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Inter-Dimensional Light Beings Appear

Angel Teleportation Caught on Tape!

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Amazing teleportation caught on tape. Chinese viral video!

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To view this video really well, move the timer across frame by frame... At 0:16 there is no circle on the ground in the middle of the intersection. At 0:17 there is a huge energy influx then a 'man' appears with outstretched arms, not touching the cyclist. The cyclist has an 'oh god' moment as he looks up to see the driver in the truck. The two 'men' and the bike disappear. At 0:17-18 a huge circle of light appears on the ground near the upper pedestrian crossing. The light vanishes and the 3 forms have not yet fully re-assembled their cells... then they fully-form. At 0:18-19 a 'heat signature' appears on the ground behind the truck. At 0:20 there is a faint outline of a 'heat signature' under the 3 forms near the upper pedestrian crossing. It is the same shape and size as the one in the middle of the intersection. During 0:20-30 the 'heat signature' in the middle of the intersection fades. You can still make out the circle under the bike, hidden in part by the figure walking away from the scene. During 0:30-50 the circle under the bike completely fades also. Everything goes back to 'normal'. 


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this is a mojeza happend in iraq when every 1 were performing ghameh zani(they hit with knife or sword on thier head) a noor appeared betwwen them first no saw then they noticed in video .. ya imam mahdi alajal

A Miracle of Imam Husain

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A man filmed inside the Husayniyah in Nabatieh, Lebanon on the night of the 10th oh Muharram. When watching the video later he noticed a bright light, or noor, shaped like a man. We do not know who or what this light is, but it just may be Imam Mahdi (as). Only Allah (ast) knows. A similar miracle occurred in Iraq a few years back as well where the same figure appeared.

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