Monday, 22 October 2012

US Government Pays Private Mortgages - Redirection of Money to Fanny, Freddie, Lehman and AIG - Your Mortgage Is Paid !!!

Give the money to the people so they can 
Pay Off Their Mortgages !!! 

The US Government SHOULD pay off or reduce the individual mortgages on behalf of the individual mortgage-holders rather than just give the banks the people's tax money FOR FREE !!!  That's just stupid !!!  It's theft !!!  

The banks will then get their money and the 
people will be able to stay in their homes.  

But NOOOOO....   "They" (your Government) doesn't want to serve the people....  Do They ?????   : (    

If a bailiff comes to your door to 'repossess' your house, don't sign anything, say you don't understand,  DON'T EVER SAY "YES".  

Remain calm and say, "I have no idea what you're talking about... "

Say: "My taxes paid to the US Government for the years 1980-2008 paid out my mortgagee company during the 2008-2012 bailouts.  I don't owe anything.  I've paid them already... with MY tax money. 


If you are served a notice in the USA to foreclose, it is only for a 72-hour period. Check your local Department of Justice to find if this is the same in your country... Then after 3 days, return to your home, take the boards off the windows, change the locks, and move in again. 

If your possessions have been taken away, I would then go directly to my bank with 2 dozen of my friends and relations and demand that my possessions be returned. 
You may not get your possessions back, but if you take your action to the bank, backed by friends and loved ones, and demand to see the manager, this will be a HUGE disincentive for banks to uplift people's possessions when they have no right to do so. 

Ask your bank manager to show you the original mortgage agreement. Ask him/her directly if your mortgage has been sold. If your mortgage has been sold by your bank to MERS or any other such agency, then the bank has broken the agreement between you and them. You are therefore no longer obliged to make any more payments on your mortgage. Return to your house and don't give them any more of your hard-earned cash. They need to be able to show you your original signed copy of the mortgage. 

In the American legal system, there has already been a president set where a bank could not provide the original copy of the mortgage. The judge then declared that the defendants no longer needed to make any further repayments because the mortgage deed was sold on to someone other than the original signatory (the bank).

See the Max Igan interview below and carry out your own research on this...  But this is exactly what Max's guest says in this video linked here...

TODAY   |  Aired on October 22, 2012

U.S. drafts economy rescue plan

Sept. 19: The government is stepping in to help the troubled economy, drafting a $500 billion bailout plan to help troubled banks. CNBC’s Trish Regan reports.

Scum-bags !!

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