of Eternal Consciousness).  That is why we all need to take responsibility, EACH ONE OF US, and move towards Conscious Awareness...  in other words, personal Awareness of Eternal Consciousness moving and operating within us and through us.  

We all feed the Field with our Thought.  It is Thought, not money, which is the strongest influence, the most powerful resource that humanity holds.  This is but one of the secrets held by these priests.  There are many more secrets told to us by Anastasia as she describes her culture "Vedrus" to Vladimir.  Anastasia said there were 6 priests...  there is one particular one who does this work described above.  I have seen him.  I know approximately geographically where he lives. We all have this 'ability' to see him.  All we have to do is connect with him and his energy.  We just need to stop and give it our attention.  This is the only thing that Anastasia tells us we must do.  Many times, many times in the Books... "Vladimir.  Stop.  And just think it through."  This is what Anastasia says to all of us:  "Stop. And you will see it. Use your rational mind and you will find the answers and 'see' the things from long times past, into the now, and into the future that you never thought possible for you to do...  because you are ALL multi-dimensional Beings...  but humanity has been put into an Induced Slumber of Forgetfulness.  Sit now with Thought.  And Wake Up !!! " 

The "they" of whom David Icke speaks is known in the books as "the Priesthood". That's why David Icke can't name names because it's not David Rothschild or the Rockerfellers.  It's way beyond that group of people.  They are just being used as puppets on this stage also.  There is a Thought being produced by the person who Anastasia names "The High Priest".  Anastasia describes his living conditions and that he lives modestly with his family in a 'normal' arrangement with no security guards or domestic service or such.  He does not draw attention to himself because then everyone would want a piece of him.  It's a family lineage that is thousands of years old.  It goes back into Egypt in the times of the very early Pharoahs.  Anastasia tells us about it all.  The date estimate would therefore be somewhere around 5,000BC give or take a couple of thousand years. It is a long lineage who know they have to keep Man hooked on the concept of Money. The truth is that there IS NO NEED FOR MONEY.  It is money which ties us to this Deceiver and his lineage.  It is so alluring for us.  It is illusion.  Sorry hate to break it to you...  because I know how many people are striving through the "Law of Attraction" to draw more money to themselves.  Money is the fundamental tool that is used to keep us in illusion.  Money is WORTHLESS...  so is gold, silver, diamond, rubies...   That which is of Greatest Value is the Thought of Man...  It is the Thought of All individuals that will Free us from the "Control System" of which David Icke speaks.  And it's happening, all over the world right now.  This "Control System" is in "Collapse".  This is as it needs to be for the human civilisation to step into it's rightful inheritance as "Man" living in our "Pristine Origins".  People need to 'get this'.  I have only been 'getting this' since 2009 but i'm no great expert.  I'm just open...  and I listen...  and I watch...  and I think about it.

I also learned about "spiritual tracking" in 1998 when I had a horrific dream and I woke to find my 16-year-old violently vomiting.  She'd been involved in ritual activities including blood-letting with a group of Satanists the year before (she was living away from me when she was 14-15 years of age).  This vomiting came from out of no-where, was violent and stopped as quickly as it started.  I described my dream to her of two young men in their 20's, what they looked like, what their manner/ behaviour/ relationship dynamic was between each other, I described to her what they were doing...  how they were trying to "track" her, because they wanted her back Energetically and physically in their circle again because she holds energy so strongly, like me ~ a powerful young Scorpio woman and the fruit off my branch  :-/   Everything I described to her she said yes to.  I knew nothing of these activities before I had the dream.  In this case, I did "white light" us and made some affirmations of protection and peace.  I cut them off that night and sent out a vibration that went back to them as waves of distortion...  so they couldn't find geographically where she was living.  I knew this was their purpose...  to come to the general suburb of where I was living and pick her up off the street.  I knew this was their intention.

These things are real.  I had a situation arise during the time we were on Manifesting Co-creators where my energy got confused and started to 'ball up'.  I knew that was the end of that site.  I couldn't tell people what was really going on at the time.  I was so pissed off with myself really for falling into such "Energetic Trickery".  I went to the situation knowingly and thought it would be alright.  It wasn't. It was such an 'obvious' situation I walked into...  such an arrogant fool am I.  I am very aware now to guard myself somewhat and be around Energies that are without duplicity.  I know I am meant to be online at this time with this site... and I will 'protect' the site and myself by not playing in Energies that are not "straight".  That's the only way I can describe it Stephen.  It's like someone shooting an arrow.  The arrow will either fly straight and swift, and hit its target with accuracy, or it will get a bit of a 'wobble' on it, lose velocity and hit the target with a non-accurate result, or even bounce straight back off the target because of the 'wobble'.  

My point being, you don't have to go out and 'go to courses' and 'read books' on this stuff... you don't need videos or a bigger vocabulary. Like David says, "just be open". The 'general public' fully understands these laws...  Anyone who's experienced violence... as either the 'perpetrator' or the 'victim', anyone who's had a car accident or their property vandalised or  been the vandal, anyone who's been teased at school or the teaser, anyone who's had an 'irreconcilable' relationship breakdown, anyone who's lost a job, had to fire someone, had a family member die, had an unexpected monetary wind-fall or not been able to pay their bills...  We ALL KNOW this game.  We ALL know the vibration of it. ALL of us in our heart of hearts knows it is not REAL.  It is ALL DISTRACTION...  to keep us from looking at Who We Really Are.  This is another secret that "they" hold.  

'Life' will bring you the lessons that you're meant to be having in this life-time  : ) You might not get these lessons this life-time...  and there's no shame in having a beautiful life this time around.  That's lovely, and bliss, and as it 'should' be. How wonderful for your soul-being to Manifest a beautiful safe secure happy blissful life this life-time.  I suggest one's soul-being has learned that 'the drama' is such a waste of one's precious energy and resources.  Our destiny is to be in The Unity of All Things...  which is of our Pristine Origins. 

[huh! I'm just editing this piece and i'm just noticing that 'drama' is only one letter removed from 'dhama'  :D   Really?  Take the 'rrrrr' out of life and you get the 'a-ha' !! ]  :D  funny

EVERYONE understands these laws ... right deep inside of them.  One just needs to stop and look and listen to this life's pattern for the "realisation" to occur... Just as Anastasia says time and time again to Vladimir: "Just stop. And think about it".
This is coming into Consciousness... this coming into silence and 'thinking about it'...  that we are ALL just "being played".  It's all a play, a drama.  It doesn't have to be this way...  but WE ALL have been playing into the Energies of this drama... of life, of death, of woe, of calamity, of excitement...  of "Actors upon the stage"  ... making it REAL, making it ALIVE through our ego-attachment.   But all of this drama IS THE ILLUSION.  It's not real.  What is REAL is "connection", is "creativity", is Peace and Happiness found through family, friends and simple living.  We are waking up from the illusion.

There's such good teaching in what David Icke says.  I had to quote chunks of him here from off this video:
Do you have body guards?  Absolutely not....  A body guard is a physical expression of a mental state and that mental state is:   "I accept that something could happen to me... therefore I need protection... Once you accept into your sense of reality that things could happen to you, they are far, far more likely to happen...  You are creating the energetic mental state in which they can Manifest... " 
In terms of energy and protecting yourself from manipulation of energy, there's a lot in that...  there's a lot of people manipulated by being energetically targeted, electro-magnetically targeted in many and various ways, to destabilise the health of the body, the mind, the emotions...  everything...
... But if I keep my heart open and I go on to doing what I know to be 'right'...  all these mental and emotional states, are manifestations and vibrational states... 
The more 'fear' you're in the slower your energy vibrates so it becomes denser...  When you keep your mind open, you keep your heart open and you do what you know to be 'right', that manifests as a vibrational state, quite a high vibrational state - quick.
If i'm vibrating faster because of that...  then the 'Control System' which is based on slow density which is where they're trying to pull humanity all the time into fear and stress and worry and depression coz that pulls you into their density, but if i'm vibrating quickly... because of their state of being, then the 'Control System' can not energetically vibrationally connect to me.  If it can not connect vibrationally, it can not connect physically, coz the physical is just an expression of the vibrational, the information...  
If you...  become obsessed with 'protection', what you're saying is, "I accept something could happen to me"  ... in which case you're creating an energetic environment in which it could well happen to you.  I don't accept that.

Qu:  Virtually like 'invisible' for them
David:  They can see me but vibrationally invisible....  in the sense that: if they can't lock into you vibrationally, they can't lock into you physically. 

The Shaman story:  He said, "You know, they've tried to kill you many times... but they can't do it" 
I thought... "If they can't get to me energetically, they can't get to me physically"  ...And it's the same for anybody who reaches a certain vibrational state...

We are Infinite Eternal Consciousness having an experience in this frequency range we call a reality...   [I am] an experience that my consciousness is having...  [about near-death] can they see, how can they perceive, how can they think...  without the body, because that is their natural state
[In death] ... my Infinte Consciousness leaves this 'vehicle'...  The worst thing that can happen is someone kills me...  and I have no problem with that...  [except that]  they're not going to do it before i've done what i've come to do. Simple as that.
We have far more power than we think we have and in fact the whole foundation of the conspiracy to enslave humanity is to constantly persuade, encourage, manipulate humanity to think it has no power...  I've got no power...  Joe Public...  What can I do?  Actually, we can change anything we like...  because we're an amazing expression of the One Consciousness in all it's many and various infinite forms is what we all are...

They are frightened  ... secure people do not want power over others  ... they do not want to control events all the time...   These people are so insecure for many and various reasons... therefore they want to control everything.
[How do you control both sides of the game?]  ... what they need is to know the score before the game starts.  Now they control both sides...  (to create the illusion that) it's a free world...
They do not...  know how to handle people who are not in fear either of them or death or any of it.  They can't handle that, they can't understand it because that's not where they're at.

In some of ... the documents that have come to light, they talk about a great 'danger' to their plan of what they call  "Maverick People"  ... people who are not frightened of them, people who are not programmed by this system to think and see the way this system wants them to.  They are very 'dangerous' to this Tyranny.  We need more of them.  I'm going to carry on being a Maverick...  and they're not going to reduce that time one second...  because i'm in control of my reality and my life, not them.  
David Icke


  1. David Icke is so right. Once you are aware you can start creating your life by being without fear. I loved listening to his video.

    1. GREAT !! Thank you for your endorsement. The video is quite "old" (June 2011) so it's good to hear it's current for people still in August 2015 : )


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