Sunday, 14 October 2012

No Way !! Is That Malala Walking to the Helicopter ??

This is the end of the Malala article by Willyloman Wordpress.  Go to the link below for the body of the article...  very interesting stuff.
Oh my gosh...  The Cabal couldn't stoop any lower if they tried !!!
Disgusting !!!   : (

The “brave Malala” story is completely fake just like the Jessica Lynch story, just like the Nurse Nayirah story, just like the Nada story from Iran. It’s a marketing campaign, selling war via emotional contextualism dependent on high levels of cognitive dissonance. In other words:

“we need to act to have our Peace Prize “winning” president commit to sending MORE drones and bombers into Pakistan to blow up a lot of innocent little girls because the evil Taliban shot ONE little girl in the head.. and by the way… she’s just fine because the military which we fund has been all over the case since the moment it began… and by the way don’t think about that up-coming election or that anti-drone protest building in Pakistan or that Peace Pipeline that is about to have construction started on it by our new-old arch rivals, the Russians.”

That’s the nature of political discourse in America these days. They get some Madison Avenue hotshot to come up with the same old tired bullshit (Gay Girl from Damascus anyone?) and they fully expect us to swallow it without a second thought. It’s ridiculous, it’s insulting, but it’s all they have. They want that pipeline stopped and they’ll sink to any low to see that they have a justification for doing it.

And thus our little “grief stricken” mouthpiece has a new role to play; neoliberal near martyr of the Global Free Market Wars.

UPDATE: Jan noticed something in one of the photos on CNN which I linked to. Check out the young person (or shorter person) walking behind the man in the white at the rear of the group. She’s wearing the same color pants and shawl as Malala in the other photos and it seems that the gurney they are using to carry her to the waiting chopper is empty. Did she and her father walk onto that chopper and someone screwed up when editing the photo?

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