Saturday, 13 October 2012

"... And The Nobel Prize Goes To Bill Clinton's Left Testicle !!!"

Max Keiser  ~  Thank God for Max...  We all need a bit of humour when such idiocy prevails !!

'Monsanto & Frankenstein next!' Max Keiser destroys 2012 Nobel Peace Prize

Published on Oct 12, 2012 by 
The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the European Union for its role in securing peace to the continent.The Nobel committee says the accolade is meant to be an encouragement to the union in difficult times. Norway - the home of the prize - is itself divided over EU membership and has twice refused it in a nationwide referendums. For more on this decision RT talks to host of the Keiser Report - Max Keiser.


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"... Europe (EU) Was Given The Nobel Peace Prize!"

"In what can only be described as a surreal choice the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize was given to Europe.
"These days Europe only exist in the minds of a very small elite of course. The same elite which by the way makes decisions such as who gets the peace price: The banking elite, the weapon manufacturing elite, the mining elite, the people who buy the US presidency and the people who start every single war raging on the planet, the people who own the planetin other words.
"Giving the Nobel peace prize which of course has lost all credibility a long time ago with war mongers such as Obama winning it to Europe is that elite basically saying we rule and we don’t give a fuck what you think any more. Let’s hope that what happens in Greece will spread to every country in the world with the 99% saying you may not give a fuck but we do !!!"

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