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Lada Duncheva: Lost Occult, Esotericism, Astrology

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Lada Duncheva, The Lost Occult And Esoteric Tools And Teachings Of Astrology 8Oct2012

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These ages and events are cited by Rudolph Steiner and Plato:

pre-12,000 -11,000 BC  -  The time of "The Golden Age"

The Sphynx was set up at the end of this period
"The deluge" occurred
The ancient Vedic peoples existed - divinely inspired and 'connected' with the higher worlds

... and then "something" happened.

From then on, humanity started losing consciousness.
The feeling of "separation" and "fear" starts appearing.

7,000 BC  - The time of "The Silver Age"

The "mental age"
"Consciousness" was reduced to around 75%
The pyramids were built
"Religion" ruled rather than 'connection'

- Lada

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