Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Light Being Capture. Foundry/ workshop

Incredible Light Being or elemental or camosuitman caught on camera (HD)

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Light Being caught on camera

This is pretty interesting...  No idea why the light being was hanging around the door of a workshop...  But it looks very like the luminescent being that appeared in "Mojeza" posted below. I've written to the Channel and asked for the date and location.  At a reasonable guess, i'd say 'within the last 5 years' (ie: since 2008) and possibly somewhere in the Baltic or Asiatic states of Eastern Europe - Kazkhstan or somewhere similar.

YouTube Comments:

I know this is real. the veil is thinning and the illusionary barrier is dissolving. we are opening up to new energies and perceptions. you can make your mind conducive to experiencing such phenomena by exercising your imagination and knowing impossible doesn't exist

There are some things going on that really take an open mind to even consider what this entity may be.Its time to wake up....

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