Sunday, 21 October 2012

Update: "Breaking the Silence" 20 October 2012

Update: Oct 20 ...... waiting......

I know everyone is waiting for updates, and I promised to keep everyone in the loop..... But to be honest there is not much I can tell you at this point. I will not make up intel to keep everyone entertained, so I will just tell you what I know, and can tell.

At this moment everything is very silent. Several friends went completely dark yesterday afternoon so I do not have access to certain info and I'm frustrated as all hell.

...Yes, I'm a control freak and I hate not knowing exactly what is going on.

Many of my colleagues have also had sources go dark as of yesterday. Having said that, what little we are hearing is very good. I have been told that things are moving forward- on all fronts. ALL fronts.

... there is a lot more going on right now than just alerts being sent to some of the militias.

We are waiting for further updates, but I strongly suspect that we won't get many details till the fat lady begins singing.

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