Wednesday, 17 October 2012

TPP Evil: Stand Up Against Trans-Pacific Partnership

Tell your politicians that "YOU SEE THEM"  ie: you see the heart of them and what they do  

Tell your local candidate face-to-face, by email, by posting a letter and making phone calls that YOU DO NOT WANT THIS PARTNERSHIP IN NEW ZEALAND - or which ever country you're living in.


The Trans Pacific Partnership - A Corporate Fascist Coup

Published on Jul 8, 2012 by 
There is a bold global corporate takeover happening right before our eyes. The Trans Pacific Partnership has been discussed in secret for nearly 3 years and has been disguised as a trade deal when in reality it amounts to a fascist corporate coup where the mega-corporations are gaining a tighter grip over individual governments all over the world.  [My God !! ]

Leaked TPP investment chapter:

Sign the "stop the trap" petition:

More info on the TPP: 

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