Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Old Dispensation Has Just Ended

Next Steps Currently Enabled and 
Supported at 5-7D Levels

Multi-Directional couplings have completed. Star patterns aligned with Gaia energetics have enabled exchange of grids among Star Light Beings. Essential patterns for ascendancy are complete. Next steps are currently enabled and supported at 5-7D levels.

Bronny NZ
3 Oct 2012
I am very aware of an energy shift today. I began to see it manifested yesterday, and I very definitely experienced it today in my body. I’m not a huge believer in these sorts of things by the way… But I know it’s happened !!!  I feel it. I know it. There has been a very large shift in energy… one that you might miss if you don’t stop and re-connect to your body-Being so that you notice it.
I feel like there are no more troubles in the world.. The troubles we see “out there” are only the fading energy-prints of the time that has just passed… since before the September 21st Equinox. There are not even any ‘loose ends’ to tidy up… It’s done. It’s completed. “It is finished”.
There is no more worry, fear, anxiety… retribution… There is only embrace, harmony, synergy… Warmth and acceptance… Of everyone. Everyone is now Awakening… at different times, according to each soul’s directing and the perfect path for that brother or sister… No need for force. We all Awaken. Time is illusion. No accountability required. We were all imprisoned in the same dance of darkness… trapped as slaves. We all Awaken now as out of a bad dream.
The animal, plant, mineral, etheric and energy kingdoms Awaken with us. Our DNA has been kindly shifted by those Who help Us.
Note: We do not need to eat meat protein any longer. If you have some in your stores still needing to be used, either discard or use… No judgement… But there is no need to resupply yourself with any more of this form of protein. LOVE ONLY all forms of life. Let ALL Forms live without fear.
Thank you for this space to convey this message.
With love,

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