Sunday, 21 October 2012

"Militia Alert: This is NOT a Test" (USA): 19 October 2012


Militia Alert: this is NOT a test 
 - by Breaking the Silence

I have received information from several sources, including military.

All Militia are immediately on high alert.

I hope you all have your preparations in order my friends

............ it's going to be a very interesting weekend.

.............That's a vast understatement by the way.

Reply on 19 Oct J. Haines' Wordpress post:

Jean — I am totally shaking right now. I just had the most interesting experience. My first ex-husband works for the postal service. He and I have NOT talked about this stuff at all, really, just on the edges of “isn’t the government corrupt” kind of thing.
He *just* corroborated this. He knows nothing of Drake, of any of the militia stuff, etc, but he has a co-worker with a brother in the secret svc (not using caps & an abbrev, just in case??) who just took out loads of cash and told his family to “be ready.” My ex has done the same based on all the talk here in the our city among the workers in my ex’s area of the postal service.
Seriously, my ex just came by *right after* I commented on the previous post about this, and we just spent the past 30 mn talking about this stuff & what his plan is for our son. He told me to make sure to have extra food and water and get it when I go shopping tomorrow. I am seriously wowed out by this info and had to come straight here to let you know.
I am one who has been really *reserved* about this stuff, a little cautious and not wanting to “go overboard” because of all the times that things did not “pan out.” I’ve been skeptical – open, but a bit of a doubter. But honestly, the fact that my ex came by TONIGHT after the previous Drake post to share this information with me is *astounding* to me and a synchronicity of the highest degree because as I said he has *no knowledge* that I read sites like this!  ...

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