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US Hilary Clinton Thinks Military Action is Funny !!!

(UNBELIVEABLE) Hillary Clinton laughs about possible war against iran

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False flag is coming.

Horrible !! The 'best resistance is no resistance'...  advice to Iran.   I am appalled that Hilary says completely openly that: 

"... the best thing would be if we (US) got "attacked"... this would unify us...  We would be in power for as long as anyone could imagine..." - Clinton.   

Is this not the tactic that was used on 9-11-2001 Hilary ???  

-  so the Dragon Family gold wouldn't get returned to China that had been in secure lock-up since the end of WW2, last seen in the basement of The World Trade Center ???
-   to pressure Saddam Hussein back into trading Iraqi oil in US$ again instead of in Euros ???
-  so Donald Rumsfield wouldn't have to stand up later that week and account for the billions of dollars he had "lost" in military spending ??? Note: Rumsfield has never been brought to accountability for this "lost" tax-payer money
-  to provide the owner of 'Building 7' (one of 'the inner circle') a nice little insurance pay-out,  ???  
-  and...  ??  Undoubtedly many other circumstances hidden from the public view... Share Market manipulations, Commodities manipulations, inter-bank lending rate manipulations...  so on and so forth...

It was going to be a Trifecta !!  They were going to "kill three (probably more) HUGE birds with one stone..."  through this single almighty action  ... And because it is so  "inconceivable"  that ANY GOVERNMENT would commit  such a heinous terrorist act  against its OWN PEOPLE  (just like the stunt the UN is performing now in Syria through UN "non-intervention"), no body suspected at all that the US' CIA could have/ would have planted detonation devices only weeks before the 9-11 event !!!  (witnessed)   :-/     Inconceivable !!!    

...Except that NOW, the cat's well and truly out of the bag !!! We See You Bush-Rumsfield administration !!!  ... and Tony Blair and the Global Dictators who are pulling the strings of these puppet-men... "Follow the money".  Enough is Enough.  We See You Hilary...  as hilarious as you think you are !!!  Enough is Enough.

No plane was ever verifiably seen. Those eye witnesses seeing "something else" were hushed up pretty quick. It's easy to manipulate the news when you own the network... and easy enough to create your own images using a green screen (as they obviously did in a number of "on the ground" clips) to convince the masses of the "truth" the networks/ government agencies wanted the common people to hold as "true" as well.  It's not as if Fox or CNN are 'public broadcasters' as such. Like the Stock Market, NO ETHICS. There were many eye-witness references to 'missiles' and "detonations" or "explosions" as heard by NYFD workers when they were in the towers... God Rest the Souls of the many NYFD workers who never came out  : (   

It was only ever news executives and their families (effectively actors taking on their 'maiden names' or noms de plume for the day) who were the supposed "eye witnesses" (funny that)  ... vested interests, and such...  The Media Elite still need to stand trial for "Evils Committed" on this day. It was only ever these family members who "saw" planes flying into the buildings or who oddly enough, had a handi-cam all charged up, set and ready to go so they could take the 'home video' footage of the events.  How convenient   :-/  

Just bear in mind, there were no 'easy to grab and record'  i-Phones  back in 2001. There was no image capacity on mobile phones at all back then.  Getting your 'home video' footage was always a fairly well-planned affair... and the members of "this cast" were well prepared... "happened to be at home",  AND had their am-cams ready.  Too easy...

Back to the video:  Listen to the 'knowing' collective sigh from the audience when Hilary says: "Hopefully we won't get to that..." ie: begin an offensive against Iran. The listeners all know she's lying. She WANTS to 'get to that'. Just HOW to get there is the BIG question now that people are seeing the game-plan   : )    

ie: How is the US going to start WW3 now that the People of the World are Aware that sparking a conflict between Iran and Israel is desirable to the US ???  

The 'game' is pretty-much out in the open now  : (    "Advantage Iran...  America, nil."

Oh well... If we see things firing up... 

eg: Syria's latest "attack" on Turkey. Who would do that when they're in a Civil War - the Syrian PEOPLE against the GOVERNMENT REGIME ???  Who would be bothered to lob a missile into Turkey for heavens sakes ??  Only agents for the USA UN as far as I can see !!!  When you're fighting FOR YOUR LIFE against your Dictator President who will take you away and shoot you if you don't fight, you're not going to start an aggression with your neighbour, are you ??  Or was it Assad's "hired help" (non-Syrian nationals, militia-men) who were ordered to lob a missile at Turkey to make it LOOK LIKE the UN now needs to step in... now that Turkey has been fired upon ???  And what about the Syrian people for the last 6 months ???  Why hasn't the UN stepped in already ????  

Tricky business...  Tricky, tricky business...  : (   

... then we'll know that those "conspiracy theorists" were no so loopy afterall, right?

- Bron

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