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Swiss Pharaohs 1 - Who controls the NWO actors? Who are the "unseen hand"?

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Have you ever wondered why so many of the world's flags have red, white and blue in them? Blue is the royal color of the Pharaonic line, such as we see in the splendor of Tutankhamun's golden death mask with all the lapis lazuli in it - sourced only from the mines of Afghanistan. It is a very rare and expensive material - even back then. 

Think about that for one moment... distance from Egypt to Afghanistan in c. 3000-1000 BCE. Getting the lapis lazuli out of the mines was very difficult and trecherous work for the local people - underpaid for their efforts, of course. That is the Pharaoh way. The Pharaohs really wanted that stuff. 

This "royal blue" is a very important color to the Pharaoh bloodlines... Hidden in plain sight - "Royal Blue" #Pharaonic  #BlueBloods  #Bloodline families from the old Pharaoh dynasties. They are here, amongst us. 

It's all there. We were just not awake enough to see it before !!  #GreatAwakening

Swiss Pharoahs - These are the controllers of the people who control us. See chatzefratz's videos below about the Egyptian Pharoah bloodline who took all of their gold up through the tribes of the Hebrews in c.1350 BCE and finally ended up in the mountain fortresses of Switzerland. This is a true story folks... All the evidences are there in Switzerland. Chatzefratz shows us the evidences of who this Pharaoh bloodline is who have up until now, controlled humanity from Switzerland. #SwissSecretBanks #TaxHaven

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Two new articles:  

March 7, 2018  Swiss Pharaohs vs. The People (1939-1945)
March 16, 2018  SEPHIROT MAP. The Pharaonic Death Cult lives amongst us

If you really want to know the full story of humanity's enslavement, all of the following are agencies for the Swiss Pharoahs or social by-products of their agencies...  It's quite a list !!
  • Banking - it all runs out of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland
  • Balfour Declaration
  • Creation of the State of Israel (1948)
  • Titanic (1912)
  • Federal Reserve Act - December 23, 1913
  • Rockefeller foundation (1913)
  • Food and Drug Administration (1913)
  • Bretton Woods agreement (1944)
  • Security Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • The World Bank (WB)
  • US Federal Reserve Bank (FED)
  • Barvarian Illuminati aka "The Illuminati"
  • Adam Weishaupt
  • Kalergi Plan (1922) - in effect now in Europe
  • International immigration crisis  #Jihad
  • Freemasons
  • Secret societies
  • Bohemian Grove
  • Skull and Bones
  • The Vatican
  • The Black Pope
  • Jesuits
  • The Holy Roman Empire
  • Knights Templar
  • Founding of Switzerland in 1291 by the Knights Templar
  • Washington DC
  • The City of London - 1 square mile
  • Monarchy - all monarchies of Europe
  • Military industrial complex
  • Police
  • Judicial system  #BabylonianPriests
  • Mainstream media - propaganda arm
  • Hollywood and the Hollywood "casting couch"
  • Pedophilia 
  • Music Sexualization >> depravity >>
  • Planned Parenthood >>
  • Break down of the family unit >>
  • Child trafficking (easy pickings)
  • Ritual child sexual abuse
  • Ninth Circle Satanic cult
  • MK Ultra
  • Pizzagate - Pedogate
  • Hampstead cover up
  • Satanic sodomy

You will find the common core of all these control and enslavement mechanisms by finding out about the Swiss Pharaohs. These are the "men behind the curtain". We just need to "follow the gold brick road" and we find them at the top of the mountains. Not nice people... Cannibals.   Here >

The name of Anderson Cooper is properly "Anderson Cooper-Vanderbilt". Swiss Pharaohs.

This is the Vanderbilt's swimming pool, following. You'll notice that it looks suspiciously like the back-drop of these paintings of child abuse. The artist is a favorite of Tony Podesta who is currently in jail. Tony enjoyed a lot of pedophilia and torture scenes hanging on the walls of his house. Sick fuck.

Remember: Khazarians are not Hebrews. The Hebrew tribe lived in Canaan. The first time the Egyptians knew the Hebrew tribe ever existed was when the Egyptians went to war with them in c.1400 BCE. ie: The Hebrews were never slaves in Egypt. All of that is just a story written for you by your slave masters, to make you believe in a fiction that suits their agenda. ie: There was no Exodus. But there was a war between Egypt and the Hebrews in Canaan in c.1400 BCE and after that, the gold-rich Egyptians began to infiltrate the Hebrews, married with them, and became "the enemy within". Horrible. The Pharaohs are now the "enemy within" every nationality, including the Asians of North Korea. Kim Jung-Un was educated in Switzerland. The Bloodline is within every race and nationality and have strong connections to Switzerland. #Bloodline

Canaan Timeline - Ancient History Encyclopedia

There are errors in the above Canaan timeline... Let's put history right here. The material under "1,250 BCE - 1,200 BCE" in the above encyclopedia claims the Hebrews entered Canaan. At that time many Hebrews were already living inside Canaan. In fact, they never left !!  The story of "The Exodus" we have in the Bible is actually a fiction. The destruction of many towns and villages has nothing to do with the returning army of Hebrew slaves as The Exodus story would like us to believe, but it has everything to do with the invasion of the Egyptians into Canaan, which happened c.1400.

Also: 1,200 BCE - 1,100 BCE in the above encyclopedia... It was in fact the Egyptian Pharaoh bloodline that infiltrated the Hebrews and other other tribes-people who were native to Canaan, including the tribes of Kadesh and Mitanni.

What liars these bloodlines are who wrote these histories. Horrific !!

The true history >>

The Pharaoh Show

Octogon the Empire of Darkness

See my new article published on this blog March 7, 2018

         Swiss Pharaohs vs. The People (1939-1945)

It's a very convoluted story with many moving parts. Primary source material: Sean Hross aka "chatzefratz" on YouTube.  Here's the first 200 words... 
"Neutral" Switzerland established in 1291, home of the Knights Templar Egyptian pharaonic bloodline and their stolen cache of Jerusalem gold, bankrolled artist and forceful charismatic German orator and propagandist Adolph Hitler, to undertake the biggest heist of financial, physical and human capital ever seen, 1939-1945. The Bank for International Settlements was established in the early 1920s with a stated purpose of facilitating German WW1 reparations. Nothing was further from the truth. The Swiss Pharaohs using the BIS started to raid European countries for their wealth. In the late 1930s an enormous storehouse of oil was found in Saudi Arabia. The House of Windsor (UK monarchy, formerly 'Mountbatten', formerly 'Battenberg' Germans) quickly embraced Saudi Arabia as its vassal and the Swiss pharaohs of "neutral" Switzerland set up a shipping fleet (purportedly "aid" ships) that transported Saudi Arabian oil to Germany. A war would soon begin. The finance and the energy source had been found to protract a war between Pharaohs, by and on behalf of Pharaohs, for a half decade. The Swiss Pharaohs of the European and British elite families would begin their extermination of the common people, their slaves. Thus began World War II. Prepare yourself to be horrified. (900 word total)   

Swiss pharaoh Winston Churchill in negotiations with Arabian pharaoh Al Saud (oh yes - they're all from the same bloodline) over the delivery of oil to Britain to power WW2. Churchill looks shocked at being photographed since all of these meetings were supposed to be a secret. No wonder Saud looks so happy. He's just cut a deal with Britain, Germany and Italy to provide oil to power all of their war machines - the people were ready to be "sacrificed".

Wasn't that the catch-phrase? "Make a sacrifice for your country." - Hidden in plain sight. It took little more than a year from the discovery of the massive Saudi Arabian oil fields in 1938 until the commencement of WW2 on September 1, 1939. The sacrifice of the innocents would begin. Many young virgin males would soon be slaughtered for Isis, Horus and Set or "IHS" - as seen in Catholic Church iconography to this day  #PriestsOfAmun

Go to the article Swiss Pharaohs vs. The People (1939-1945) for the whole of this story.


  1. I'm sorry but you lost your credibility with that Anderson Cooper bit. The Vanderbilt's were from New York. Cornelius offered to donate his ship to the Union! Cooper did find out that on his fathers side, an ancestor had owned slaves but it was not his father that was the descendant of the Vanderbilt family. Get your facts straight. There is no documentation that shows the family as plantation owners. You're either making crap up or repeating things you see/hear without doing any research.

    1. It's a poster created by somebody else. Slave ownership is very consistent with the period. Gloria Vanderbilt (his mother) is part of the Satanic worship child sexual abuse and murder cult. Do your own research.

  2. Besides, somebody is a jew by OBSERVANCE OF THE LAW, NOT BY BLOOD. Most the jews today don't have much in
    common genetically with the jews of Jesus day. And the jews of Jesus time didn't have much in common genetically with the first jews, Abraham and sarah King David's great grandmother Ruth was a moabite, Ephraim and menasseh, the 2 sons of Joseph and 2 of the tribes of israel, were half Egyptian on their mothers side. And the jews were not the only people that fled Egypt, A MIXED MULTITUDE LEFT WITH THEM THAT WERE NOT JEWISH, AND WE'RE WELCOMED TO JOIN THEM, SO LONG AS THEY OBSERVED THE LAW
    Exo 12:48 KJV And when a stranger shall sojourn with thee, and will keep the passover to the LORD, let all his males be circumcised, and then let him come near and keep it; and he shall be as one that is born in the land: for no uncircumcised person shall eat thereof.

    Exo 12:49 KJV One law shall be to him that is homeborn, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.

    Lev 25:23 KJV The land shall not be sold for ever: for the land is mine; for ye are strangers and sojourners with me.

    Ditch the khazar theory, it delegitimizes the rest of the good info you have

    1. You miss a fundamental point... Which other religion has taken over an entire country, PURELY because of a religious claim. Zero. Note: The Bible is not a history book... It's a predictive programming book. Eg: Armageddon - which will never happen now that Trump is President. Also: You can't cite a source (eg: Bible) as evidence to substantiate that source! Not evidence. Try archaeology, for instance - in which case you'll find sweet-all to support all the lovely little Bible stories. Continuing...

      The Rothschild land-grab in the peaceable Middle East (prior to 1948) is an utter, complete and irrevocable Khazarian scam. https://takebackyourmotherland.blogspot.com/2017/09/balfour-declaration-1917-russian-jew.html

      Please keep looking into actual history... not the fake history in your precious "holy book" written by a continual stream of MK Ultra equivalent mind control scam artists. Funny how "Moses" chronicled his own death.... right? Funny how no "Jesus" has ever been found in archaeology - including not in any Roman record (most unusual!) >> http://apollonius-iesuschristus.blogspot.com/ Funny how "Jesus" never ever said: "The Jews will reclaim Palestina." They have no claim. Rothschild-established "State of Israel" exists only for political purposes... so they could keep a war ongoing in the territory. Wars = Money in the bank.


    2. If any parent submits their child to be circumcised, they lift that child up into the blood-cult, child raping and baby sacrifice cult of Egypt's Isis. You have no idea how mind controlled you are, do you?


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