Thursday, 4 October 2012

Shopping Mall Angel: British Columbia, Canada 2007

Flying Angel captured on security camera

Uploaded by  on Nov 23, 2007
I operate a water store in Surrey, B.C., Canada. We have a security camera set up for the mall. I always keep an eye while doing my work for safety reasons.

On Nov. 21st evening, around 4.48 PM, I suddenly noticed on our monitor, some white object flying outside the store.

That made me very curious so I stepped out to nullify the possibility of reflection of something on the sidewalk or the hood of the car parked in front of my store. But that wasn't the case.

So I come back inside and see that thing still hovering so went out again and checked the cameras in detail to look for some bugs or a bird, but nothing like that at all was visible by the camera.

The "flying angel" kept changing the shape and size and kept moving around for about four minutes and then disappeared. while this thing was happening, a small black bird comes from nowhere hits the door of my next door neighbour, falls on the front of the door and flys away!!!! But they did not see anything at all even though they were in the front of the store looking outside!!!

I went outside again to check for bugs but not a single bug was found as the temperature outside was around 2 C and very cold.

There were people going around in the mall but no one except the infra red camera saw the whole thing.

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