Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Co-creating Our New Earth Together

It occurs to me that we (us readers and bloggers) represent the "normal" people of the world who don't want war, who don't care much about economic "growth" forecasts (being that 'growth' = plunder of our Mother Earth), who don't want to continue on in our Slave Jobs which keeps 147 Mega-Corporations and around 13 families VERY, VERY wealthy off the sweat of our backs, who just want very simple lives here on this beautiful planet... with NO military programme, with NO media telling us how to think, what to believe, what to wear and what to be; who don't want Monsanto pillaging our food crops with their GMO's, who don't want Big Pharma pharmaceuticals poisoning us any longer with their "medicines" which slowly but surely kill us...

For example: Radiation Therapy is so unnecessary for cancer  : (   Just balance the pH in your body by taking 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda daily. You will go into remission with just this simple purifier coupled with a natural diet and elimination of poisons from your household. You will need to do the research yourself for natural alternatives such as the baking soda remedy which I know has been successful for people. The main factor you are looking for though, is a neutral pH.  However you achieve a neutral pH is entirely up to you.

There must be at least 6 billion of us who see no need for a 'space programme' and would much rather those billions of dollars be spent on the starving children wasting away in the drought-stricken countries of Northern Africa. We ARE the 6 BILLION people who are Waking Up out of this (American) dream. Finally we realise that we are very literally, enslaved by MONEY !!! We are Slaves of the 'royal' / reptilian (if you follow David Icke) families who enslave us with their money system. We Are Their Slaves. Think about it...

Is it easier to house, clothe, feed, and give health care to 6 billion slaves out of your own personal gold fortune ??? .... Or is it easier to press a few gold specks of gold into the hands of the 6 billion and tell them to go and look after themselves ??? ... and tell them the lie that 'they are now free'. What a crock !! We are All Slave Labourers within the Money System of the Over Lords. Earning money is NOT freedom at all... It is Slavery for a lifetime !!!


            Now What ??  Indeed !!!                                          Yesss !!!!  How excellent is this ???   : )

This is a very exciting poster as far as i'm concerned  :D  
It's the end of one way of Being and the beginning of the next...  
VERY EXCITING !!!  Let's figure out the solutions together  : )

                        without money we d all be rich

Please ponder this for a moment...   What would the world 'look like/ be like' if there is no trade via money ???   ... no Share Markets, no Derivatives Lending, no Investments, Investors, Lenders or people being crushed by these agents of the Money System.  Imagine for a moment a world without these...

It is a world where governments (finally and permanently) give the land back to the people inhabiting the country where they are dwelling....  FREE OF CHARGE !!!!  Monarchs no longer are Heads of State. The People are the Heads of their Own Locality.  It is a world where people grow trees for timber, build their homes, plant their gardens, live freely and happily with their families...

It is a place where everybody - men, women, children, the aged, the disabled, the mentally effected...  all have meaningful activities to engage in for the good of the whole.  A person doesn't need a university or college degree to make adobe bricks or pound earth for the walls of a beautiful, natural, breathing 'earth shelter'.  We can all do this...  We can all pick up a hammer or a spade or go out to the cow in the meadow with a milk bucket...  We can all pick up a pair of knitting needles or grind dried corn or chisel wood to make into roofing slates.  Anybody can do these things...  but we've become very, very lazy...  and depend on banks and 'builders' and the local grocery store.  All of that stuff is very, very unnecessary.  With a hectare or two of land (2-5 acres) freely gifted for every family, there is sustenance and enjoyment for all people living on this planet.  This is the solution.  

I am reminded of a verse in the Book of Proverbs in the Bible:  "He that doesn't work, doesn't eat."  I think this is a common 'rule' that all communities need to embrace.  Not one person will carry another, while every person has the ability to draw breath.  We all need to STAND TOGETHER.  Gone are the days of getting hand-outs.  Where did this expectation come from ?? We all need to work for our bread...  and there is satisfaction for the soul by each making a contribution.


... And this gives me great HOPE !!!  Because with all of our mind-power together thinking thoughts of hope, freedom, provision, joy, celebration, unity, sharing, good health, free land gifted to us, prosperity, food and gardens we can grow food that is medicine for ourselves and our families, dismantle useless political systems in favour of "Local Governance" councils - elected by the people for the people - working for the people of let's say...  300 hectare (740 acre) co-operative villages where our children can grow up in the fresh air and sunshine and become friends with the animals of the Earth, and learn to love and care for the animals and each other, their families and strangers...  An Earth where there is no fear, no judgement, no competition one with another, where we all can help each other and live harmoniously lovingly touching the Earth with our hands (which is what she needs), and where no machines are used on the land, which are so destructive to Our Mother.



Develop this way of thinking about land...  and it has to come about.

Here's some weird science:  It is impossible in Quantum Physics to have a thought and for it to NOT manifest.  It manifests in the image that we envisage...  So "image" the thought clearly of you at home on your 2 or 5 acres of land (depending on the size of your family group) gifted to you freely, for you and your extended family - parents, aged aunt, etc. to use as you desire to support your lives. Visualise the loving attitude that you have between you, your Maker and Mother Earth as you see yourself plan and propagate your gardens, your buildings, your meadows, your beehives carved out of a large whole tree trunk for bees to make their home in.  All of this is possible if we all Think These Images Clearly...  Each Person Here !!!  Do it now...  begin visualising.

There is no other outcome in all of science/ quantum physics that is possible except that:  YOUR THOUGHT right now is creating your future reality in form.  

Perturbations happen in the Quantum Field as we think our thoughts... 
Are your thoughts creating joy or chaos, freedom or slavery ?? 

Think it, and sub-atomic wave patterns form which start to create your image, right now as you think about it. This is amazing !!!
If ALL of us think clearly about a certain thing, then: 
So It IS !!  ... Right before our own eyes. 

Note: humanity can not dictate the timing... but the event/ situation/ form will most certainly come about as we image it, in due course.

This is How POWERFUL we are !!!  

This is the secret that the Priesthood, the 13 'Royal' families 
want to keep from us. 

This is our True Inheritance as People of the Earth.  

This is Who We Are !!! 

We Are Co-creators !!!!


We don't need cinemas or fashion or overseas vacations to prove to ourselves that our job is 'worth doing' because we get to jump on a plane and go somewhere else, and rave to our friends about 'how wonderful it was' when we get back, purely to justify to ourselves how "worth it" it is for us to carry on Slaving Away in our Slave Jobs for the other 45 weeks of the year making the 147 Corporations and the 13 Families richer...  off the sweat of our backs and the illustrious creativity of our minds.  

They have us for very cheap you know...  And we are so easily placated.  We have been convinced by this system that we are not worth any more than 3 or 4 or 5 weeks of vacation a year - and gosh, don't we feel so grateful if the boss gives us 5 weeks' vacation ??? !!!  Oh, how grateful we are !!!  (yes, I am being sarcastic).

This is the system that is dying...  As we all slowly Wake Up and join our thoughts together to create the world where we are truly Free and Connected to our Maker and to our dear precious Mother Earth, WE ARE MAKING THIS HAPPEN.

Please continue holding on to this vision so clearly in your mind, where ever you are in the world - Image your garden paradise of space and free land, fresh air, pure water, fun, laughter, animals, gardens, planting, producing, creating, crafting, painting, weaving, spinning...  engaging in the artisan crafts of old, singing, playing musical instruments, writing beautiful plays and wearing beautiful fun costumes that are NOT the dictates of the Fashion Industry which only exists to make money for itself by telling us what we must wear to be acceptable in this false society.  The day is not far off when We Are Free...  We Are Free...  like all the creatures that abound in nature. We Are Free Beings....

Thank you ~
from Bronny

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