Thursday, 4 October 2012

Such Incredible Mercy... "Light Beings - Thank You All... "

Angel caught on tape (NOT FAKE)

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There was an event, and prayers were written and burnt in an island. While the crowd praised God, singing and praying...and ANGEL came and picked up the prayers!!! The Pastor and the ladies recording saw the Angel's face... Look how the Angel is on the flames and goes down to pick up the prayers...YOU CAN EVEN SEE THE WINGS!!! Blessed are those who don't see yet still believe.

I find this very beautiful...  How merciful.  The people's prayers were picked up by an angel...  Wow....  I've had so many times in my life in Christian worship, in Wiccan ritual, and in Yogic/ Hindu havan where messages have been burned...  put into the 'cleansing fire' and for me to release such troubles from my heart...  to 'give them over' to the Lord...  or the angels...  or Shiva...  whoever one is invoking on the occasion.  

Wow...    To think that Angels and Light Beings actually DO make themselves present at such events...   Mind-boggling really   : )   It's so very merciful that such beings and the Most High take pity on such poor ignorant Earth-bound creatures such as we.  I am infinitely grateful to be a recipient of such mercy.  I am so grateful. To the 'unseens'...  Thank you All.   God has mercy.

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