Friday, 12 October 2012

New Zealand Under Russian Federation Surveillance

I really wanted to blog today about the inter-relationship between 5 countries and the fact that information from these 5 countries were sold by a Canadian Sub-Lieutenant to Russian Intelligence Agents.

This is really the stuff of a Foreign Espionage Thriller...

.... and we can dissect its many parts to bits...

The thing that totally intrigues me about this incident is the fact that one of the countries being spied on was/ is New Zealand !!!

What ????

OK...  I get that Russia might be interested in the USA, a long-time 'enemy' from the Cold War Days....

... I get that Russia might be interested in Canada, since Canada borders so closely on the US and there are close business and other eco-political ties between these two countries.

... I get that Russia would be interested in Britain given that most EVERY war in the last 50 years that the USA has entered into has had full backing from the UK

... I get that Russia might be interested in Australia, given Aussie's close military relationship with the US including Julia Gillard's announcement this ?? or last year that US Marines are now calling the Aussie Northern Territory home

What I DON'T get is why Russia is interested in NZ ?????

.... Afterall...   We're just a little 'back water' all the way down here in the South Pacific.  We're the 'food bowl' for all of these other 'British Dominated' countries...  but why the hell are we featuring so strongly in this 'Line Up of Five' ????   Why ???

Are there not other Commonwealth countries that are a whole lot bigger and more influential than NZ ????

What the hell is going on here ????

That's what interested me the most....  Who or What is it about NZ, that we are now of such interest to Russia ???

Who Are We Really in global terms ???  Who are we ???

Or is it just that we have John Key as our Prime Minister...  who is totally a Puppet for the Puppet-masters ???

I guess time will tell....   I'll ponder some more on this.

Please, anyone else with any ideas, i'd love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Ta ~

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