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Recallibration of Global Economic Systems:


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I've no idea how JonnyDontPlay knows this information about Angela Merkel's family background (time frame doesn't fit)  nor Hitler's link to the Rothschild family  ??  I will write and ask Jonny one day... I see no link for this info...  But Jonny's other predictions seem to be pretty-much on the mark.  This February video can be compared to what we see happening around us today.

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"If you take all the people of the United States and put them in the state of Texas, each person would have 3/4 of an acre of land."  (1980's US government statistic)


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00:10  "The illuminati have folded."
00:38  I wish Jonny would add links for some of this info. I've heard similar intel from other sources. 
1: 44  "November 2011 Europe completely collapsed... Everybody knows it's over"
2:15  "China with Russia commandeered a US drone in Iranian air space... Pentagon had a coronary... "
3:40  "A video released on Oct 21st 2011:  America is done. Europe will soon thereafter follow... "
4:23  "On 27 Oct 2011 Greece defaulted..."
4:30  "On 31 Oct 2011 MF global collapsed..."
4:42  "On 3 Nov 2011 Papandreou quits..."
4:48  "On 7 Nov 2011 the ECB deposits hit a record 'level'  ... number of murders happened in Italy associated with the Vatican...  Berlusconi resigned..."

"Italian bond auction failure...  German bond auction failure... "

7:46  "Europe imploded in November (2011)  ... the only thing to save it was a direct emergency immediate infusion of fictitious fake dollars from the Federal Reserve..."

8:16  "On 30 Nov 2011 the Chinese make a public announcement... 'If you mess with Iran... [we take that as] a direct assault upon us.'

9:12  "The Illuminati can not compete with the financial degradation of Europe and the US and the super-technology that was unveiled by the Chinese and the Russians."

9:54  "... fraudulent derivatives, fraudulent manipulation of markets, commodities and other equities bonds, etc. all over the world... "

10:33  "February (2012)... recallabration of the financial systems of the world..."

Please remember that there were a HUGE number of resignations in the financial sector during February and continuing into March.  Ref:  American Kabuki blogspot.

12:32  "The whole system has to go back to equilibrium..."
12:55  "2012 is going to be the implementation of the end of the lie... the end of the illusion... the end of the deception...  "  

Please Note:  this video was made in January before all of these resignations began to be reported in Feb-Mar 2012.

13:18  "... any lie that the status quo has put upon the masses will begin to demonstrably fade away."

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