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Ben Fulford: 23 October 2012

Will there be a coup d'├ętat in the US during the next couple of weeks?

Posted by Benjamin Fulford
October 22, 2012

The people in charge at the US agencies and military know the presidential election scheduled for November 8th will be a fraud and a sham no matter what the outcome. That is why many reliable sources are saying US militias and reserve troops were put on alert last week. They have either started to mobilize either to pre-empt the elections and put the Joint Chiefs of Staff in charge of an interim government or to get ready to act in anticipation of post-election violence and chaos, depending on who you talk to.

... it is no coincidence that both the US and China will be selecting a new government on November 8th...

In Europe as well, there are signs of a fundamental struggle reaching a climax as the IMF and certain governments face off against the bankers over control of the process of money creation...

In either case, there is expected to be widespread violence and rioting if either Romney or Obama win. The obvious answer to most intelligent observers is that neither of the two gangster front-men should be put in charge of a United States government that desperately needs its biggest overhaul since 1776...

In Europe as well, the signs of a major split between two powerful factions are everywhere to be seen. When even establishment worthies like UK Telegraph columnist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard start writing about IMF plans to eliminate debt and dethrone bankers, you know the struggle is taking place at the highest levels of power.

... The fact remains the Southern European nations need to abandon the Euro and the United States needs to issue a government greenback separate from the international US dollar. That is the economic reality.

The new International Economic Planning Agency is expected to be one of the center-pieces of the shift. Such an agency would help solve various nationalistic and historical problems by providing a neutral ground for elite government officials to make plans for the planet as a whole and not just their particular region.

It can also now be reported that the Chinese, the Pentagon, the Japanese government and other groups all support the creation of the new International Economic Planning Agency. Such an agency would work in harmony with existing international organizations.

We can also report that Neil Keenan is now in Asia working with the Dragon family on setting up the new nternational financial system.

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