Thursday, 11 October 2012

Global Co-creation Towards Love

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We are just starting to get it… love is everything.
Humanity is a young species, and let’s face it: we have been children for far too long.  We have not taken responsibility or understood the consequences of our actions, and like pubescent children, we have trashed our home planet.  We have not understood how to respect our fellow beings with whom we share this Earth.  We have often been violent and unkind to one another.  We have caused untold damage due to our ignorance.

It is time for us to grow up
And here’s what we’re learning: As we emerge “from ego to essence”, we start to express our highest, best, most-evolved selves.  We naturally resonate with more compassion for those less fortunate.  We naturally find our circle of compassion grows, we naturally move towards protection and care for the weak, the voiceless, for wildlife and companion animals, and for our home planet.   We naturally work for justice and equality.  Selfishness and pettiness naturally shrink as our hearts grow larger.
How can I express love today?  How can I express compassion?  And how can I work towards evolving, not only myself… but our  entire society?

“The  most meaningful activity in which a human being can be engaged is one that is directly related to human evolution” 
– Jonas Salk

It is easy to be frustrated and overwhelmed by the sorrow of our self-imposed crisis: environmental, political, economical… but remember:

Humankind has NEVER seen a time like this before.  Even as all our systems are in crisis, more people than ever before are taking ACTION.  Sociologist Paul Ray calls these people  “cultural creatives” (50 million adults in the United States alone).

"The very real prospect of an Emerging Planetary Wisdom Culture is an antidote to the rampant fear, cynicism, and despair of our age. If we only seek to run away from the collapse of civilization that we fear, we will scatter our efforts, running in all directions, like an anthill that has been stamped upon. If humanity is to survive this period of planetary crises, we need a collective positive image of a future that works for all, allowing us to work as a whole to form goals and strategies that build a positive future—not stupidly falling into resource wars, ecological collapse, plagues, famines, and population collapse. So we need to work with the positive trends of our era to create a future that is not only sustainable but wise and beautiful." 

And for  now… the (r)Evolution will not be televised.
More people than every before, all over the world – are taking action, changing themselves and their communities.  We are Occupying  for justice and a better society.  We are meditating.  We are cleaning up our environment.  We are envisioning on better  ways of living.   We are creating cleaner energy, better ways of learning, inventing new ways of connecting.  It is high tech and down-to-earth at the same time.
We are futurists and organic gardeners, sharing food, sharing knowledge, helping each other.  We are building different kinds of communities. We are writing music and creating art that shares a bigger vision than the insatiable greed of our current monetized system.  
Look around... we are EVERYWHERE.

Action is the antidote to despair   
There are countless wonderful people working towards a more just society… towards a system that honors life and our planet… YOU have a unique skill, talent, insight, or gift to share with the word.
YOU can help build a better reality.  In fact…we NEED YOU.

"Conscious Evolution takes place when we intend to grow in consciousness and use our increasing awareness to guide our actions and achieve a positive future."  
– Barbara Marx Hubbard

Kindness, innovation,  and compassion are the energy that will help us get through this crisis… and, Action is the antidote to despair.

Below is the “Wheel of Co-Creation” designed by Barbara Marx Hubbard.  It contains all the qualities found in a healthy, functioning society.  Take a look and find which area(s) in which your gifts and passions reside.  

What can you contribute to our emerging global society?  
Where do you find yourself on the wheel? 

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