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David Wilcock blog: 7 October 2012

David's latest blog...  hot off the press

Will 2012 Be the Year of Freedom?


Most importantly, a series of powerful dreams -- some of which were nightmares -- told me to completely stop "fighting" the negative elite...

[I've had the same awareness: "Stop. It's ALL OK"]

These negative forces will most definitely be exposed on a mass level. Imminently. Exactly how imminent, I am not certain... but it would definitely appear to be before the end of this year.

No more mainstream media lies. No more mass denial. This is going to be the Big One.


Apparently, from the higher perspective, the negative elite now have a mathematical certainty of defeat. In physical terms they may have a few moves left to make, but these are very few -- and regardless of the choices they make, or the tricks they try to pull, the outcome will be the same. This outcome, as I am now seeing it, is ridiculously positive.


Furthermore, the dreams have guided me through some extremely powerful emotional cleansing and healing.

[That's really interesting... I've just taken 'time off' from my work, like David also states in his blog, as there hasn't been much work coming through for me (ie: not planned by me). During this time, i've also been on a journey of emotional and physical cleansing !! How many of us have been doing this over the September period, I wonder ??]


I had another highly powerful dream recently that reported back on this healing process very favorably. And yet, the message was very intense...  It clearly showed me there are only two ways you can live your life. There are only two choices you can really make:

  • One choice is to be forgiving, patient, loving, accepting, kind and nurturing towards other people. In Law of One terms, this is the path of "Love," "service to others," or the "positive polarity." 
  • The other choice is to treat other people as weak, pathetic, disgusting, shameful and utterly unworthy -- to see yourself as clearly and obviously superior, and to have absolutely no care or concern about their feelings -- unless it benefits you. 

In Law of One terms, this is the path of "Control," "service to self," or the "negative polarity."

[Wow!! I felt so cut off by someone yesterday in conversation, who wasn't taking note of the 'heart' of what was going on for me over the weekend... and I told her that her approach to me made me feel like the proverbial "milking cow" whose only 'usefulness' is to forward her agenda/ goals. It's so interesting that David so clearly states here that there are only these two ways of being... 'of giving service to others' or 'of taking advantage of others'. I hope we catch ourselves more often 'living in grace' rather than living to 'justify our need', whatever that supposed 'need' might be. Oh, how the ego loves to give us the 'run-around'.]

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