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You Don't Have To Pay Your Mortgage

Max Igan: The Bailout Money & Why You Dont Have To Pay Your Mortgage ~ FULL LENGTH

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Learning to 'Live Free' comes from experience and personal growth ... Lets break our conditioning!

See 47:45   One of the most important points:  There is a moratorium on mortgages at the moment because all of the mortgage notes are being held by MERS.  Ask them to produce your Wet Note signature (original) for your Mortgage Agreement. MERS won't be able to produce it, therefore, there is no need for you to pay your mortgage any longer.  In the USA (and maybe other places) The Foreclosure Notice only lasts for 72 hours, so everyone in tent cities can go back home.  The bank then needs to get another permit to foreclose on you...  which will only last for 72 hours also.

"Your mortgage note is an agreement not a debt.  The note for your mortgage IS your GOLD...  And they trade on it because it has value !!   The bank then monetises it...  The note with Your Valuable Signature on it...  The bank then sells that piece of paper...  It gets shipped off to MERS... "

The Bank (with whom you have the original agreement) is no longer the holder of the mortgage note/ the promisory note.  If the bank sells on your mortgage then the bank has broken the agreement. The next holder of the note (which will be a copy) does not hold the original signature on your mortgage agreement (which will still held with your the bank).

The motto of this year needs to be:  

"Show me the Note...  Show me the Wet Ink (original) signature which is my agreement for this mortgage...  

My agreement is with no other.  It was only EVER an agreement between myself and my bank."   

"How can we let the banks ‘solve’ the worlds problems when they create most of them. Its crazy that Ben Bernanke of the FED is allowed to enslave a nation with trillions of debt.

"Ben Bernanke is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. But he’s also the Director of the Bank of International Settlements. 

"Henry Paulson was the CEO of Goldman Sachs, now the Treasurer of the US government, and when this Bailout money came through, $125 billion went to pay 443 banking executives, bonuses for a crap job done well.

"Secondly when all countries are bankrupted, WHO ARE THE CREDITORS? It's so hilarious and really shows that it is a takeover and we as a people are the target.  The level of corruption reveals that a fundamental shift in philosophy is at hand. 

"Our HOMES are SACRED to us, They ARE our holy ground. We haven’t been paying for labor & materials, we’re paying into profit shares & gambling debts of greedicts for PERMISSION to live in our OWN HOMES.  MERS! Yayy! 

"Thank God for their blatant arrogance. It’s time for the 250BOYCOTT. That becomes more evident everyday. Join today, it’s the new philosophy that’s emerging after the mass disillusionment shock."

- by "Before It's News"


  1. While he’s not of the same heritage, he’s created trust and a solid reputation.

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  2. Hi there Kent. He ?? heritage ?? Are you talking about Max Igan or 'Before It's News' editor? Ben Bernanke is US... where are you from?

    There's now a global remedy... A Press Release introducing the "One People's Public Trust" was publicised on 25 December 2012. It's a vehicle set in place in law and commerce where you submit your paperwork... and you free yourself from your 'death pledge', your 'mortgage'. There's no come-back. It's fully water-tight. Here's some links that might be of assistance.
    Thanks... Bronny NZ


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