Wednesday, 17 October 2012

"Ascension" 2012: What is it?...and what if it doesn't happen ?? :-/


by Kerry Mitchell - Artwork used with permission

"Ascension in the modern context refers to an event that will occur on or before Dec. 21, 2012 that will see those who are willing and have assimilated sufficient light to endure higher-vibrational settings leave the Third and Fourth Dimensions and enter the Fifth.

"The Third Dimension is the Physical Plane that the so-called “living” inhabit. The Fourth Dimension is connected to the Third and is the Astral Planes that the so-called “deceased” inhabit. Of course there is no death. Life itself is continuous, the soul inhabiting and dropping various bodies and passing through many lifetimes on the universal journey from God to God (more on this later).

"In this Ascension to the Fifth Dimension, people or souls will see their physical bodies change from carbon base to crystalline base. This change in composition will enable our bodies to survive in the finer-vibrational setting of the Fifth Dimension. Everything needed for changes like these is already encoded into our DNA ... "

"We may experience strange symptoms such as fatigue, aches and pains, and the rise of upsets and ancient feelings during this time as all that is old and all that may hold us back is flushed up. It makes most sense to attribute everything untoward that happens to us at this time as related to Ascension and nothing to worry about.

"The answer to finding ourselves immersed in these unwanted conditions is to accept them, observe them without resisting, and allow ourselves to experience them through to completion, after which they’ll undoubtedly lift.

"For the most part, in terms of attitude, a desire to relax into and accept Ascension would probably be the most appropriate attitude to adopt...."


  1. Thank you for using my image, "Ascension." Please add a credit and a link back to my gallery:

    Kerry Mitchell

    1. Sorry about that Kerry. It was the logo used on the original article on the then "2012 Scenario" now "The Golden Age of Gaia". It was unreferenced and I thought it was out there in 'creative commons'. No problem. Beautiful artwork. Thank you for your permission :) Bron

  2. I checked out your galley... Whoaaahhh !! Your artwork is really amazing. Thank you for making contact so we could go and see your amazingness !! : )


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