Monday, 22 October 2012

City of London: Sharp Financial Collapse Soon. Max Keiser

Max Keiser: How to Defeat The Banking Mafia

Published on Oct 19, 2012 by!/RealAlexJones
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It is being manipulated by the puppet masters that the Major Banking Centre in Europe be removed from London and for the Banking Centre to be relocated to Frankfurt, Germany.

All the big companies are trading "down"  -  Intel, McDonald's, MicroSoft, General Electric (GE), Google, Apple Computer, Facebook - on the back of 'Zinger' property failing...   

Max Keiser on Dan Rather's the 1987 Wall Street Massacre

Uploaded by  on Aug 10, 2007
Look for a very young Max Keiser interviewed on Dan Rather's piece on the great 1987 Wall Street meltdown. Very funny to hear the word 'yuppie' being bandied about.

Max Keiser in 1987 was very glad to see the back of the 'yuppies'  :D   

So this was Max's contribution to the 1987 Wall St Crash commentary....???  LOL !!  :D   It's only 'coz  I was one of the yuppies !!!  :D  ... and actually, i'm only a year younger than Max !!   Ya gotta love the bow tie !!  Even back then, Max was finding his 'point of difference' and getting himself noticed   : )    Good on That Man !!   : )

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