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The Federal Reserve Is Privately Owned: Part 8

The Federal Reserve Is Privately Owned 
by Thomas D. Schauf


U.S. history proves that issuing debt and interest-free currency allows our economy to prosper, as long as Congress controls the amount of money created. You can add printed dollars into the economy as you add production, and there will be no inflation. With today's sophisticated computers, we can easily monitor the printing of money and inflation. 

Congress needs to buy back the FED and/or abolish it. Any government debt they own would be automatically eliminated. All remaining debt could be paid as needed with the same type of currency Kennedy issued (debt and interest-free United States Notes). United States Notes are backed by the full faith of the best government in the world - The United States of America. This is no different than the backing of today's Federal Reserve Notes. U.S. citizens collect only a small fraction of the interest income on Federal Bonds and Bills. Foreigners benefit from this interest, but we pay the tax so that they collect interest on our currency. This makes sense to bankers and Congresspeople who receive money from bankers and foreign lobbyists. 

As we pay less interest, government spending will decrease and so will taxes. Less taxes mean that people buy more goods and services and our economy expands. An expanded economy means more jobs and higher profits for businesses. More profit means increased state/federal business taxes. Businesses continue to pay taxes while personal taxes decrease. People will have more money to spend, will buy more, and therefore pay increased state sales tax. This allows the states to balance their budgets without raising real estate taxes. As history proves, we will prosper. 

For 80 years the FED has destroyed our economy. It will take years to undo this damage. Just as Congress appoints a Postal Service, we will have Congress appoint an agency to monitor inflation as we exchange our retiring government debt for debt and interest-free United States Notes (cash). We need to break up all Central Banks created by the FED and return to the Constitution of the United States. We have to return the power of the citizens' money back to the people. 


* Inform all Americans of this report and collect signatures on the petition. 

* Demand that Congress and the media support "We the People's" rights to uphold the Constitution and abolish the illegal FED. 

* Write to your local newspaper, show them this report and ask them to keep freedom of the press alive, support the Constitution and abolish the FED. Freedom of the press should not be limited to those who own it. 

* Write to CNN and other media. Tell them you want to see FED-UP(tm) on their programs. 

* Ask your State/County Representatives to use their Constitutional powers to enforce your rights under the Constitution to have the FED abolished. Write to Reference 5 for detailed paperwork to be given to your local government. 

* Call in on TV and radio talk shows and discuss why the FED should be abolished. 

* Support businesses who distribute the petition and display the sign "FED-UP". If they don't, please ask them to. 

* Ask candidates if they plan to introduce legislation to abolish the FED and uphold the Constitution which they are obligated to defend. Make candidates take a stand! Have the politician sign a contract with "We the People" enacting legislation to abolish the FED by a certain date or the politician must resign from office. The Democratic Congress and President promised the people "no FED" before the election. Thirteen months later, they passed the FED. 

* Display your bumper sticker to show support and inform people. 

* If 5,000 people distribute 2-3 brochures daily, we can inform half a million Americans monthly. Roughly 10% of these half a million people will make copies and inform others. Our goal is to inform 70 million adult Americans. Public opinion will soon be on our side. Once 10% of the population know, the other 90% will follow. 

* Pray and ask God to return us to "One nation under God." 

It is our recommendation that you research the references listed, support all organizations that re trying to stop this fraud, and help us in our goal to get every American to sign this petition. 


(1) "The Federal Reserve Bank", by H.S. Kenan, published by The Noontide Press 
(2) National Committee to Repeal the Federal Reserve Act, P.O. Box 156, Westmont, IL 60559 
(3) "The New World Order,Saving America", P.O. Box 1205, Middleburg, FL 32050-1205 
(4) "Bulletin", February 1989 & November 1991 issues, P.O. Box 986, 
Ft. Collins, CO 80522 (Newsletter; $3 each) 
(5) "The Most Secret Science", Betsy Ross Press, P.O. Box 986, Ft. 
Collins, CO 80522 (Book) States attempt to abolish the FED. $12.00 
(6) "Insider Report", P.O. Box 84903, Phoenix, AZ 85071 
(7) "Phoenix Journal Express", P.O. Box 986, Tehachap, CA 93581 
(8) $16 trillion in government and private debt, much of which the FED 
printed and collected interest on (Reference 3) 
(9) Northpoint Tactical Team, P.O. Box 129, Topton, NC 28781 
(10) Christian Defense League, Box 449, Arabi, LA 70023 
(11) "Bulletin", June 1992 issue, P.O. Box 986, Ft. Collins, CO 80522 
(Newsletter; $3 each) 
(12) "Savings and Loan Unethical Bailout" by Rev. Casimir F. Gierut 
(13) "Dark Secrets of the New Age" by Texe Marrs 
(14) "En Route to Global Occupation" by Gary H. Kah 
(15) "One World" by John Amkerberg & John Weldon 
(16) "The Spotlight", Liberty Lobby, 300 Independence Ave. S.E., 
Washington, D.C. 20003 (Newspaper) 
(17) "Repeal the Federal Reserve Banks" by Rev. Casimir Frank Gierut 
(18) The Constitution of the United States 
(19) "Walls in Our Minds" by M.J. Red Beckman, Common Sense Press, P.O. 
Box 1544, Billings, MT 59103. A must read book - $2.50 
(20) "The Law That Never Was" Volume I, Bill Benson & M.J. Red Beckman, 
P.O. Box 1544, Billings, MT 59103 or write to Bill Benson, P.O. 
Box 550, South Holland, IL 60473. Proof that the 16th Amendment 
(income tax) was never properly ratified. 
(21) "New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies" by William 
T. Still 
(22) "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve" by Mullins 
(23) "The Social Security & Pension Conspiracy" by Metz 
(24) "The History of the Federal Reserve. How to Replace It or How to 
Reform It" by Metz - for references 23 & 24 write to Howard Metz, 
P.O. Box 341, Malverne, LI 11565 
(25) "The New World Order" by Pat Robertson. On page 131 he states 
that we must abolish the FED. 
(26) "Operation Vampire Killer 2000", highly recommended book. $6.00 ($8.00 for 2) from ACLA, P.O. Box 8712, Phoenix, AZ 85066 This is a must read book with quotes from well known people. This book proves conspiracy. Your local police needs to read this book so they will protect you - not become United Nations Agents against you. This book will stop the New World Order plan to take over the U.S.A. 

"America Betrayed", Center For Action, 652 N. Glenview, Nesa, AZ 85213 

For references 1, 12, and 17, contact The National Committee to Repeal the Federal Reserve Act (Reference 2) 

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