Sunday, 14 October 2012

New US $100 Note Symbolism: Letter to Scenario 2012

Hi there,

I'm not sure why S.2012 decided to publish this article:

Whilst all of the symbolism is very interesting, it seems that the author "forgot" the main point: Who designed this note ??  The fact that Bix Weir says towards the end of his article: "...the Federal Reserve announced a “delay due to production problems”..."  tells me that the US Federal Reserve Bank is still in control of the flow money in the US

[as per Hoover's agreement with The Federal Reserve Bank, Federal Reserve Act  December 23, 1913.  Yup... They snuck the Bill through just 36 hours before Christmas 1913 !!  Bastards !! ] 

Therefore, who's to say that the Fed wasn't just getting tired of the Conspiracy Theorists taking a poke at the Illuminati Pyramid and all the associations to David Icke's "Reptilian Agenda" as represented in the old US note, and agreed to print a note full of "gold" symbolism.  It's still the same creeps printing the money...  You do know that in the last month the Fed started printing large quantities of paper money again...  devaluing once again everybody's investments and savings ???  Same creeps....

Please don't give your American readers False Hope.  It's NOT happening...  The Cabal is in NO WAY going to 'bow out' graciously. The Fed is NOT going to disassemble the Financial System. The UN is NOT going to support ordinary Syrian people against a non-Syrian Militia (the Government's Army !!! ??? ) hired by their President Assad to kill his OWN PEOPLE, Nobel is NOT going to give Julian Assange the Peace Prize...  Pigs will fly...

Who is this Bix Weir anyway ??  His video will not play in New Zealand.  It's only set to play in the USA.  This tells me that strangeness is afoot...  Outside commentators can see much more clearly what's happening.  

Please don't be sucked into thinking it's a New Day.  A "New Dawn", yes, probably...   But the Andromedans will stand in the background on this one...  because The People need to Wake Up out of the "American Dream" of their own accord...

And while Scenario 2012 publishes that "Hope" is coming from the United States PRIVATELY OWNED-BY-THE-CABAL Federal Reserve Bank, people will remain asleep...   Please, please, please, noooooo.....   Please don't send the people back to sleep again   : (

Thanks for listening to my pleadings  : (

I think this is very bad form on the part of the S.2012 editor to let this article be allowed on your site (sorry Steve).  Please 'Do as you Will...'  this simply is what I see, from an outsider's (ie: non-American citizen) POV.   I have no 'emotional ties' to the US $$  and therefore am looking neither for it to be strong, nor for its collapse.

With no malice or negativity intended...  Just an offshore Point of View...


Also see this interesting article:

The Federal Reserve Is Privately Owned 
by Thomas D. Schauf

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