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MSN Report: US Treasury Has Consumed the US Federal Reserve

Whistle Blower Radio - Kerry Cassidy - Guest Tman of the White Hats

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Broadcast Date 10/19/2012
guest, Tman of the White Hats Reports showed up toward the end of the show...and was explaining the Global Settlements, the Dinar Reval and much more.

I have been working with the White Hats, consulting on some aspects of their latest Report #48 which is going to be released very soon, to be followed by a report on the Black Projects that should be an eye opener for at least people who have not been following Camelot all these years. For those who have, linking the money trail with the black projects will be something they have been waiting to see. And the White Hats have the documentation to prove it.

22 Oct Update:

Tman:  Global settlements are not a scam...  (26:45)      ... there is no liability anywhere in the world other than to release these funds for the benefit of man kind  (31:40)

Kerry:  Who's holding that back... ?
Tman:  Primarily George Bush Senior and his minions...  

The main points seem to be stated by TMan from 07:30 to 12:30.  I can't listen to the whole interview at this time because I have to go and be a slave now...  for the next 9 hours  : )   I wanted to get this posted pretty quickly though...  because it sounds like the House of Cards is going to collapse very soon - in the next few days, and I wanted to post this information asap. so you guys in the USA particularly, can do whatever you need to do. See what you think of Tman's interview....

Sorry....  I haven't been able to find the MSN video with the 'ticker' banner stating that the Treasury has consumed the Fed. so we will just need to take TMan's word for it just for now. Please add the link if you come across it.  I will comb through MSN as soon as I can, to see if I can verify TMan's statement as highlighted in the Title of this article.  If you find it before me, that would be great !!  Thanks so much  -  Bronny NZ

22 Oct Update:

5 MILLION OUNCES of REGISTERED Silver Withdrawn From Brink’s Since Friday!

23 Oct Update:   I'm putting in a concerted effort now to find the MSN ticker...
Grrrrr.....  I hate not being able to find an Original Source.  Honestly, it's a needle in a haystack.  The only way will be to get the link from Tman himself... and i'm sure my e-mail would get lost among the hundreds he would receive... but i'll give it a crack anyways....   Thanks, Bron. 

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