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The Inter-Dimensional Human and DNA

Understanding the Inter-Dimensional Human and DNA
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“Beyond the intellect, beyond that part of your brain that wonders whether this communication is real, there is an energy we can only call divine. There is an inter-dimensional piece of you, which you have no concept of, with the duality you walk in.”

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)

Human Life is organized by a genetic molecule, which we have come to know as DNA. DNA is double stranded helix, which is made of strands of nucleic acids that provide the encodement for the building, sustaining and healing of the human body. The strands, which bond to form a human being, are provided by the parental contributions J - one from the mother and one the father. Once combined and active –conception – it will ultimately lead to the development of full human being. 

Every human being is formed by the encodement of his or her DNA. It is the master template of information - a living blueprint - for each person. From the information coded in this molecule, all of the essential proteins and processes are coded to build and sustain a human life. It is a great mystery how all of this is possible – for life is great mystery, and the molecule is somehow - conscious! In perfect functioning, the DNA knows what to do - and not do - to provide, sustain and evoke human development, growth and healing. It is hence, a living blueprint for life.

Much investigation is scientifically underway in regards to DNA. In fact, the whole human genome has recently been mapped. This is the beginning of an incredible adventure for humanity. Yet to fully appreciate DNA, it will become essential to begin to appreciate the divinity inherent in human life and this molecule. It is essential if we are to be wise and practical with this awareness. 

DNA, as we know it, is the molecular – or form aspect – of a divine molecule and consciousness. The two strands we know are the material aspect of a much vaster consciousness – just as we are each the materialized aspect of a spiritual being. 

The DNA we see is not complete. It is the visible aspect, or out-pictured form, of much more highly complex life order of inter-dimensional reality. Just as in human terms, our inherent spiritual being is often not recognized either. What is not fully realized is this molecule is arranged and organized by an inner consciousness and energy that can only be appreciated through an inter-dimensional – or spiritual – understanding. There is an inter-dimensional consciousness over-lighting the life of a DNA molecule. 

Inner forces of life order

In all of life systems, there are inner forces of energy, such as electromagnetic energy, that create lines of forces upon which outer structures appear. Think for moment of a ‘bar magnet’. This magnet is a piece of metal, which is magnetically polarized. Looking at the magnet itself … we do not appreciate that it is creating a force field around it in a torus shape. However, if we place iron filings upon it … we will soon realize that there is a whole structural order of energy – lines of force that exist around the magnet … create a field of order.

In the human body, a similar phenomenon is understood in the energy system. Within the human body is an organization of inner lines of force and communication known as meridians, nadis and chakras. If we can appreciate this in the human body, it is helpful when it comes to understanding inter-dimensional DNA. We can begin to understand that around the DNA molecule – the molecule which gives rise to that human body – there is a whole world of forces that order this molecule. 

At this ‘time’, we do not understand much about this …so for now it is still somewhat ‘metaphysical’ information. It is coming into consciousness and human life - as an awareness of the 12 stranded DNA. Two strands are visible. The other 10 are inter-dimensional – are responsible for the inter-dimensional forces that give rise to the order and life potential of human DNA. It is a spiritual DNA !! 

In information provided by Kryon through Lee Carroll, Kryon revealed, …

”If you knew the inner workings of magnetics, you would understand that it is an inter-dimensional force that presents itself. You have worked with the results of magnetics, for you know how physics will react to some degree, within magnetic fields.” 

This helps us appreciate that there is and inner order - an inner directive order - in life. In terms [of] a human being… it is appreciated through the inner energy bodies. In terms of DNA it is the inter-dimensional DNA. 

Now it is interesting, that as this information is revealed, physics has also begun to understand that there are dimensions inside the atom. An atom was once considered that smallest unit of matter. It is made of electrons whirling in orbits around a nuclear proton and neutron mix. Now it is realized that there is an ‘inner world’ beyond this – something that mystics have declared for thousands of years .

Bridging science and spirit

One reason this is so interesting - is that helps us to bridge science and spiritual understanding, which is ultimately an artificial divide. Perhaps the God of the Mystics is the same intelligence that orders DNA – and all of Life!! 

As human beings we are spiritually wired to this Invisible DNA, so spiritually speaking, this DNA is also a 'spiritual connection' to a higher consciousness of life. From a spiritual and scientific perspective, the strands of DNA would be coded with all of the information to template a human being. It may also be electro-magnetically coded with limitations that we would refer to as ‘genetics’, ‘karma’ and ‘soul contracts’. It is easy to appreciate that the limitations we personally experience as human beings are coded somewhere – so the DNA actually can code limitations to a spiritual design.

As part of the human bio-spiritual transformation and integration, we may realize that the human being is now being spiritually ‘re-wired’. ( for seminar info: click here) This is intimately linked to developmental shift in the DNA. The DNA is being integrated or rewired - to a spiritually conscious interdimensional dna. This DNA is 're-programming' life and the human DNA. This DNA re-wiring is potentially connected to each and every human being – and available now - to begin the re-programming of life for those who are so aligned … 

To imagine the interdimensional magnificence of this, Kryon shares …

“There is so much activity around each and every human being that it would stagger your interdimensional imagination. Much is hidden, but about to be revealed. Some of you have elected to feel the energy of the divine around you and have taken some small steps to allow yourselves to feel this. But this is the year (2001) when it could begin in a larger way. … All the energies around you have changed. You (are) moving into another dimension while pretending to be Human! – 

Interdimensional DNA and Re-wiring

The human bio-spiritual transformation

Now in terms of DNA, from an interdimensional perspective, the DNA operates in terms of 'light and sound'. The inner DNA actually sings vibrational frequencies to the molecular DNA. This is how instructions are given and followed by the DNA. But first, we must be wired up to it, or it cannot function. 

Why is it disconnected
A long story perhaps... but if we understand humanity in terms of consciousness, we are reported to have fallen.

A long time ago mankind is known to have 'fallen'. This is easy to 'understand' if we imagine in terms of being a ‘bigger’ in consciousness spiritual being - who ‘fell’ in consciousness. Hence, the wiring to accommodate a much higher – or spiritually integrated human potential - was short circuited in the fall. At present, humanity is living through a rewiring process to re-align with this DNA - an awakening of consciousness and potential that is re-aligning man with a spiritual destiny and POTENTIAL. In Kryon channels, this potential is addressed as a re-wiring process of the human – and the re-alignment and activation of the Inter-dimensional human DNA. 

As we each encounter this re-wiring process, the DNA is being re-connected to re-program the human being to higher – or divinely conscious - dimensional possibilities. DNA that is capable of building life surely contains the information to repair it. we are experiencing ‘glitches’ in the operating systemJ. In a divine potential, this is really not how man is made … we have perhaps lost the connection - 'that is all'. The news is good however … the re-wiring is underway – a long held promise.

The interdimensional workings of DNA

Now, let us explore the interdimensional DNA a little further by looking at another understanding. Kryon further reveals, … 

“There are three steps to the discovery and unveiling the 
Human genome – the mapping, the coding and the singing!”

The singing?

“It’s magnetics wrapped around magnetics all in this interdimensional soup you thought was just biology. The cellular structure vibrates at hundreds of thousands of vibrations/second. The choir sings to other cells in complex ways … and they respond as though they had instructions. They sing in a harmony that is complex but specific to each organ and system. You can call it whatever you want, but that's the angel inside singing the correct tunes to the cells.”

Here Kryon explains that the DNA and cellular structure is involved in a symphonic interdimensional sound orchestration that sings health and order into the human system. Perhaps we are meant to be at the receiving end of the music of the spheres? Now, expand this understanding to the inner chambers of music that are directing universal life from the inside … this very music of the spheres. Imagine if the wiring was in place, and the information was being sent through a human being to transcribe the correct frequencies for health on all levels to a human being. How would they be … healthy? Peaceful? Secure? Loving?

So obviously, there must be a short circuit or disconnection preventing this possibility J ! Another way to see this is – we are living in a state of apparent disconnection from the Divine program of life. As spiritual beings we carry within us the capacity to re-connect with this life and potential … and receive the gifts of spiritual grace it will bring. However, we must be aligned …

From an interdimensional perspective, the DNA works in a process of light and sound. Everything in the known universe is made of energy. This includes our physical bodies … and hence the DNA itself. All material forms are like ‘phase locked’ atomic patterns. Since all of the orchestration of life is organized by the DNA which we appreciate in modern science, it is only one small step to realize that the inner universe of light /sound is the director of out pictured form. Forms are ‘sonically created by certain tones and vibrational patterns. This can be appreciated by sand experiments … 

If you play music to a layer of sand on a tray, the vibrations will harmonically arrange the sand in highly ordered geometrical configurations. These forms are easily recognized for the perfected geometrical nature … and interestingly… their close relationship to spiritual symbols recorded through time. 

The interdimensional DNA sings vibrational frequencies to the molecular DNA. We have been living in a time when much of this information has been disconnected from our genetics … and hence it has not been possible with the exception of very few highly spiritually evolved and realized beings … to manifest extra-ordinary human capabilities of healing and other consciousness gifts. 

Perhaps healing would be realized if the higher or inner dimensional DNA was wired up and capable of sending corrective frequencies to repair and the correct frequencies to hold and maintain health with the human bodies? Perhaps. What is the power of sound … check out Dr Jenny’s work at cymatics. 

AS the science behind this equally spiritual understanding evolves -new possibilities of technology will become possible. This does seem like a ‘star trek’ idea but an idea ahead of its time is fiction … yet, all is possible. It will be possible to develop science that will be capable of singing to the body to promote healing … but as kryon reveals, “The instrument that does it, that records it and plays it – the instrument that sings – has got to be at least a seven-dimensional player!” This would be discouraging? … But… “For those of you who don’t want to wait for the machinery, let me remind you that this player is within you now. It’s the divine part of you, which is interdimensional. You’ve got a seven-dimensional player in your body.”

Cosmessences and sound

This appreciation of interdimensionality is however central in the development of cosmessences®. Since the machinery does not exist, but the potential does, there are other ways to manifest this possibility. In the understanding of structured water – it is realized possible to convey interdimensional potentials of sound and inner order through water – the crystalline foundational element of life and vector of life order. 

In this light, kryon has revealed … 

”We have told you before that many things that are going to be brought to you in an interdimensional fashion may look odd, weird and spooky because your have not seen them before. But we remind you that it is only because you are unfamiliar with what is common that you feel this way. Just because you have never experienced it, does not mean it doesn’t exist.”

With this awareness, the directive was given to create essences that are in honor of the above awakening. It is possible to transfer an inter-dimensional potential that technology is not yet advanced enough to fully appreciate or understand. Although, It is not possible through technology, it is however, possible for human beings on the planet to now begin to tap into this understanding and reality. Again … 

“For those of you who don’t want to wait for the machinery, let me remind you that this player is within you now. It’s the divine part of you, which is interdimensional. You’ve got a seven-dimensional player in you body.”

The Making and Activity of a cosmessence

Attunement cosmessences is produced by a process which appreciates this potential. The essence is prepared through an inter-dimensional consciousness process, where the water is patterned into a coherent order, like a flower essence. The order is transferred into the water – not through technology – but through a ‘meditative process’ through a human being – and patterned into the Water as a crystalline vector. Water as a liquid crystal is organized to carry the patterns of an inner geometrical alignment – coded with crystallization patterns -- to create a conscious highly ordered essence, which becomes a ‘medicine’. This is explained in another article on Water . 

The essence is active not as a ‘chemical substance’, but through an active energetic order. It is not active on its own – but only in conjunction with, first, a human being and second, what we might refer to as the cosmic energy field – and it’s radiations and pulsations. Kryon refers to this as the Cosmic Lattice. 

As a cosmessence is introduced into the human field, they carry specific geometries of light and sound arranged through the inner order of the crystalline nature of the water … and it will activate in connection with the energy of the cosmic lattice. As the frequencies pulsate, they harmonically sing to the energy fields of the user. They may then be seen as sonic medicine – created by light patterns sung through the human energy system by the inter-dimensional energy of the cosmic lattice. They may catalyze, de-crystallize or harmonically order a multitude of potentials – to facilitate the individual re-ordering of inner energy. Form is out-pictured from inner order so the healing capacity of this understanding is phenomenal if applied with high consciousness. 

Attunement revisited

Attunement was created with the intent to assist in the re-ordering of human life to an original spiritual design of health and wholeness of being. It is provided to facilitate the breaking of old patterns of energy that hold patterns of karma and disease in the human form and consciousness … and to re-align with the higher DNA potential. 

As a consciously programmed solution, prepared by a spiritual process, it is held in alignment with individual spiritual intention and healing wisdom, but to accelerate and facilitate the intent by those who choose to step forward into the ‘New Energy’. It is the first of a series of essences but unique in this regard, in that the upcoming essences will have an exclusive focus for particular applications. Attunement is broad based support essence to directly facilitate this integration and the development of balance and health from the new energy paradigm of consciousness. It also contains the essential etheric patterns for nutritional support such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes and other substrates needed in human process and a host of potentials to facilitate healing. 

No essence creates healing or integration, this is purely a spiritual process of individual realization. This essence is thus provided as a powerful support for those who do align with this awareness. 

As we move forward in our great adventure, we are realizing what kryon has revealed …

The Original Channel for KRYON

UPDATED - OCTOBER, 2012                

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The meetings with Humans who show up in anticipation of my visit mostly contain old souls. This was foreseen. Over two decades ago when my partner began, the meetings contained curious souls. So they have evolved. It is the seriousness of the old soul that brings them to a room like this or to a place like this where they can listen or read. Spirit responds to potentials on my side of the veil, and again I say that we have no clock. We see the reader in the same way we see the one in the chair today: We see potentials as reality. That reality we now see brought you to read this on paper or on an electronic device. All this seems to us to be within the same time frame as a few of you are experiencing in this meeting as you listen. So your future is our now.
We do not see empirical rules in our reality, but instead we see potentialities of existence. That is to say that we know who you are — listening, reading, or here in the chair. You think you know how many are here, but you don't know really what "here" means, for there are far more than you think. Does your "here" include the future? Does your "here" include generations to come? You see, anyone who ever listens or reads these words, no matter when, is a potential that exists in our now.
We wish to continue that which we told you this morning we would do [within the seminar], a continuation of the message of the new energy on the planet. You are halfway through the thirty-six-year alignment window that we would call the galactic alignment. This year, 2012, is therefore the middle of this alignment and is the year in which the energy starts to shift and the energetic seeds that will henceforth change this planet begin to be planted.


  1. As always, use discernment. Lee Carroll and Kryon offer some insights mixed with some things that make you go, "Hmmmmmmmm . . ." For example: "Lee Carroll says Kryon's message is that Jews are a special group amongst humans, "a pure karmic group", the chosen people." (Source: )

  2. Certainly... Thank you for the heads-up. I've never heard of Lee Carroll before and i'm not much into channelling, personally. But I liked how Kryon explained the workings of human DNA. It seemed to 'ring true' within me. Thanks for looking out for me prof77 :) Appreciated


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